Boxing: Joseph Parker channels Anchorman's Ron Burgundy in new lockdown video

Kiwi boxer Joseph Parker continent spread positive messages as New Zealand edges closer to moving into lockdown level 2. 

On Monday, Cabinet will decide if New Zealand will move down a level, allowing more businesses to open and more people to get back to work. 

In anticipation, Parker dedicated his eighth lockdown video to spending time with your workmates, recreating a clip from the hit movie Anchorman starring Will Ferrell and Steve Carell. 

"Having a good old chat with workmates isn't too far away," Parker's caption read. 

In the video, Parker plays  all four main characters - Ron Burgundy (Ferell), Brick Tamland (Carell), Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd) and Champion 'Champ' Kind (David Koechner) - and the former WBO champion bursts into a lip-synced harmony of 'Afternoon Delight' by Starland Vocal Band.

To perfect the role, Parker wore similar suits to the characters and even wore a fake moustache to match Burgundy's.

Parker has been recreating famous movie clips in his lockdown videos with recreated scenes from films including Back to the Future, Love Actually and Step Brothers. 

Last week, Parker told Newshub he hoped the videos would help get his name back out in the public as he pushes for another fight against a title contender.

Originally, the videos were simply meant to spread some positivity during lockdown, but they could end up having a positive impact on his career, when he returns to the ring. 

"The reaction has been incredible," Parker told Newshub. "I like to have fun and enjoy myself. I haven't shown it before a fight, but this is a great opportunity to show people that this is me every day.

"I feel like it'll attract more people to watch my fights in future, but also, you never know, there might be an acting career," he added. 

"It's all about who you are and what people want to see… I guess, through this time, doing these videos spreads positive vibes.

"The thing I'm glad about is that it shows athletes like to have fun and shows us in a different light."

Parker is hoping to fight again in August in New Zealand, with Aussei Lucas Browne being touted as a likely opponent. 

Boxing: Joseph Parker channels Anchorman's Ron Burgundy in new lockdown video