Super Rugby 2020: New Zealand teams release home jerseys

New Zealand's Super Rugby teams have revealed their new home jerseys for the 2020 season.

Adidas category director Matthew Fielding said the five home jerseys each had their own special story and they were specifically designed to showcase the territories each team represented.

"It's a big year for rugby, following the World Cup earlier this year, with more eyes watching the sport than ever before. 

"Each jersey was designed to represent the pride each team have for their region. We continue to aim to inspire the next generation of rugby players, through making the sport more visible. 

"The players should all feel very proud to be representing these prestigious rugby regions and we are proud to be part of it."

The Blues jersey has been designed to represent and acknowledge the "seam of talent" that runs deep within the Blues region. 

The All Blacks website says "colours used in the kit offer a casual appearance, which matches Auckland's reputation as being the lifestyle city of New Zealand".

Māori gods have inspired the Chiefs design.

"At the heart of the Chiefs' jerseys design is a story of two opposing entities strategising, planning and battling to gain ascendancy over a piece of land called Pōhutukawa," the Chiefs said. 

"As the Chiefs set out to do battle with their opposition, their jerseys seek to remind all players, staff, members and supporters that with the right strategies, plans, tactics, attitude, spirit and support, they will succeed in their quest to be victorious, as Tūmatauenga, the Māori god of war, did in the battle for Pōhutukawa."

Chiefs chief executive officer Michael Collins added: "We are very excited to launch our new 2020 Chiefs home and training jerseys, and look forward to the reception from our players, members, fans and sponsors."

The Hurricanes' 2020 home jersey represents Wellington wind readings from the 2016 calendar year, the year they won their one - and only - title. 

Despite revealing a new logo on Friday, the Crusaders' 2020 jersey will not feature it. Instead, the team's jerseys will only include the 'Crusaders' wordmark.

The All Blacks website says: "The Crusaders' jerseys links to the innovative designs of the city, allowing them to show their creativity on a weekly basis. The chainmail on the kit is synonymous with the Crusaders' brand and is an important piece of the team's armour."

The Highlanders jersey shows off an iconic tartan pattern.

"The houndstooth design inspires the Highlanders jersey, encapsulating the electric atmosphere of the stadium. When the team comes together for set-pieces during the match, they will form an iconic tartan pattern," said the All Blacks website. 

The Chiefs kick-off the Super Rugby season against the Blues at Eden Park on January 31.