US football game hijacked by stray cat on field

A US football game has been hijacked by an adorable furry intruder.

The match between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday (NZ Time) was halted, after a black cat charged on to the field.

As the cat started towards the endzone, the crowd went wild, cheering madly, while police attempted to herd it off the pitch.

The runaway feline wandered the field for a few moments, before sprinting away down the tunnel and out of the stadium.

According to broadcaster Madelyn Burke, the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey is home to several stray cats that often emerge after the game.

"They live in the bleachers," she tweeted. "I'm told this one must have gotten startled out by fan noise."

Sports announcer Kevin Harlan was praised for his quick commentary of the feline intruder.

"A black cat has taken the field!" he said during his broadcast, then proceeded to enthusiastically commentate, as the animal made its way up the field.

"He is sitting and looking, he's at the three... the two... the cat runs into the endzone! That is a touchdown!" he shouted, amid cheering from the crowd.

"Kevin Harlan is a national treasure," said one Twitter user.

Another called him "the greatest announcer in the history of mankind".

The stadium said once it located the cat, it would take it to a vet for examination.

Social media users wondered whether the cat was an omen of bad luck for the Giants.

"Cowboys scored 10 points after the black cat ran on to the field," wrote one man.

Others thought the cat had what it took to be signed.

"Great quickness, solid route cuts," wrote another woman. "Looked pretty hefty.

"Make the call, let's get him a tryout." 



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