Live updates: Blackcaps v Pakistan, first test, day three in Tauranga

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Pakistan 239

STUMPS - Pakistan trail by 192 runs.

Superb effort from Faheem and skipper Rizwan, in particular, to lift Pakistan past the follow-on. Join us from 10:46am Tuesday for day four, as the NZ batsmen look to capitalise on their advantage.

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NZ 431 (Williamson 129, Watling 73, Taylor 70, Nicholls 56, Shaheen 4/109)

Pakistan 239 (Faheem 91, Rizwan 71, Jamieson 3/35)

103rd over - This could be the final over from Wagner. Faheem gunning for his 100 here, tonks Jamieson for four. WICKET - Jamieson gets Faheem fishing and to bring both a great innings and the day's play to an end.

Faheem Ashraf c †Watling b Jamieson 91 (134b 15x4 1x6)

102nd over - WICKET - Wagner with a trademark short ball that Shaheen can only parry straight to Latham at mid-on. 

Shaheen Shah Afridi c Latham b Wagner 6 (30b 0x4 0x6)

101st over - Jamieson back. 15 minutes of play remaining. Maiden over.

100th over - Wagner takes the ball. Shaheen puts one perilously close to Blundell at square leg to get off strike. Serves up Faheem a full toss and it gets wht it deserves, over the rope and Pakistan have officially avoided the follow on.

97th over - Jamieson back into the attack for his first crack with the new ball. Shaeen skies one, Santner charges in from the boundary but the ball falls agonisingly short.

94th over - Faheem picks up where he left off, swinging Southee away for a fifth boundary in the space of six balls. Doesn't want to give up strike.

93rd over - Boult back to continue the hunt for the final two wickets. Will be interesting to see if NZ enforce the follow-on, should they nab them quickly. 

92nd over - Faheem picks up the intensity, launching Southee over cover for four. Thick edge off the next delivery and that will fly to the boundary too. Cuts hard and another thick edge sails over first slip's head to the fence. To close the over, drops to a knee and blasts one through covers for a fourth-straight four.

91st over - Another edge flies through the slips for four off Boult.

WICKET - Boult sneaks one between Yasir's bat and pad and sends the bails flying. NZ on a roll now, as they eye the very end of the Pakistan tail.

Mohammad Rizwan run out (Santner) 71 (142b 8x4 0x6)

90th over - WICKET - Rizwan tries to sneak back for two runs at mid wicket but Santner is there to throw down the stumps and claim a massive wicket for the hosts. Brilliant fielding.

Mohammad Rizwan run out (Santner) 71 (142b 8x4 0x6)

89th over - Back from a drinks break, we come. Just 51 more runs for Pakistan to avoid the follow-on. Rizwan plays a picture-perfect on-drive for four off Boult.

87th over - 100-run partnership is up between Faheem and Rizwan, closely followed by Faheem's fifty. These two have been excellent.

85th over - Boult catches a thick edge which flies to second slip, but Southee can't quite get his hands to a difficult chance.

83rd over - Williamson adds a couple of slips to the cordon for Boult. Rizwan edges, evades the outstretched hand of Taylor at first slip.

81st over - Out comes the new ball and it's Boult who will do the honours. Immediately there's plenty more life out there, the bounce levels have ramped up. Rizwan takes some shine off it by pulling hard for four.

79th over - Wagner steams in. Rizwan picks him off for two doubles.

78th over - Santner has another crack. Two runs off the over. The new ball is just around the corner for NZ.

77th over - FIFTY - Rizwan raises a gritty half century with a cut for two off Wagner. He's playing a critical captain's knock.

76th over - In comes Santner for a rare taste of spin. Seems to be getting a little bit of help from this pitch early. Four runs off it.

75th over - Jamieson struggling to get the same bounce as he was before the rain came through. Rizwan cuts for four.

74th over - Wagner back into the attack. He's soldiering on despite his broken toe, as you'd expect from a competitor like him. Slower ball fools everyone, including Watling behind the stumps. Maiden.

72nd over - Rizwan pulls, umpire at square leg expertly swerves the ball to allow it to go to the fence. Rizwan plays another beauty straight back down the ground for four to bring up the 50 partnership.

71st over - Faheem cuts Jamieson confidently for four. Backs that up with an assured pull to the square leg fence.

70th over - Southee picks up where he left off, as we get back into it at the Bay.

4:52pm - Talk of a 5pm resumption in play now. Fingers crossed the wet weather avoids the Oval for the rest of the afternoon.

79th over - And...back comes the rain. Heavy shower coming through. If today's trends continue, we shouldn't be off long.

69th over - Boult begins around the wicket. Faheem whips one to fine leg for a single. 

68th over - Here we go, batsmen stroll to the middle as Southee takes to his run up to get us back underway. Rizwan plays a lovely straight drive but he's robbed by the stumps at the other end of the pitch. Nabs an edgy single. 

4:17pm - The covers are off and the umpires are out for an inspection, after that downpour of hail earlier. We shouldn't be far from a restart.

In fact, play has been scheduled to resume at 4:25pm.

TEA BREAK - The teams will head off early for a cuppa in light of the hailstorm. We'll be back around 4:15pm.

67th over - Rizwan able to find some gaps off Boult. Drives through cover for two, then rocks on to his backfoot and slams one over point for six. Then down comes the hail at the Mount! Another stoppage in play here. 

66th over - Southee takes the ball. Rizwan times one off his pads for two to rise the 100 for Pakistan.

65th over - Boult back. Half a chance to Latham at cover, ball falls just short.

63rd over - Faheem glances for four off Boult. Whips another one off his pads for a single.

62nd over - Faheem gets a hold of a pull shot off Wagner and finds the rope. 

61st over - Boult swinging the ball late, beats the bat of Faheem. Razor close to a wee edge there. NZ can smell blood.

60th over - WICKET - Wagner's plan comes off, as Fawad is enticed into one too many hook shots, feathers end edge through to Watling.

Fawad Alam c Watling b Wagner 9 (42b 0x4 0x6)

59th over - Boult returns to the attack. Three from it.

58th over - Perhaps a little bit of frustration creeping in her from Rizwan, who takes a couple of haphazard swings for minimal gain. Wagner won't be mad at that.

56th over - Wagner over the wicket to Rizwan. Picks one off down leg for two.

53rd over - We're back on! Jamieson throws down another maiden.

52nd over - A squall of rain washes over Bay Oval and players and spectators scramble for cover. This seems like it should blow over relatively quickly.

51st over - Jamieson typically tight, alwayas asking questions. Another maiden, the 10th from his 14 overs so far.

50th over - Wagner looking slightly compromised by his injured foot. Pace has really come off his bowling. Something to think about for Williamson. Rizwan cuts for two to relieve some pressure.

48th over - Wagner steams in. Couple of loose balls but Rizwan unable to pierce the field. Maiden.

47th over - Jamieson will get us back underway. Digs in with a shortball that Rizwan cops on his thumb. He felt that one.

1:40pm - The Blackcaps make their way back out to the middle for the start of the second session. Touch of drizzle during the lunch break, but nothing too threatening.


Session wrap - The first 50 minutes was all Pakistan. Both Abid and Abbas defended well and denied the Blackcaps. Enter Kyle Jamieson, who lifted NZ, and his the opening wicket of the day sparked them into action. Southee's double-strike just before lunch has given New Zealand an advantage that is hard to see them relinquishing. 


46th over - Wagner to continue - 0/12  from 6 overs.

Fawad hooks to deep square ... he hurries back for a second and the throw is superb from Jamieson but Fawad makes his ground. 

45th over - Southee with 2/21 continues.

Fawad has a single to mid-wicket. (PAK 60/5)

44th over - Wagner contnues - 0/5 from 5 overs. 

Fawad has a single to square leg.
Wide and full and Rizwan is all over it as he drives throug the vacant cover region four. 
Short and Rizwan rocks back and pulls square - he hurries back for a second. (PAK 59/5)

43rd over - Southee continues.

WICKET: Azhar Ali c BJ Watling b Tim Southee 5 (34b) PAK 51/4
Azhar beaten outside off ... the Blackcaps up as one but umpire Gaffney is unmoved. Williamson signals for a review and ultra-edge shows a slight feather off the outside edge and Azhar Ali is on his way. 
Fawad off the mark with a single to fine leg.

WICKET: Haris Sohail c Henry Nicholls b Tim Southee 3 (22b) PAK 52/5
Loose shot from Sohail. Wide outside off and he throws his bat at it - takes the edge and flies to Nichols in the gully who takes a smart catch. Pakistan deep in the mire. 

42nd over - Wagner continues.

Maiden from Wags. (PAK 51/3)

41st over - Tim Southee is back - 0/18 from 12. 

Azhar punches off the back foot through the onside for a couple. (PAK 51/3)

40th over - Neil Wagner replaces Boult. Wagner has a broken toe, but he's tough as nails. Wagner 0/4 from 3 overs. 

Azhar turns Wagner to mid-wicket for a single. (PAK 49/3)

39th over - Jamieson continues.

Haris turns Jamieson to mid-wicket .... in the air, but wide of Nicholls and he runs through for the single.
Azhar with a single to fine leg. (PAK 48/3)

38th over - Boult continues.

Haris plays and misses and a lovely outswinger from Boult.
Haris guides Boult past gully for a single. (PAK 46/3)

37th over - Jamieson continues - he has been superb through his three overs this morning.

Another maiden for Jamieson - he has 2/5 from 10 overs with 8 maidens. 

36th over - Boult continues. 1/15 from 10 overs.

Haris Sohail pushes through the covers and has a single to the sweeper. 
Azhar off the mark with a single to fine leg. (PAK 45/3)

35th over - Jamieson continues.
Maiden from Jamieson. (PAK 43/3)


34th over - Boult is back relacing Santner.

Abbas drives to a full ball and it flies between third slip and gully and down to the boundary for four. 
WICKET: Mohammad Abbas c Taylor b Boult 5 (56b 1x4) PAK 43/3
Boult finally gets his man. He's looked likely all morning and this time Abbas gets the edge. Full and Abbas defends on the front foot - ball takes the edge and Taylor swallows it up at first slip. (PAK 43/3)

33rd over - Jamieson continues.

WICKET: Abid Ali b Kyle Jamieson 25 (104b 3x4) Pak 39/2
Jamieson strikes! Abid was in all sorts against the steep bounce of Jamieson. This ball is slightly fuller, but Abid goes back in defence - the ball is too quick for him and skittles him through the gate.  
Wicket-maiden for the big man who has 2/5 from 8.

32nd over - Abid Ali receiving treatment on his finger but he will continue. Mitchell Santner replaces Trent Boult for his first test bowl of the summer. 

Great first over from Santner. Very testing and Abbas gets an edge on the last ball but it flies past slip to short third-man on the bounce. (PAK 39/1)

31st over - Kyle Jamieson replaces Tim Southee - Jamieson 1/5 from 6.

Extra bounce from Jamieson and Abid looks unsettled flirting at one outside off. 
Things happening with Jamieson at the crease... this one keeps low, but Abid keeps it out. 
Abid in all sorts as he cops one on the fingers from Jamieson. (PAK 39/1)

30th over - Trent Boult to bowl his 5th over this morning - he has 0/11 from 8. 

Yorker from Boult is right on traget but Abbas digs it out superbly well.
A maiden from Boult. (PAK 39/1)

29th over - Southee to continue - this will be his 12th over. 

Turned away by Abid for a single to deep square. 
Abbas is off the mark from his 37th ball with a single to fine leg. (PAK 39/1)

28th over - Boult continues.

Wide outside off from Boult and Abbas plays and misses. 
Boult reallly searching for something, but Abbas is keeping out the good balls.
Abbas solid in defence to end the over. (PAK 37/1)

27th over - Southee continues.

Great ball from Southee. Ball pitches on a good length and moves away slightly from Abid who plays and misses. 
Tidy over from Southee, but Abid looks solid enough in defence. (PAK 37/1)

26th over - Boult to bowl his 7th - 0/10.

Abid turns Boult down to fine leg for a single.
Boult around the wicket to Abbas who plays and misses as the ball comes hooping in towards the stumps.(PAK 37/1)

25th over - Southee to bowl his 10th over - 0/15.

Southee drifts into the pads of Abid who turns the ball to midwicket for a single.
Abbas looking solid as he watched two past to the keeper. (PAK 35/1)

24th over - Boult continues.

Boult forces a play and miss out of Abbas - the nightwatchman is hanging in there though.
Maiden for 'Lovely Trenty'. (PAK 34/1)

23rd over - Southee continues.

A testing maiden from Southee. Abid very watchful early doors. (PAK 34/1)

22nd over - Trent Boult to open alongside Southee - 0/8 from 4 overs.

Boult coming around the wicket to the right-handed Abid .... who digs out a corker yorker.
Boult back over the wicket now and Abid plays a textbook forward defensive shot. 
Abid turns Boult around the corner for a single to square leg. (Pak 34/1)

21st over - Tim Southee to open up for NZ - 0/13 from 7 overs ... Abid Ali on strike.

Neil Wagner has a broken toe, suffered while batting yesterday, but is on the park. 

Abid clips the first ball through midwicket for a couple.
Abid has a single just in front of square on the onside. 
Three runs from the Southee over. (PAK 33/1)


Welcome cricket fans to live updates of the opening match of the two test series between New Zealand and Pakistan at Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui.

The Blackcaps posted a commanding 431 after being sent in to bat thanks to a century to skipper Kane Williamson (129), while Ross Taylor (70), Henry Nicholls (56) and BJ Watling (73) also chimed in. 

Pakistan will resume day three 30/1, losing the wicket of Shan Masood who was strangled down the legside off the bowling of Kyle Jamieson late last-evening. 

We'll have coverage from the first delivery, which is scheduled for 11am.

TAB betting odds:

New Zealand - $1.22, Pakistan - $24, Draw - $4.15

Pre-match banter: Watling hails Williamson as an all-time NZ cricket great

Kane Williamson is all business when he takes the crease, but playing alongside one of New Zealand's all-time greats is still a lot of fun, according to teammate BJ Watling.

Williamson completed his 23rd test century at Mount Maunganui, showing why he is considered one of the premier batsmen of his era along with India's Virat Kohli, Australian Steve Smith and Joe Root of England.

"He has just become a father, and it was a special innings for Boxing Day," says Watling.

"He just set us up for a big total,"

The hosts posted 431 in their first innings and reduced Pakistan to 30-1 at the close of day two in the series opener.

Williamson hit 12 boundaries and a six in his 129 before Watling (73) added 66 runs for the seventh wicket with Kyle Jamieson to stretch their tally.

"You can look at some his shots, and he's pure class," Watling says of his captain.

"Twenty-three centuries is pretty special, and he'll hate me for saying it, but he's right up there among New Zealand's greats, isn't he?

"There's not a lot of chat when batting with him, but playing with him is obviously a lot of fun."