Parker v Chisora: Victory 'doesn't make sense' - world sides against Kiwi after heavyweight clash

Reaction to Joseph Parker's victory over Derek Chisora has not been kind, after the Kiwi heavyweight took a controversial split-decision win in Manchester.

Parker, 29, was fortunate to end up on the right side of two of the three judges' scorecards. 

The Kiwi was scored at 115-113, 116-111 and 113-115 to take the vacant WBO Intercontinental heavyweight belt and bring his career record to 29-2.

But Parker was floored in the opening seconds of the first round and while the Kiwi did well to dominate the second half of the fight, the failure to knock 37-year-old Chisora down doesn't make for convincing reading.

In particular, DAZN analyst Chris Lloyd labelled the result "completely mad", considering Chisora's first four rounds, where he had Parker on the back foot.

"That 116-111, especially, given Parker would have had the knockdown scored against him, doesn't really make a great deal of sense," Lloyd says.

Heavyweight Dillian Whyte, who has defeated both Parker and Chisora during his career, sided with his compatriot, tweeting: "Boxing is f up.

"@DerekWarChisora won that fight by at [least] 2 rounds."

English journalist Raj Bains didn't hold back either, tweeting that "that judge that scored it 116-111 to Parker should never be allowed near the sport again".

Parker himself even admitted he wasn't sure he'd done enough to take the bout, trainer Andy Lee told Sky Sports UK afterwards.

"After the fight, Joe said, 'I'm not sure if we got this,'" Lee says.

"Derek is a warrior and we love him for the fights he has given us."