Live updates: Blackcaps v Australia, day four, third test at Sydney

New Zealand 136 (de Grandhomme 52) - Australia win by 280 runs

Australia 217/2d (David Warner 111*, Marnus Labuschagne 59)

New Zealand 251 (Glenn Phillips 52, Tom Latham 49, Nathan Lyon 5/68) 

Australia 454 (Marnus Labuschagne 215, Steve Smith 63)

That will do us for a test series that promised so much for NZ fans, yet ultimately delivered so little, as the hosts waltzed to a 3-0 demolition. Click here for highlights.

48th over - Lyon searching for his five-wicket bag. OUT - And he's got it! Ten wickets for the match as Watling departs after a dogged stand. Matt Henry's broken thumb will prevent him batting, meaning this test is over.

BJ Watling c Cummins b Lyon 19 (108)

47th over - Six overs left in the day, unless a result beckons and the umpires opt to extend play by 30 minutes. They may well be there already. Starc back to try to ensure exactly that happens. Somerville cuts late for four. Follows that with a classy square drive for three. OUT - Textbook yorker from Starc to send Somerville's middle stump tumbling and they're just two wickets away from victory.

Will Somerville b Starc 7 (5)

46th over - Lyon again. OUT - Wow! Pattinson runs around from mid-on to get under a high one from Astle, dives at full pace and full extension to take a blinder.

Todd Astle c Pattinson b Lyon 17 (18)

45th over - Starc returns to the attack as Aussie hunt for the killshot. Astle up to the task.

44th over - Lyon is back. Astle uses his feet and lofts one over long on for two.

43rd over - Labuschagne gest the first crack at Astle, plenty of fielders in around the bat. But Astle is up to the challenge, sweeps powerfully for four. Gets another loose one and puts it away for four more.

42nd over - CDG cracks Lyon over the rope at extra cover to bring up his 50. OUT - CDG tries to go deep again the verey next ball and he's comfortably caught at midwicket. Brain explosion.

Colin de Grandhomme c Burns b Lyon 52 (68)

41st over - Labuschagne with another. Misfield and Watling steals a single. Hundred up for NZ.

40th over - Lyon to the crease. CDG sneaks a single. Three byes to close.

39th over - Labuschagne takes the ball. Two singles from the over.

38th over - Lyon again. CDG single from the over.

37th over - Labuschagne gets another crack. Just a single from the over. Partnership of 51 now between these two batsmen.

36th over - Lyon returns. CDG advances and sends him over long on for four.

35th over - Cummins now. Watlings plays behind square leg for two. 

34th over - Labuschagne takes the ball for a bowl. Three singles off his over.

33rd over - CDG drives just past the outstretched arms of Wade for two off Cummins. CDG follows with an assured cover drive for four, striking it well on the up. Slogs one square for two. The big man isn't going to die wondering here, adding a touch of respectability to this scoreline. 

32nd over - Pattinson chasing his first wicket. Watling drives square for two. 

31st over - Cummins charges in. Watling nearly chops on, bottom edge just misses the stumps. Two off the over.

30th over - Pattinson spells Lyon. No runs from the over as CDG defends stoutly.

29th over - Starc runs through with another maiden.

28th over - Lyon again. Hits CDG on the backfoot and there's a massive appeal. Not out says the umpire, slight inside edge saves him. Advances and drives for four the next ball, then replicates the same shot with loft for four more.

27th over - Starc back into the attack. Swing and a miss from CDG. Gets down quickly on a yorker and the ball runs through slips for four. 

26th over - CDG goes at Lyon with a sweep, takes two. 

25th over - CDG with a dangerous leave, Starc misses the top of off stump by a whisker. 

24th over - Maiden over for Lyon.

23rd over - Cummins again. CDG plays a lovely on drive for three runs. Watling plays square for his second single in 38 balls.

22nd over - One off the Lyon over.

21st over - Cummins is all over de Grandhomme here. Beats the bat three times in the over. 

19th over - OUT - No sooner has Taylor raised his milestone has he been cleaned up by a gem of a delivery from Cummins.

Ross Taylor b Cummins 22 (42)

18th over - Taylor goes over the top for three runs to become the leading runscorer in the history of test cricket, overtaking Stephen Fleming. Some applause at the end of the over across the SCG and Taylor offers a faint acknowledgement.

17th over - Cummins is back. Maiden over.

16th over - Lyon looks to continue his destruction. Watling plays off his hip for one. Taylor plays a lofted off drive for four. Three more runs needed to become NZ's leading test run scorer.

We're back out in the middle for the final session of day four. Can NZ survive to see another day?

TEA BREAK - Another woeful session comes to an end for NZ. This series may well end before the end of day four. 

15th over - Pattinson in for the final over before tea. Maiden it is.

14th over - Lyon up. Taylor looks to sweep, misses and the ball sprays up off his foot. Paine appeals for the catch and the umpires review, looks to be a clear bump ball. 

13th over - Pattinson strikes Taylor on the pads, slight edge may have saved him there. Sneaks a single behind square.

12th over - Lyon up to the crease. OUT - Phillips forced on to the back foot and Paine et all go up with a huge appeal, Aleem Dar agrees. Phillips appeals but yet again, hot spot shows a decent edge. NZ in all sorts of trouble.

Glen Phillips c Paine b Lyon 0 (4)

11th over - Pattinson again. Maiden over.

10th over - Lyon up to the crease for the first time. OUT - Raval gets forward and Paine goes up for the catch. Raval reviews but Snicko reveals the very faintest of noises. 

Jeet Raval c Paine b Lyon 12 (17)

9th over - Pattinson up for his first over. Taylor edges through slips for four.

8th over - Raval with a pretty straight drive off Cummins for two. Plays an assured hook shot for four two balls later. 

7th over - Starc continues. Raval pulls for a single. 

6th over - Cummins up again. Taylor plays and misses, cops one in the puku.

5th over - Raval gets off the mark against Starc. OUT - Starc strikes Latham on the knee roll and a huge appeal goes up. Erasmus raises the finger and Latham reviews immediately, looked to be angling down leg. But Ball Tracker has the ball edging leg stump and the on-field decision stands. That's a rough one for Latham.

Tom Latham lbw b Starc 1 (15)

4th over - Cummins again. Maiden over.

3rd over - Starc again. Lyon shouldn't be too far away. OUT - Blundell plays what looked to have been a lovely square drive, but Nathan Lyon dives low to take a screamer of a catch at point.

Tom Blundell c Lyon b Starc 2

2nd over - Cummins now. Blundell off his pads for one. 

1st over - Starc to Latham to get us started. NZ get an early leg up with five runs deducted from the Aussie total for running on the pitch. Decidedly less bounce in the pitch here for Starc. Latham opens the NZ account. Blundell scrambles through for a single and he's lucky to survive, Head misses from cover and he would've been well short. 


52nd over - Henry charges in. Warner has a nibble, just misses the outside edge. Blasts Henry over cover but doesn't quite time it, three runs. Labuschagne gives Henry the indoor cricket special, overhand tennis serve style for two. OUT - Labuschagne goes again but he's caught in the deep and Tim Paine has seen enough. The teams head from the pitch and NZ will soon begin the tall order of avoiding defeat.

Marnus Labuschagne c Latham b Henry 59 (74)

51st over - Missed stumping from Watling! Fumbles CDG down leg side and can't make Labuschagne pay.

50th over - Henry again.  100 partnership comes up.

49th over - Labuschagne glances CDG for four to bring up his 50. The man can do no wrong.

48th over - Henry again. Warner advances and defends back to the bowler who has a shy at the stumps. No dice. There it is! Warner off the pads for three to bring up his 24th century with the most cringe celebration in world sport.

47th over - CDG again. Warner two away from 100. Quick single moves him to 99.

46th over - Henry back into the attack. Labuschagne whips him off his pads for three. Labuschagne looks to go over cover, doesn't quite get hold of it. Maybe the declaration is closer than we think, by the looks of the aggression from these two. Bouncer goes over the keeper's head for four byes. Warner gets a thick edge for four to finish an expensive over.

45th over - De Grandhomme to get us back underway. Labuschagne steals a single for the only run of the over. 

The teams head back out to the middle. The Aussie onslaught set to continue.

The only success for New Zealand his morning was Astle's leg-before-wicket decision over Joe Burns, a call that had to be reviewed, after originally given not out.

But the spin bowler should also have had Labuschagne cheaply, failing to reverse-cup a fairly basic return catch off his own bowling.

The Aussies will likely bat a while after resumption, with Labuschagne approaching an Australian record for runs scored in a test series, currently held by legend Wally Hammond. 

44th over - Somerville continues.

The Australian lead is now 375, with commentators predicting 400 as the likely declaration target. This is the last over before lunch.

Just the one run.

43rd over - Wagner continues.

Between balls, Warner pretends to hit Wagner over the head with his bat, but hits himself in the helmet grill instead, much to the amusement of both.

Wagner miscues an attempted yorker and Warner takes toll of the full toss for a boundary and seven runs off the over.

42nd over - Double change for the Blackcaps, with Somerville's spin replacing Astle.

Labuschagne runs a couple to bring up the 50 partnership off 74 balls. Next delivery, he reverse-sweeps fine for a boundary.

Labuschagne looks to lap to the leg side, but the ball beats his bat and Watling's gloves for three byes.

41st over - Time to change things up, with Latham recalling Wagner.

Four funs off the over, with Labuschagne late-dabbing for a couple off the last ball.

40th over - Astle with another over.

Warner attacks a shot delivery, swatting square to the boundary... perhaps a sign of upping the tempo. Nine off the over.

39th over - De Grandhomme continues.

Labuschagne cuts late for four runs, five off the over.

38th over - Astle perseveres with his spin, he's showed some promising signs today.

Three runs off that over.

37th over - De Grandhomme continues.

Two for Labuschagne to third man. 

36th over - Astle continues.

Labuschagne drives through the cover field for a couple.

35th over - De Grandhomme continues - 0/16 from 6 overs.

Just a single from the over.

34th over - Astle continues.

Warner pushes on the offside for two.

Five runs from the over.

33rd over - De Grandhomme continues.

Two runs from the over.

32nd over - Aste to bowl his 4th. 

Dropped! Labuschagne should be outta here. He hits a goober back to Astle and he puts him down. Shocking miss.

31st over - Colin continues.

Two runs from the de Grandhomme over.

30th over - Astle continues.

Burns plods forward and is struck in front defending .... Astle goes up but umpre Dar says not out. They review quickly and it's plum ... hitting middle. Shocking not out call from the umpire....just awful. 
WICKET - Joe Burns lbw Aste 40 (79b 3x4's 2x6's) FOW 107

Superb over from Astle .... a wicket and three runs but had all three batsman in trouble. 

29th over - Colin de Grandhomme replaces Wagner who is off the park.

Three runs from the ovver.

28th over - Astle 0/11 from 1 over continues.

Maiden over from Astle - he really troubled Burns every ball.

27th over - Wagner continues.

Warner has two square on the on side to bring up the century partnership.

26th over - Todd Astle replaces Somerville.

Reverse lap from Warner earns him four runs. 

Burns has six down the ground. Just swung through the line over the bowlers head.

25th over - Wagner 0/15 from 5 continues.

Full from Wagner and Burnns drives through point for four. 

24th over - Somerville continues - 0/23 from 7 overs. 

Burns lots on the led side but is done in flight .... ball bounces just short of Raval running in. 

Warner turns around the corner for a single and has a half ton. 

23rd over - Neil Wagner replaces a very flat Matt Henry.

Warner pulls a short one from Wagner and is almost caught behind square by Latham. 

22nd over - 32 runs from five overs this session. Somerville continues.

Nice over from Somerville - just a Warner single from it.

21st over - Matt Henry continues. 

Wide from Henry and Warner square drives for four - signs are not good for the Blackcaps so far. 

Warner guides past 1st slip and has four to third man. 

20th over - Somerville continues.

Wagner late cuts for three - lovely shot that. 

Burns comes down the wicket and lofts Somerville over long on for six. 

19th over - Henry 0/14 continues.

Burns gets a bit of width and has a couple through point. Australian fifty up.

18th over - Will Somerville to bowl his 5th over - 0/7.

Warner down the wicket and drives down the ground for four through the covers.

17th over - Matt Henry will open up the day for NZ - Warner on strike.

Warner pushes for two on the offside.

Three runs from the over.

1st session 

Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the New Year's test between the Blackcaps and Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG)

Australia are in total control, as they have been the entire series, after ending day three 40/0 - 243 runs in front of the Blackcaps.

New Zealand entered day three with some optimism, but regular loss of wickets saw them stutter to 251, with debutant Glenn Phillips top scoring (52).

Rain is forecast both today and tomorrow, so weather is likely to play its part. Join us at 12:30pm.


New Zealand: Tom Latham (c), Tom Blundell, Jeet Raval, Ross Taylor, Glenn Phillips, BJ Watling (wk), Colin de Grandhomme, Todd Astle, Will Somerville, Matt Henry, Neil Wagner

Australia: David Warner, Joe Burns, Marnus Labuschagne, Steve Smith, Matthew Wade, Travis Head, Tim Paine (c), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, James Pattinson.

Umpires: Aleem Dar, Marais Erasmus
TV Umpire: Nigel Llong
Reserve umpire: Shawn Craig
Match Referee: Sir Richie Richardson


Auckland traffic almost deprives Phillips of test debut

New Zealand batsman Glenn Phillips almost missed his flight to Sydney to make his debut, because he was stuck in traffic.

Phillips, who wants to be a pilot when his cricket career ends, had to make a last-minute flight across the Tasman on Thursday to feature in Friday's third test.

But his chaotic few days were nearly made even more dramatic while still in Auckland.

The 23-year-old was body surfing, when told he needed to pack his bags, and was stuck in traffic, before catching the last flight out of New Zealand.

Perhaps the rushed nature of his debut helped him, as he had no time to build nerves, before top-scoring with 52 in the New Zealand's first innings of 251 at the Sydney Cricket Ground on day three.

Glenn Phillips receives his test cap from Ross Taylor
Glenn Phillips receives his test cap from Ross Taylor. Photo credit: Getty

"I guess it does [help] a little bit," Phillips said. "Also knowing it will probably only be the one test for me - at this point in time - so there's no point being too uptight about it.

"I guess it helps a lot that we also prepare as if we'll get called up last minute - that's not just myself, every player in our domestic competition."

But the 23-year-old is no overnight star. He's averaged 42.54 in 23 first-class matches and has played 11 T20s for New Zealand.

His late call-up should at least have made life hard for Australia to prepare for him, given they did not know he was a chance of playing until 12 hours before the toss.

But they had some advantage of knowing how he bats, with suggestions he is a virtual mirror image of one of their own.

"It got spoken about that he is a clone of Steve Smith," said Nathan Lyon, who twice dropped Phillips off his own bowling.

"We had a fair indication of what he does and how he plays his cricket. Obviously, Glenn looks like a decent player, looks like he likes to move the game forward quite fast.

"He plays his shots, so we're going to have to make sure our plans are really clear in the second dig."