Live updates: Mitre 10 Cup - Hawke's Bay v Northland


Hawke’s Bay 33 (Fomai, Dixon, Flanders,Toala tries; McClutchie 3 penalties, 2 conversions) Northland 17 (Li tries (2); Hawkins 1 penalty, 1 conversion, Cooper conversion)

FULLTIME - Hawke's Bay have outclassed Northland to become the first team to retain the Ranfurly Shield this season. A strong second half performance from the Magpies has seen them prevail 33-17, moving them to the top of the Championship table. 

No. 8 Devon Flanders was a stand-out for the Magpies with several strong carries and scoring one of his team's four tries.

The first-half was an arm-wrestle with Hawke's Bay going into the break 9-3 in front, after neither team were able to cross over chalk. 

In the second half, play opened up and the Magpies asserted their dominance, running in four tries much to the delight of the vocal McLean Park crowd. 

Wing Neria Fomai began the try scoring when he stepped past Northland fullback Scott Gegory,  after a great offload from Stacey Ili. 

Ten minutes later, Magpies captain Ash Dixon crossed in the corner following some superb all-round lead-up play across the park.  

Northland responded quickly through prop Lua Li, who crossed from close range to keep his team in touch.

With 15 minutes to play, a great short pass from Magpies halfback Folau Fakatava - who had an impressive performance - put Danny Toala over under the crossbar to essentially end Taniwha hopes.

Man-of-the-match Devon Flanders then rounded-out the try scoring for the Magpies, powering over after a great floating pass from Fakatava. 

With time expired, Li grabbed his second try of the night, but it was far too little, too late.

Hawke's Bay will put the Shield on the line again next week against Manawatu. 

80 min - TRY NORTHLAND. From the lineout, Northland attack through the fowards. Referee brings them back for a penalty, which they take quickly. They keep it tight with the forwards before Luatangi Li crashes over for his second and a consolation for Northland. Johny Cooper converts the try. HKB 33-17

78 min - After a number of phases with the ball, Hawke's Bay give away a penalty. The Taniwha will have a lineout 5m out.  

74 min - TRY HAWKE'S BAY. From the lineout the Magpies attack in midfield. A number of strong runs from the Magpies fowards to get them inside Northland's 22. A great long pass from Fakatava to find Flanders who crashers over out wide. McClutchie misses the conversion from out wide. HKB 33-10. 

72 min - Northland knock-on at the lineout and Evens clears down to halfway where Northland start their attack again. Olsen breaks down the right wing to the 22m line. A crunching tackle Fomai which wins the Magpies a penalty. Hawke's Bay will have a lineout on Northland's 10m line. 

70 min - From the scrum, the Taniwha attack just inside Magpies 22. Hawke's Bay give away a penalty for offside and Northland will have a lineout 5m out. 

68 min - From the kick-off Baker kicks out on the full. From the lineout Walker-Leawere knocks-on at the lineout. Scrum Northland on Magpies 22. 

66 min - TRY HAKWE'S BAY. From the scrum, Visinia goes just short. Fast ball for the Magpies and Fakatava gives it to a fast running Danny Toala to crash over. McClutchie converts from in front. HKB 28-10.

64 min - From the lineout, Hawke's Bay set-up a lineout drive a crash over the line. Referee Pickerell goes to the TMO to check for a grounding. There is no clear ground so the Magpies will have a scrum 5m out. 

62 min - From the kickoff, Gregory knocks-on into his own player giving away a penalty. Hawke's Bay go for a lineout just 10m out. 

60 min - TRY NORTHLAND. From the lineout, the Taniwha set-up a lineout drive. Northland keep it tight with the forwards before Luatangi Li crashes over to get Northland back in it. Hawkins converts. HKB 21-10.

59 min - From the lineout Northland attack and get down to the Magpies 22 beofre winning a penalty. The Taniwha will go for touch and have a lineout 5m out. 

57 min - From the kick-off the Magpies make some strong runs. Ili looks for touch but puts it out on the full. Lineout Northland on Hawke's Bay 10m line. 

56 min - TRY HAWKE'S BAY. From the lineout, the Magpies attack and get deep into Northland's 22. After 9 phases great hands from the backs and Ash Dixon crashes over in the corner. McClutchie will try convert from outwide and misses right. HKB 21-3

54 min - Joe Apikotoa breaks into the back field and gets 5m short of the line before knocking on. The Taniwha clear down to the 22m line. 

52 min - From the lineout, Northland set-up their attack and get down to the 22 here Matt Matich knocks-on. Scrum Hawke's Bay on their own 22. Flanders makes a strong run down to the Taniwha 10m line.

49 min - Northland take it quickly and Ranger makes a strong run. After 8 phases the Magpies give away a penalty on halfway. The Taniwha will go for touch and Gregory misses touch and Baker clears down to the Magpies 10m line. 

47 min - From the kickoff, the Magpies clear down to Gregory who sets up their attack just inside Northland's half. Hawkins kicks down to the Magpies 22 before Baker clears down to halfway. 

45 min - TRY HAwke's BAY. From the lineout. the Taniwha clear down to the Magpies 10m line. The Magpies return the kick strongly and get down to Northland's 10m line. Ili makes a half break before offloading to Neria Fomai who steps his defender to score. McClutchie converts. HKB 16-3

43 min - From the lineout, the Magpies attack through the backs before keeping tight with the forwards. After 11 phases Sam Nock wins a critical breakdown penalty and Northland will clear down to just short of the 10m line. 

41 min - From the kickoff, the Magpies straight away win a breakdown penalty. The Magpies will go for touch and will have a lineout 10m out. 

SECOND-HALF UNDEWAY .... McClutchie gets us back underway.

HALFTIME - A real arm-wrestle here in Napier. The game is being played at a high tempo with both teams looking dangerous with ball in hand but critical errors have stifled both teams. Hawke's Bay dominated the final 10 minutes and where camped in Northland's 22. The Taniwha did well not to concede a try. Join us second half to see if Hawke's Bay can hang onto the Shield. 

40 min - From the lineout the Magpies set-up a lineout drive. The Magpies attack deep in Northland 22. They go for cross-field kick but Gregorgy grabs it but the referee goes back for a penalty for a high-tackle. McClutchie will have a shot a goal as the siren goes. He slots it down the middle. HKB 9-3

38 min - From the lineout Mikaele-Tu'u makes a strong run but Northland win another breakdown turnover. Nock clears down to Northland's 22. 

37 min - From the lineout Sam Nock makes unforced error and kicks ball out on full giving the Magpies lineout just short of Northland's 22. 

36 min - From the lineout the Magpies are looking dangerous and Ash Dixion goes short just 5m line but Rene Ranger wins a breakdown penalty. Northland will have a lineout on the 22m line. 

34 min - From the scrum the Magpies kick down yo Gregory who clears down the 10 metre line. From the lineout Hawke's Bay knock on and Sam Nock counter attacks. Hawke's Bay give away break down penalty. Hawkins failed to find touch and the Magpies set up their attack on halfway and win a penalty. 

32 min - Northland set their attack but a simple knock-on from Pryor gives the Magpies a scrum on their own 10m line. 

30 min - From the kickoff, the clearing kick from Baker finds touch on 10m line. 

28 min - From the scrum strong runs from Flanders and Baker to get down to the Northland 22. Referee Pickerell goes back for a penalty for Hawke's Bay just short of the 22. McClutchie will have a shot from in front 36m out. He slots it down the middle. HKB 6-3.

27 min - From the scrum on halfway, McClutchie puts in a chip kick only to find Gregory. From the next phases the Magpies do well to hold Northland up to win a scrum on the 10m line of Northland. 

25 min - From the scrum Hawke's Bay break down to halfway through Fomai but he;s pulled into touch. From the lineout, the Taniwha give away a free-kick for not throwing lineout straight. 

24 min - From the kick off Sam Nock breaks and gets down to the 22 of Hawke's Bay. He gives it Hohaia who knocks on when tackled. Scrum Magpies deep in their 22. 

23 min - Hawkins slots it over. 3-3 

22 min - Hawke's Bay clear down to half way where Gregory returns strongly. Northland set up their attack on the 22m line and win a break down penalty. Hawkins will have a shot from right in front. 

20 min - From the kickoff both teams kick backward and fowards. After a poor kick from visinia, Ranger runs it hard at the Magpies defence. The Taniwha set up their attack just short of the 22 but the Magpies turn it over. 

18 min - McClutchie slots it down the middle. HKB 3-0 

17 min - Hakwe's Bay looking dangerous on attack getting inside the 22. After seven phases the Taniwha win a breakdown penalty. Northland take it quickly and from the next ruck they give away penalty between 10m line and the 22. McClutchie will have a shot a goal. 

16 min - From the scrum Sam Nock clears down to halfway. Lineout Hawke's Bay. 

15 min - From the scrum the Magpies attack down the right through Visinia who gets down to the 22. A great short ball from McClutchie to Apikotoa but he puts it down. Scrum Northland on their own 22. 

12 min - Magpies give away a scrum free-kick and Northland put in a midfield bomb. This gives the Magpies the opportunity to attack. After 6 phases it breaks down with a knock-on. Scrum Northland on halfway. From the scrum, Northland get front-foot ball and again Hohaia knocks on. Scrum Hawke's Bay  

10 min - The Magpies turn the ball over at the ruck again and counter-attack. Fullback Kurt Baker makes a mini break and his inside ball is knocked on. Scrum Taniwha on 10 metre line. 

8 min - From the lineout Leilua breaks and is brought down on the 22, where Northland turns the ball over at the ruck. The Magpies clear down to Hawkins who puts in a kick down to inside the 22. 

7 min - From the scrum, Northland attack the Magpies line but Hohaia drops it short of the line and Hawke's Bay clear down to the 10 metre line. 

4 min - Hawkins put a nice grubber deep into 22. Hawke's Bay clean it up. From the next phase Hawke's Bay throw the ball dead. Northland will have 5 metre scrum. 

2 min - Northland win a breakdown penalty on halfway. They will have lineout between 22 and ten metre line. 

1 min - Northland kickoff who clear down to halfway and Northland set up their attack around halfway. 

KICKOFF - We are underway here in Napier

7:03pm - Sunny conditions in Napier for this Ranfurly Shield match. We should be in for an entertaining contest. 


Kia ora, folks, and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of this Ranfurly Shield and Mitre 10 Cup clash between Hawkes Bay and Northland.

Updates will begin from 7:05pm.

McLean Park is the venue for tonight’s top of the table Championship clash. The Magpies are looking to bounce back after getting thrashed by North Harbour 46-10 and defend the Shield for the first time.

Meainwhile, the Taniwha are looking to extend their lead at the top of the table and extend their and lift the log of wood for the first time since 1978. 

The Magpies have made wholesale changes with only three players - flanker Brendon O'Connor, second-five Ollie Sapsford and fullback Kurt Baker - have survived from the starting 15 that lost to North Harbour last week, as the Magpies defend the Ranfurly Shield for the first time.

Ash Dixon returns at hooker to captain the side.

Northland have made two changes to their starting side, with Kalolo Tuiloma replacing Coree Te Whata-Colley at prop and Josh Goodhue replacing Temo Mayanavanua, who was named in Fiji's squad for the Autumn Nations Cup, at lock.  

TAB: Hawke’s Bay $1.21 Northland $4.05

Hawke's Bay: 1-Pouri Rakete-Stone, 2-Ash Dixon, 3-Joe Apikotoa, 4-Geoff Cridge, 5-Tom Parsons, 6-Marino Mikaele-Tu'u, 7-Brendon O'Connor, 8-Devan Flanders, 9-Folau Fakatava, 10-Lincoln McClutchie, 11-Jonah Lowe, 12-Ollie Sapsford, 13-Stacey Ili, 14-Lolagi Visinia, 15-Kurt Baker

Reserves: 16-Kianu Kereru-Symes, 17-Jason Long, 18-Joel Hintz, 19-Isaia Walker-Leawere, 20-Gareth Evans, 21-Connor McLeod, 22-Caleb Makene, 23-Neria Fomai

Northland: 1-Ross Wright, 2-Jordan Olsen (c), 3-Kalolo Tuiloma, 4-Josh Goodhue, 5-Sam Caird, 6-Tom Robinson, 7-Kara Pryor, 8-Matt Matich, 9-Sam Nock, 10-Dan Hawkins, 11-Pisi Leilua, 12-Blake Hohaia, 13-Rene Ranger, 14-Jone Macilai, 15-Scott Gregory

Reserves: 16-Paddy Atkins, 17-Luatangi Li, 18-Coree Te Whata-Colley, 19-Temo Mayanavanua, 20-Rob Rush, 21-Will Grant, 22-Johnny Cooper, 23-Kalani Going