World Rugby boss Sir Bill Beaumont expects all nations to suffer in coronavirus fallout

World Rugby boss Sir Bill Beaumont has warned every nation will suffer from the fallout of the global coronavirus crisis. 

Sir Bill has asked all member countries' governments to help keep the game afloat, as COVID-19 has virtually wiped out all professional rugby competitions around the world, including international fixtures. 

The virus has put the All Blacks' July fixtures in serious doubt and Super Rugby on hold indefinitely. 

The Daily Mail UK has reported World Rugby has reserves of between $300-400 million for nations to tap into, if needed. 

Beaumont confirmed those funds will be available for those nations in financial crisis. 

"At World Rugby, we have financial reserves and we have to look at how we can preserve the global game," Beaumont told the Daily Mail.

USA Rugby has filed for bankruptcy and NZ Rugby chief executive Mark Robinson has predicted a loss of more than $100 million. 

"We have been very prudent over the years, so we have funds, but we don't have enough funds to bail everyone out," Beaumont said. 

"The World Cup in Japan made a profit, which was very similar to what it was in 2015. It was a great success commercially.

"If this happened now and there hadn't been a World Cup last year, we would all be staring down the barrel."

He also said no decision would be made on the July tests for "at least a month". 

The All Blacks' first test of the season is scheduled for Auckland on July 4, against Wales.