Live updates: WWE WrestleMania 36 - April 6 show

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Wrap - That's the end of yet another WrestleMania. I have no real words for the Cena v Wyatt macth... need to rewatch it, but it was different lol. Thanks for joining me these last two days. Until next time. 

WWE Championship - Brock Lesnar (c) v Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre via pinfall to win WWE Championship  

2:22pm - Brock stands above Drew ... lifts him up for another F5 but Drew escapes and hits a Claymore. Drew hits a second Claymore then a third ... he covers and gets the three to win the WWE title!

2:21pm - A third F5 from Brock but again Drew kicks out at two. 

2:20pm - Brock lifts Drew up for a second F5 but again Drew kicks out - this time at two. 

2:19pm - Brock lands a third German then lifts Drew up for the F5 and goes for the pin but Drew kicks out at one!

2:18pm - Heavy kicks land for Brock out of the gate but Drew hits his Claymore kick on Brock for a two count. Drew looks for another but Brock avoids and lands two German suplexes.

2:12pm - Next up is the Main Event - Brock Lesnar v Drew McIntyre for the WWE title

FireFly Funhouse Match - 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt v John Cena 
The Fiend wins

2:09pm - Cena thinks he is beating up Wyatt but the reality is he is hitting one of Bray's puppets.....The Fiend is behind Cena and put on the claw hold and chokes Cena out to end 'the nmatch'. Like what was that?

2:07pm - Wyatt switches up to an nWo trbute in the form of Eric Bischoff....he calls Cena out to the ring and he comes out to Hulk Hogan's WCW theme. This be crazy. 

2:04pm - It's now swtched to a retrospective of Bray's WWE career and why his loss to Cena six years ago ruined his life.

2:01pm - This is the strangest 'match' I have ever seen - Bray is taking Cena through a retrospective of his career. I have no words really. 

1:55pm - Cena in transported to Bray's funhouse. Cena opens the 'exit here' door to follow Bray into a room of darkness. 

1:53pm - John Cena is out first .... but his entrance morphs into Bray Wyatt's FireFly Funhouse vignette - this is all veiry weird. Will be hard to comment on so I'll update with Tweets from WWE.

1:50pm - Next up is the Funhouse Match between Bray Wyatt and John Cena - This should be quite the spectacle according to the rumours. 

Smackdown Women's Championship - Fatal five-way elimination match
Bayley (c) v Sasha Banks v Lacey Evans v Tamina v Naomi 
Bayley wins to retain the title

1:46pm - Banks presents Bayley with the title belt and raises her hand in victory. 

1:45pm - Banks is back and hits a Back Stabber on Lacey .... Bayley covers her for the three-count and defends her title. 

1:44pm - Lacey looking for the top rope moonsault and lands it for a long two-count. 

1:42pm - Bayley dominating the 1v1 matchup against Lacey. Has her tied to the ring rope and is nailing Lacey with hard blows. Lacey fights back with a big knee and breaks herself free. She drops Bayley with another big boot and then fires her into the corner.

1:38pm - A Bayley/Sasha double-team goes wrong...Bayley hits Sasha with a hard knee to the head. Sasha is pissed and the friends argue...Lacey takes advantage and hits a Women's Right on Sasha and gets the pin. Down to Lacey v Bayley.

1:36pm -  Bayley saves Sasha from a cross face...Naomi hits the back breaker on Naomi into the Bank Statement submission hold and Naomi taps. 

1:34pm - Bayley and Sasha team up to take out Lacey - they try the same on Naomi but she hits double knees ... then she lands a Raer View on Sasha. Full Nelson bomb landed on Sasha for a two count. 

1:32pm - Sasha hits a 619 on Tamina ... Bayley to the top rope and lands a flying elbow. Sasha then hits a frog splash on Tamina followed by Naomi, who hits a split-leged moonsault .... all four cover Tamina for the three-count and she is eliminated first.  Cool spot. 

1:31pm - Tamina superkicks Sasha, then lifts Naomi up for a slam but Naomi reverses into a cutter for a two count.

1:29pm - Naomi and Lacey take out Sasha and Bayley before Naomi rolls Lacey up for a two-count. tamins back in takes down both Lacey and Naomi with a clothesline. 

1:26pm - Tamina gets attacked by the other four ladies but she quickly turns the tide and powerfully knocks them all down. Chop block from Lacey drops Tamina and Sasha sends her to the outside with a big knee.

1:23pm - The main story here is the heel champion Bayley having to defend her belt against her best friend Sasha Banks. Expect some sort of swerve between those two.

1:18pm - Theory, Garza and their manager Zelina Vega put the boots onthe Street Profits after the match - NXT's Bianca Belair hits he ring and takes out all three. Belair is the real life wife of Ford.  

Raw Tag Team titles - The Street Profits (Montez Ford/Angelo Dawkins) v Austin Theory/Angel Garza
Street Profits via pinfall

1:17pm - Dawkins now gets the tag......but he's hammered by Theory. Theory down for the pinfall but Ford out of nowhere hits a splash on Theory. Dawkins rolls him over for the pin and the win. 

1:14pm - Street Profits take over and the athletic Ford hits a diving plancha on Theory ... Garza then nails Dawkins with a moonsault from the top. 

1:11pm - All action to start ... tough act to follow after the epic brawl we just witnessed. Thoery and Garza in control.

1:04pm - Ron Gronkowski just won the WWE 24/7 title. Champion Mojo Rawley and a whole bumch of jobbers made their way out to ringside. Mojo is getting beat up by the jobbers when Gronk launches himself off the host platform and takes everyone out ... he pins Mojo for the title and runs off towards the backstage area. 

Last man Standing match - Edge v Randy Orton
Edge wins 

12:58pm - Edge stops the referee from counting ..... he has a chair in and. He stands over Orton with chair in hand and slams it into a prone Orton's head. Referee counts to 10 and the match is over. 

12:56pm - Orton grabs a steel chair from below...climbs back up to the top of the truck and smashes Edge over the head with the chair. Orton looking for another chair shot but Edge pops back up and locks Orton in a choke hold that takes 'The Viper' out. Both men are down as the referee begins the count. 

12:54pm - Orton beats the count at nine ... Edge looks to hit the spear again but Orton hits the RKO. Edge just beats the count. 

12:53pm - Edge is on the top of big semi-truck trailor....Orton follows hom. He's looking to land the punt kick but Edge hits the spear. 

12:51pm - Onto the back of a ute now and Orton lands a DDT on Edge from the roof to the base of the ute....brutal spot. Referee counts but Edge just beats the count at nine. 

12:47pm - Orton is prone on a table in a storage area....Edge climbs a ladder and jumps from the top and smashes through Orton and the table with a flying elbow. Referee counts but they are both up at eight. 

12:44pm - Orton stomps on Edge's hands then rams his face onto the concrete floor. Referee counts again but Edge is up at five. 

12:40pm - Edge is rammed into some equipment cases .... Orton looking around for a weapon. He finds some steel steps and throws Edge into them. Referee counts again - this time Edge is up at the nine.


12:39pm - Thumb to the eye of Edge and then Orton sends him into the camera man. The cut to another camera and the two are exchanging blows in a storage area. 

12:37pm - Referee counts but Orton beats the count, Edge kicks him in the guts and then throws him onto the table. Edge drops and elbow on Orton and the referee begins the 10 count again. Orton rolls off the table to beat the count at 7. 

12:36pm - Back to the backstage area again...Orton has Edge in a conference room, but Edge turns the tables and rams his head onto a steel desk.

12:34pm - Orton fights back and throws Edge off the platform to the ringside area concrete. Edge back up at the count of 8. 

12:33pm - Back to the rng area now and Edge has a prone Orton on a platform to the side of the arena. 

12:30pm - They keep heading through the backstage area and swap turns on offence. Orton rams Edge's head into a roller door ... Edge returns the favour.

12:28pm - Edge slams Orton's head onto a table ..... they are in a gym are at the moment . Edge plaves Orton in a chair and hits him with blows. Edge wth a dropkick hanging from some work out bars. Cool spot. 

12:26pm - Orton has Edge wrapped uo in a cable, choking him out. He nails Edge wih a chain. Referee counts but Edge is up at six. He nails Orton with some work out equipment to turn the tide.

12:23pm - Referee rings the bell and Orton hits another RKO on Edge - referee counts to seven and Edge is back up. To the outside now and Orton is beating the crap out of Edge as the head backstage. 

12:22pm - Edge is in the ring waiting for Orton who appears out of nowehere and hits and RKO on Edge.

12:19pm - Next up is the Last Man Standing match between Edge and Rabdy Orton.

Dolph Ziggler v Otis
Otis via pinfall 

12:11pm - Front slam lands for Otis fr a two count. Mandy is at ringside now and slaps Sonya before flipping off Dolph. Otis hits his worm splash on Dolph and gets the three-count. Mady jumps in the ring and they embrace and kiss. 

12:09pm - Otis throwing Dolph all around the ring at the moment. He lifts Dolph above his head and throws him outside. Sonya Deville is ringside with Dolph ... expect Mandy Rose to show up at some point. 

12:06pm - Dolph has a sleeper hold on a fallen Otis - Otis back to his feet and catches Dolph and launches him into the ring post. 

12:05pm - Dolph with a choke hold on Otis and follows up with a drop kick for a two count. 

12:04pm - Otis hits the ring and attacks Dolph. Dolph turns the table withn a heavy superkick. 

12:01am - Next up will be Dolph Ziggler v Otis - this is like a four way love story gone wrong with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville involved. 

11:58am - We cross to host Ron Gronkowski who is looking for his mate Mojo Rawley who stole the WWE 24/7 title from him yesterday. 

11:56am - We cross to Kayla Braxton who is with Bayley and Sasha Banks - the two best friends will be involved in the fatal five way match a little later on.

Aleister Black v Bobby Lashley 
Aleister Black via pinfall

11:53am - Lashley goes for the spear again, but Black hits the Black Mass kick for the three-count and the win. 

11:52am - The two exchange strikes but B lack gets the better. Lashley rolls to the outside but Black hits the ropes and hits a moonsault on the outside. Lashley gains control with two heavy clotheslines for two. 

11:51am - Stalling suplex lands for Lashley for two. Lashley now looking for the spear..... Black knees him in the face and gets a two count. 

11:49am - Lashley in control on the inside hits a huge powerslam ona running Black for a two-count. 

11:46am - Hard-hitting action to begin. They end up on the outside and Lashley hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Black, then drives him into the barricade. Back in side they go and Lashley gets a two-count. 

11:42am - This match has had zero build up and was announced out of the blue a week ago, so no storyline to speak of. Just two big dudes 1v1. Black has an amazing look and cuts a great promo. Lashley is a former MMA heavywight with the now defunct Strikeforce. he is signed to Bellator but has never fought for them. 

11:37am - Hell of a match - Ripley looked fantastic and really sold the injred knee superbly during the match which kind of gave her an out. 

NXT Women's Championship - Rhea Ripley (c) v Charlotte Flair 
Charlotte Flair via submission 

11:34am - Flair misses a moonsault from the top but catches Ripley with a running spear for two. She tries for the figure-four again but Ripley rolls her up for a two-count. Flair back to tghe figure-four and this time locks it up...she bridges for the figure-eight and has it deep on a screaming Ripley who taps and Charlotte wins the NXT title. 

11:32am - Long two-count for Ripley after a Big Boot lands on Flair.

11:31am - Flair looks for the figure-four but Ripley fights off. Two-count for Flair off a roll up and now she has a Boston Crab on Ripley. Reversal from Ripley for a two-count, then she nails Flair with abig right hand. 

11:29am - Charlotte working the leg again, but Ripley reverses then turns Flair into a Standing Cloverleaf submission hold. Charlote crawls to the ropes but Ripley pulls her back. Flair is out and back to the leg of Ripley then a kick to the face.

11:28am - Ripley lands a dropkick from the top rope for a two-count. She is really selling the left leg injury which suggests to me she is going to lose via submission.

11:27am - Ripley lands three short clotheslines ala Jake Roberts, but Flair turns the tables sending Ripley to teh outside. Flair goes up top but Ripley beats her and lift her up for an Electric Chair drop for a two-count. 

11:26am - Ripley fights back and lands two big kicks to Charlotte's face, followed by a lovely looking drop kick. 

11:24am - Ripley fights back with a back-suplex slam but Flair is up first and back to working the legs of the Aussie.

11:23am - To the outside goes Flair and she pulls Ripley into the corner and rams her knee against the post three times. Back in the ring now and Flair lands a chop block. Referee asks Ripley of she wants to quit ... she says no. Flair talking trash asking Ripley if she "really wants anymore bitch".

11:21am - Flair working the legs and left knee of Ripley. 

11:18am - Ripley attacks Flair on the outside - rams her into the steps. Back in the ring now and Ripley nails Flair in the corner then lands a suplex for a two-count. Kicks to the back now for Ripley has 'The Queen' screaming in pain. 

11:16am - Charlotte starts off talking some trash. Nails Ripley with three heavy chops - Ripley turns the ride and hits her Riptide finisher for a long two-count. Flair rolls outside. 

11:11am - Charlotte won the Women's Royal Rumble to earn a shot at any WWE title of her choice and she chose he champ of WWE's third brand. Ripley is Australian and a absolue lock to be a future WWE mega-star. 

11:08am - First up is Charlotte Flair v Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women's Championship.

11:07am - ACDC's For those of us that rock just makes any promo package that much more awesome. Host Rob Gronkowski is back in his role as host ...wearing the same clothes as yesterday. it's like the show was pre-taped or something....

11:01am - We are live ... sort of.... Stephanie McMahon welcomes everyone back to WrestleMania and they crank into the same video package as yesterday, which was very cool. 

10:56am - The All Blacks getting into WrestleMania mode.

10:48am - The promo package for Randy Orton v Edge was epic - that match will steal the show today.

10:39am - The was a really good match. Nattie brought the best out in Liv who has superstar potential if her in-ring work can match her look and promo ability. 

Kickoff show match - Liv Morgan v Natayla 
Liv Morgan via pinfall

10:36am - Step-up enziguri lands for Liv, she rolls Natie up in a pinning combination, Nattie reverses then Liv reverses for the three-count and the win. 

10:35am - Nattie with a reverse face buster gets a long two-count.

10:34am - Nattie locks Liv in a surfboard submission hold but Liv fights out and hits a cutter in the corner followed by double knees to the face for a two-count. 

10:31am - Nattie fakes the pre-match handshake and takes Liv down to the mat. 

10:27am - Keep up with all the action with the WWE NZ Twitter page throughout the day.

10:18am - One match to take place on the Kickoff show - Liv Morgan v Natayla, how is the niece of the great Bret 'Hitman' Hart.

10:11am - If you missed it yesterday, here is a little taste of the Boneyard match between Undertaker and AJ Styles.

10:04am - Hello folks and welcome to coverage of day two of WrestleMania - the Kickoff Show is live now on WWE Network and WWE's Twitter page.

The first night of 'The Only WrestleMania Too Big for Just One Night' proved truly historic, with 'The Undertaker' reigning supreme over AJ Styles in a brutal 'Boneyard Match' that proved to be a true cinematic experience.

Braun Strowman won the 'Universal Championship' from Goldberg, Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeated the Kabuki Warriors to become two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions and Kevin Owens topped 'The Monday Night Messiah' Seth Rollins in a five-star match. 

Plenty of big matches feature today, including the WWE Championship match between Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre, while John Cena meets 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt in a 'Firefly Funhouse' match, which promises to deliver something truly special from a production standpoint. 

WrestleMania day two

  • WWE Championship - Brock Lesnar (c) v Drew McIntyre
  • NXT Women’s Championship -  Rhea Ripley (c) v Charlotte Flair
  • Firefly Fun House Match - John Cena v 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt
  • Last Man Standing Match - Edge v Randy Orton
  • Otis v Dolph Ziggler
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship -  Fatal Five-Way Elimination Match:
    Bayley (c) v Sasha Banks v Lacey Evans v Naomi v Tamina
  • Raw Tag Team Championship - The Street Profits (c) v Angel Garza & Austin Theory
  • Aleister Black v Bobby Lashley

Quick Results: WrestleMania day one 

Boneyard Match - The Undertaker defeats AJ Styles

Universal Championship - Braun Strowman defeats Goldberg (c) 

Mojo Rawley defeats R-Truth for the 24/7 Title

Kevin Owens defeats Seth Rollins 

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match - John Morrison (c) defeats Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso 

Intercontinental Championship - Sami Zayn (c) defeats Daniel Bryan 

Raw Women’s Championship - Becky Lynch (c) defeats Shayna Baszler 

Elias defeats King Corbin

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship - Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeats The Kabuki Warriors (c) 

Cesaro defeats Drew Gulak