Live updates: Northern tour - All Blacks v France from Paris

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All Blacks 25          France 40                    


What do you say about that?

France deserved everything they got today, outplaying the All Blacks in every department - bar the opening 20 minutes of the second half.

Surely, France have cemented themselves as contenders for the 2023 World Cup - which they'll host.

The All Blacks meanwhile will go back to the drawing board. They've been exposed thrice in 2021, defeated by South Africa, Ireland and now France.

It'll be a long summer for Ian Foster and his side, but don't take away from what they've achieved this year in trying circumstances, away from home for the last three months.


Barlot throws, and France win it. 

The All Blacks are desperately trying to turn it over, but they've conceded a penalty.

France will have one last penalty before fulltime. 

Jaminet to put the icing on the cake, and he does. 

What a win by France.

(NZ 25 FRA 40)

79 mins

Taukei'aho throws, Vaa'i wins it.

Frizell takes the ball into the French half. Bower takes the tackle, but France have turned it over!

Jaminet kicks into touch for a lineout.

78 mins

Dupont is subbed off, and gets a standing ovation from the Stade de France. What a player.

Replacement halfback Lucu feeds the scrum. Jelonch picks off the back of the scrum and attacks, France less than five-metres out.

France have gone right to the other side of the field, before Bamba takes it back infield. Jalibert tries to step through, but gives away a penalty at the breakdown.

McKenzie kicks for a lineout on halfway.

76 mins

Dupont feeds, and then goes himself off the back. France look to use the ball through the hands.

Flament picks and goes, but have the All Blacks stolen it? They have! Savea the hero. Weber goes back to McKenzie who clears - but it's not out!

Jaminet fields and France attack again. France go wide to Pernaud, who kicks over the top.

McKenzie claims it, but Pernaud chases his own kick, tackles McKenzie for another scrum.

74 mins

All Blacks scrum. But France are there with a huge shove, and they All Blacks go backwards. Weber takes it back, but Dupont tackles him in-goal to win France a five-metre scrum.

73 mins

Dupont feeds, and they run frm the back. Jaminet splits the defence and the All Blacks are scrambling!

The pass is forward and knocked on as Barrett clears into touch, but we'll go back for the advantage.

Savea returns from the sin bin.

71 mins

The All Blacks are still down to 14, as Dupont, Barrett and Jaminet trade kicks.

Taukei'aho runs to the 10m line, before Havili and Vaai' both attack the France defence. 

Tupaea knocks the ball on adter a poor pass from Havili, so France have a scrum.

Damian McKenzie replaces Mo'unga.

68 mins - FRANCE TRY

Is that the game? The All Blacks try to pass out inside their own half, but Havili throws an intercept and Penaud runs in to score!

Jaminet converts.

(FRA 37 NZ 25)


Ntamack kicks off to Bridge's wing, and he takes this one too. Weber clears with his boot, so France will have a lineout.

Replacement hooker Barlot throws, but it's well over the top straight to Danty who drops it. The All Blacks counter as Tupaea takes it to halfway. Kick over the top from Barrett has France chasing back, but France counter through Ntamack!

France go to the other side through Woki, who wins advantage. The All Blacks stop the attack - and Savea is shown a yellow card! Wow. France want the three points.

Jaminet lines the kick up, and gets it!

(NZ 25 FRA 30)

60 mins - ALL BLACKS TRY

Taukei'aho throws. Retallick brings it down. Taukei'aho goes again, and goes close - Savea picks and goes, and he's over for another try! Incredible strength from Savea! That's three tries in 19 minutes for the All Blacks.

Barrett looks to convert now, and he just sneaks it through the posts!

Brad Weber replaces Aaron Smith.

(NZ 25 FRA 27)

59 mins

Taukei'aho throws, Akira Ioane wins it, and the All Blacks drive.

Taukei'aho carries the ball over the five-metre line, and the All Blacks have another penalty! France called for offside. 

Mo'unga finds the corner for another lineout.

57 mins

Mo'unga puts a bomb up, and Danty can't hang onto it. France regain and kick down to Bridge's wing.

Savea makes a run upfield, and wins advantage. Barrett stabs a kick over the top. Ntamack claims it, so we go back for the penalty.

He clears, and that'll be an All Blacks lineout.


Havili replaces Jordan, and France win their own kick-off. 

Dupont and Jaminet combine to feed Penaud on the right wing. The All Blacks get there in numbers, but they're going to concede a penalty.

They do. Slight handbags from both sides as Akira Ioane gets involved with Dupont. 

France want the points, so Jaminet lines up the kick. And he gets this one too.

(NZ 18 FRA 27)

52 mins - ALL BLACKS TRY

Mauvaka throws, Alldritt wins it. 

Dupont feeds the backs as Danty takes the line on. Whitelock's turned it over though, and the All Blacks can counter!

Out of nowhere, Rieko Ioane splits the whole French defence, and he's going to run away and score!

What a try that is!

Barrett to convert from the right, and does! The gap's been closed to six points in a flash!

(NZ 18 FRA 24)

50 mins

Whitelock claims the kick-off. Smith milks a penalty with France taking him early.

Harsh call against Mauvaka. That'll be another lineout.

Taukei'aho with his first throw for the All Blacks.

Cane wins the throw, and wraps with Taukei'aho, but he loses the ball in the tackle.

Jaminet clears for a France lineout.

48 mins - ALL BLACKS TRY

Coles throws, Retallick wins it. The All Blacks bring it down and look to build something.

Savea and Coles both play on the front foot and go forward, as Cane wins advantage.

They're just short of the five-metre line. Smith goes left to Tupaea, who's tackled just short.

Smith goes blind to Jordie Barrett - who scores in the corner!

Barrett looks to convert his own try, but pulls it to the left.

(NZ 11 FRA 24)


45 mins

France lineout. Mauvaka throws. Moki claims it, and France drive. 

Dupont goes to the air, and Bridge claims it under pressure. Penalty to France, Retallick went across at the lineout. 

France kick for the corner, but Barrett keeps it in. He kicks down field, where Jaminet's kick back is fielded by Mo'unga.

Jordan kicks now, and he's got a 50-22! All Blacks lineout.

42 mins

Penalty advantage for the All Blacks after a French knock on. Smith is taken out by Mauvaka, so we go back for the penalty.

The All Blacks want the lineout. Mo'unga finds touch.

Coles throws, and finds Akira Ioane. They drive, and Coles has it at the back. France defend well and force Smith to find Mo'unga.

Tupaea has a run, but France swamp him and turn it over and win a penalty!

41 mins

We're back for the second half. It doesn't look like any changes for the All Blacks after the break.

Mo'unga kicks off get us back underway.


Wow. What a first half from France.

The All Blacks have no answers at the moment. This will be huge for Ian Foster, what can he tell the players at halftime to even hope of turning this around?

We'll be back for the second half shortly.


All Blacks lineout, Coles throws, Retallick wins it. They go back to Coles on the blindside, and he darts for the line - but he can't hang on looking to offload.

Retallick can't hold the ball, and knocks it on. France scrum. 

Dupont looks to feed, but the front row collapses. Take it again. Clever time wasting from France and Dupont.

The siren goes, Dupont feeds and Alldritt clears to end the half.

38 mins

Coles throws, Akira Ioane wins it. The All Blacks look for something inside France's half.

Advantage All Blacks, as Tupaea takes the ball to the 22. Akira Ioane is flattened, so we go back for the penalty.

Surely they take the lineout? They do.

36 mins

Danty kicks down to Bridge at the back, and the All Blacks are under pressure on their own tryline.

Smith clears with a box kick, but France will have a lineout.

Mauvaka throws, but Retallick steals it! Rieko Ioane makes a break, but Smith is taken out trying to pass from the ruck.

France are all over the All Blacks. Mo'unga goes wide to Savea, before Moody takes the tackle - as France are called for offside.

Penalty, and an All Blacks lineout.

34 mins - FRANCE TRY

Mauvaka throws, Woki wins it at the front and they drive. Mauvaka has the ball at the back of the lineout - and he scores his second! Carbon copy of their first try!

Jaminet to convert, and makes no mistake!

(NZ 6 FRA 24)

32 mins

All Blacks free kick from the scrum, Barrett kicks straight to Jaminet.

Fickou kicks, Mo'unga wins it and calls for the mark. Mo'unga clears into touch for a French lineout.

Mauvaka throws, Willemse wins it. France look to use the ball as Fickou and Ntamack combine.

Dupont goes to the air with a box kick, Jordie Barrett wins it. Smith finds Laulala who knocks on and Dupont goes quickly!

Ntamack puts Villiere away down the wing, and France are so close!

Alldritt picks and goes, but he's short of the goal line, advantage France. 

We'll go back for the penalty, Coles not rolling away. France want the lineout.

28 mins

France return Mo'unga's kick-off, straight to Bridge. Jordie Barrett knocks on.

Fickou stabs a kick through with no fullback, and it's a footrace to the tryline!

Rieko Ioane does well to get there before Jaminet, and puts the ball dead for a scrum.

Try saver from Rieko.


Mauvaka goes back to throw, but he hits the camera operator? He'll have to take that again.

He throws again, and the All Blacks disrupt it through Moody - but he doesn't release! France penalty.

Do France want the points, or the lineout? The points.

Jaminet lines up his third kick of the night, wide on the left. 

And he's got this one too!

(NZ 6 FRA 17)

24 mins

First scrum of the game, Dupont feeds. Alldritt tries to run off the back, but he's tackled by Smith.

Dupont clears with his right foot. Bridge takes it before Barrett kicks as well. Ntamack kicks back to Barrett, and he kicks it into touch.

Big miskate outside the 22. France lineout inside the All Blacks' territory.

21 mins

All Blacks lineout after Jaminet finds touch. 

Coles throws, Whitelock wins it. The All Blacks drive from their lineout, Coles has the ball at the back. 

Smith kicks, Villiere wins it in the air. They go back to Ntamack, who kicks down to Mo'unga.

Jordie Barrett puts a bomb up, and the All Blacks win it. Barrett stabs a kick over the top for Bridge - who wins it in open space, but he drops it!

France scrum.

19 mins

Mauvaka throws again, and France win it. Dupont and Ntamack combine, but Coles makes the tackle.

France just look to go straight through their forwards, before Danty has a crack at the line. Fickou does the same, both are tackled.

Dupont feeds Ntamack for a drop goal?! It's well short. Jordie Barrett kicks, and Jaminet calls for the mark.

18 mins

Nope, the lineout goes France's way. Mauvaka throws, Whitelock contests, but it comes down on the French side.

Penalty called by Wayne Barnes, infringing at the lineout the call.

Jaminet clears into touch for a France lineout.

17 mins

All Blacks lineout after Dupont clears with a box kick. Coles throws and the All Blacks look to use it.

But they've lost it forward! Can France counter? Danty kicks downfield, and Jordie Barrett returns serve. 

Jordan has a run and breaks the line, and feeds Smith! The All Blacks are surging now!

Rieko Ioane takes the ball past the five-metre line. Barrett goes wide to Bride's wing, but he can't stay in as Fickou makes the tackle.

The ball came off Fickou though, so should be an All Blacks lineout.

13 mins - FRANCE TRY

France kick to Bridge for a third time. He brings it down, and Smith box kicks straight to Jaminet again.

Dupont avoids a Savea tackle, as France creep forward. Ntamack kicks down to Bridge, who takes it and calls mark, kicking straight back to Ntamack.

France look to use the ball, and Penaud makes good ground inside the All Blacks' half. Fickou goes forward as the All Blacks give away a penalty. 

Dupont feeds Ntamack - who shows off his fancy footwork, beating the All Blacks' line and he scores!

Jaminet to add the extras, and does.

(NZ 6 FRA 14)


Bridge wins the kick-off, Smith clears into touch for a France lineout.

Mauvaka throws, but he gives it too much! Coles claims it, and Ardie Savea has a run.

The All Blacks go to the right and Tupaea, before Ioane has a run. Advantage All Blacks.

Tupaea's tackled by Atonio, and we go back for the penalty. Barrett will have another shot, this one much easier.

Right in front, and Barrett slots it.

(NZ 6 FRA 7)


Mo'unga kicks off, Alldritt wins it. Ntamack clears as far as Barrett, and the All Blacks attack from their own half.

Whitelock and Coles make good metres, before France are penalised, Villiere called for illegal entry.

The All Blacks want the points. Jordie Barrett lines up his first kick of the night.

Just in from the right touchline, and he nails it!

(NZ 3 FRA 7)

3 mins - FRANCE TRY

France lineout, Mauvaka throws, Woki wins it. 

France go for the lineout drive, they've got advantage - but they won't need it!

Mauvaka has the ball at the back, and he goes over to score the opener! Tupaea tries desperately to get under the ball, but he can't stop the hooker.

Jaminet to convert from the left touchline, and he does!

(FRA 7 NZ 0)

2 mins

Bridge fields the kick and brings it down, Smith clears with a box kick straight to Jaminet.

France attack, but Dupont is disrupted, Rieko Ioane claims the loose ball. Mo'unga puts a bomb up, Atonio wins it and advantage. 

Dupont puts Ntamack away before getting the pass back. Advantage over. Danty kicks through the line, but Jordie Barrett gets the ball first and sends it into touch.

What a start.


We're away! Romain Ntamack kicks off to get the ball rolling in Paris!


It's Ka Mate for France today, Dane Coles leads.

Well received and respected by the French crowd. 

Kick-off moments away!


Anthems done and dusted. The Stade de France is bouncing.

Time for the haka. Will it be Ka Mate, or Kapa o Pango?


Time for the anthems, God Defend New Zealand first, then the absolute belter that is La Marseillaise.


Jeez, if anyone ever tells you France don't know how to put on a show, they're telling fibs.

Both sides emerge onto the field side by side, complete with pyrotechnics. 

This is going to be a test to remember.


The All Blacks emerge from the tunnel in their alternative light kit, to avoid a clash with France's dark blue.


Jerome Kaino has delivered the Webb Ellis Cup out onto the turf. Less than two years until the 2023 tournament kicks off!


The lights have - intentionally - gone out at the Stade de France, with the fans providing the light from the crowd.

Awesome spectacle - as it always is in Paris.

Kick off about 10 mins away.


All Blacks coach Ian Foster says he wants to see more from his backs tonight. They were starved of possession against Ireland last week, and will be itching to set the record straight.

The All Blacks have finished their warm-up, and head for the changing rooms.


This morning's clash could just come down to the battle of the No.9s, with arguably the two best halfbacks in the world squaring off.

We all know how good Aaron Smith is, but he's up against France's Antoine Dupont, who's established himself as the best from Europe.

Smith's influence was sorely missed against Ireland, can he make up for lost time against France?


The All Blacks have won their last 14 tests against France - but this is a younger, more fearless Les Bleus side, and will back themselves to upset anyone, especially at home.

Two years out from the next World Cup, both sides can make a serious statement with victory this morning.


Good morning! Thank you for joining us this early. Kick off's just under an hour away, but here's hoping for a classic to finish 2021 in style for the All Blacks!


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the All Blacks v France from Paris' Stade de France.

Without question, 2021 has been a year like no other for the All Blacks.

Ian Foster's side has defended the Bledisloe Cup, and won the Rugby Championship in convincing fashion. But even with two pieces of silverware locked away in the trophy cabinet, this morning's season finale will ultimately determine how the year is remembered.

With defeats to South Africa and Ireland already on their CV this year, another loss would see the All Blacks drop three tests for the first time since 2009, and leave more questions than answers around Foster's position as head coach.

As a result, Foster has turned to experience for this morning's clash, bringing Sam Cane, Aaron Smith and Dane Coles into the side as part of seven changes to the starting side that lost to Ireland.

France on the other hand are looking to continue their upward trajectory, as they build towards the 2023 Rugby World Cup in their own backyard.

The two sides haven't met in a test match since 2018 - with the All Blacks overwhelming Les Bleus 49-14 in Dunedin. France haven't beaten the All Blacks since 2009, and haven't done so on home soil since 2000.

But they might not get as good an opportunity to snap that streak as they do today.

TAB odds: New Zealand $1.44, France $2.65


All Blacks: 1-Joe Moody, 2-Dane Coles, 3-Nepo Laulala, 4-Brodie Retallick, 5-Sam Whitelock (c), 6-Akira Ioane, 7-Sam Cane, 8-Ardie Savea, 9-Aaron Smith, 10-Richie Mo'unga, 11-George Bridge, 12-Quinn Tupaea, 13-Rieko Ioane, 14-Will Jordan, 15-Jordie Barrett

Reserves: 16-Samisoni Taukei'aho, 17-George Bower, 18-Ofa Tuungafasi, 19-Tupou Vaa'i, 20-Shannon Frizell, 21-Brad Weber, 22-Damian McKenzie, 23-David Havili.

France: 1-Cyril Baille, 2-Peato Mauvaka, 3-Uini Atonio, 4-Cameron Woki, 5-Paul Willemse, 6-Francois Cros, 7-Anthony Jelonch, 8-Gregory Alldritt, 9-Antoine Dupont (c), 10-Romain Ntamack, 11-Gabin Villiere, 12-Jonathan Danty, 13-Gael Fickou, 14-Damian Penaud, 15-Melvyn Jaminet

Reserves: 16-Gaetan Barlot, 17-Jean-Baptiste Gros, 18-Demba Bamba, 19-Romain Taofifenua, 20-Thibaut Flament, 21-Dylan Cretin, 22-Maxime Lucu, 23-Matthieu Jalibert.

Whitelock relishes Cane's return to All Blacks' starting side to face France

All Blacks captain Sam Whitelock welcomes starting alongside former skipper Sam Cane when his side take the field against France in Paris on Sunday morning.

Cane, 29, will start just his second test of 2021 on Sunday as the All Blacks finish their season against France, looking to avoid a second-straight defeat following last week's 29-20 loss to Ireland.

After missing the early part of the 2021 season after suffering a ruptured pectoral muscle playing for the Chiefs in Super Rugby Aotearoa, Cane has seen Whitelock assume the All Blacks' captaincy in order to allow him to return to full speed without the burden of leadership.

Cane's first start of the year came in the 47-9 victory against Italy earlier this month, after coming off the bench in the 104-14 win against USA to begin their northern tour.

For Whitelock though, the return of Cane to the All Blacks' first XV is a welcome boost to the side after being comprehensively outplayed in Dublin.

And regardless of which player is leading the All Blacks on Sunday, Whitelock insists that leadership in the side is a shared duty among the senior leadership group.

"It's been great having Cane-o back this week," Whitelock says.

"It's something that definitely helps myself. Sam's a very experienced player, has his own leadership ability - which is nice for me to bounce ideas off.

"Having another senior voice out there is really good."

"It's something that I've always said, it's never down to one person to lead this team, it's down to a number of people.

"Sam's one of those key guys. Sometimes, people don't understand how much people lead, whether they're starting, coming off the bench, or not even in the 23.

Aside from Cane, the All Blacks are also fielding the likes of Dane Coles, Brodie Retallick, Aaron Smith and Ardie Savea in the starting XV - all of whom boast captaincy experience at either test or club level.

And even the likes of Codie Taylor and Beauden Barrett - who won't feature on Sunday - have contributed as leaders during the All Blacks' preparations for their final test of the year, a feat that Whitelock emphasises is a major part of the team's culture.

"There's been a couple of guys out from our leadership group this game through injury, and they've done an outstanding job as well," he adds.

"It's not just the captain leading, or the two or three senior players. It takes leadership across the whole team to achieve what we want to achieve.

"That's something I've definitely driven this week, and as a leadership group I think we've nailed that pretty well this week - having the balance of who speaks, and when they do speak."

A defeat on Sunday would see the All Blacks as having lost three tests in a year for the first time since 2009 - where Sir Graham Henry's side were defeated four times.