Mitre 10 Cup: Hawke's Bay hero Kurt Baker strips down (again) after Championship victory

Hawke's Bay hero Kurt Baker has continued his tradition of cheekily stripping down naked to celebrate his side's Mitre 10 Cup Championship win.  

Not long after the Magpies beat Northland 36-24 in Napier, Baker posted an Instagram picture of himself naked on the shoulders of Sky commentator and former teammate Karl Te Nana, holding the trophy aloft.

"Verified black, white, alright, come on the Bay!" Baker wrote in the caption. 

This isn't the first time the exhibitionist has kitted off after winning a trophy.

Last month, he did the same after the Magpies won the Ranfurly Shield off Otago. He stripped down and held the Shield aloft on the shoulders of his teammates, as they celebrated their victory. 

"Winner, winner, beer for dinner #shieldfever," the cheeky fullback wrote.

The veteran started this tradition way back in 2016, after his All Blacks Sevens side won the IRB tournament in Wellington.

Baker placed the trophy between his legs with his kit in front of him, as he celebrated the title. This turned to be the start of a ritual that has seen Baker shed his clothing for the camera on at least 10 occasions. 

"Last 7s one from the weekend, unreal being a part of this team and the win in Wellington," Baker wrote. "Doesn't get much better. #wellys7sstillhasit # #knowagoodfuelstation #allthegearnoidea #nz7s."

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