Live updates: Blackcaps v Bangladesh - second test, second day at Christchurch's Hagley Oval

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NZ 521/6 declared (Latham 252, Conway 109)
Bangladesh 126 all out (Yasir 55; Boult 5/43)

Bangladesh trail by 395 runs

6:30pm - STUMPS

What a day. The Blackcaps are in complete control, leading by 395 runs.

They'll almost certainly enforce the follow-on tomorrow, with Bangladesh's batting order having no answers to the seamers.

Boult finishes with 5/43, his ninth five-wicket-haul, and was supported by Southee and Jamieson.

We'll be back tomorrow, with what could be the final day of the test, and the series.

Join us then!


This will be the last over of the day, Boult bowling to Shoriful, looking for a fifth.

WICKET! And there it is! Boult has five. He goes full and straight and knocks over Shoriful.

BAN 126/10

6:27pm - 41st over

Jamieson to Yasir, coming around the wicket. Could be the last over of the day.

Jamieson hits Yasir on the hand, and he's in trouble. The physio is out to treat the fingers.

He's good to go though, Jamieson will continue.

WICKET! And he gets him next ball! Jamieson goes short, and Yasir looks to pull, but hits it straight to Mitchell at midwicket! Yasir goes for a valiant 55, Ebadot Hossain is the last man in.

He survives the over.

BAN 126/9

6:19pm - 40th over

Here's Boult to Yasir, looking for his fifth.

Yasir steals a single with the last ball, before there's overthrows that means the one becomes a five!

BAN 126/8

6:14pm - 39th over

Jamieson to Taskin.

Taskin gets a single, to bring Yasir onto strike.

Yasir gets two runs with a top edged pull shot, and then four through square leg. He gets a single to bring Taskin back onto strike.

WICKET! Taskin goes for the big shot, but can only get a top edge that Will Young does brilliantly to catch running to his right. Taskin goes for two, Shoriful Islam is in next.

Yasir will be on strike for the final ball, and he steals a single to bring up his 50!

Shoriful to face the last ball, and he drives a full toss to cover for two.

Eventful over.

BAN 121/8

6:09pm - 38th over

Boult continues, Mehidy faces.

WICKET! There it is! Boult comes around the wicket, and knocks out Mehidy's off-stump for his 300th test wicket! He gets there in his 75th test, bettering Tim Southee by one game.

Mehidy goes for five, Taskin Ahmed comes in at No.9. Two balls left in the over.

Chance! Taskin gets a leading edge that spoons up over mid-off, before a direct hit at the bowler's end, not out though.

BAN 110/7

6:03pm - 37th over

Jamieson returns in place of Southee. 

Jamieson nearly beats Yasir with a yorker, but he gets his bat down in time to keep the ball out.

Maiden over.

BAN 109/6

5:58pm - 36th over

Boult to Yasir.

Too full, and Yasir clips the ball to midwicket for three more.

Mehidy on strike, and he sees out the over.

BAN 109/6

5:55pm - 35th over

Southee to Mehidy.

Maiden over, beautifully bowled by Southee.

BAN 106/6

5:51pm - 34th over

Boult for another, Mehidy on strike.

Boult overpitches, and Mehidy drives out to cover again, but Conway keeps them to three in the field.

Just three from the over.

BAN 106/6

5:47pm - 33rd over

Southee stays on, Mehidy on strike. 

Too straight from Southee, and Mehidy works him down to fine leg for one.

Southee goes short and hits Yasir in the helmet. The physio is out, and he'll have to be checked for concussion. Yasir seems fine, but he'll have to go through the necessary tests.

He's fine to continue, and plays out the last ball of the over.

BAN 103/6

5:41pm - 32nd over

Bowling change. Boult comes back, looking for his 300th test wicket.

Starts short, and Yasir pulls, getting a top edge that goes fine for four!

Boult then overpitches, and is driven through cover by Yasir. The ball stops short of the boundary and they come back for three.

Mehidy to face. He gets off the mark with a tuck to square leg, and that's 100 up for Bangladesh.

Short to finish the over, and Mehidy pulls two more out to square leg.

BAN 102/6

5:36pm - 31st over

Southee to Yasir.

Starts short, and Yasir pulls him out to midwicket for two runs.

Yasir gets a single with a glance to fine leg and gives Mehidy two balls to face.

Mehidy defends both.

BAN 92/6

5:31pm - 30th over

Wagner to Yasir.

Yasir drives to cover and steals a single, bringing Mehidy on strike to face his first ball.

Wagner goes too short to Mehidy and gives away a wide. 

Two runs from the over.

BAN 89/6

5:26pm - 29th over

Back for the final hour of the day, Southee will bowl to Yasir.

Southee goes short and Yasir pulls a single to fine leg. Nurul faces.

WICKET! And Southee breaks the partnership! He traps Nurul flush on the pad and the umpire raises the finger! Nurul refers it straight away. No bat involved, but is it hitting the stumps - it is! Just clipping leg.

Nurul goes for 41. Mehidy Hasan Miraz is next in.

BAN 87/6

5:17pm - 28th over

Wagner continues, Nurul faces.

Wagner goes short, and Nurul pulls him for four by bisecting fine leg and square leg, great shot.

Wagner goes short again, and the same result! Eight runs from the over, and that's drinks!

BAN 86/5

5:13pm - 27th over

Southee to Nurul.

He goes short and is pulled for one to fine leg, where Wagner slips while fielding. He looks unhurt though, thankfully.

Yasir faces, and he clips a single to square leg, and that's the 50-run partnership between these two!

Nurul gets a single to fine leg to finish the over.

BAN 78/5

5:09pm - 26th over

Wagner for his fifth over, Yasir on strike.

Yasir turns the ball out to square leg and gets a single - and it's a no-ball from Wagner too.

Wagner overpitches, and Nurul drives down the ground for two runs, and then gets another from an overthrow.

Five runs from the over.

BAN 75/5

5:04pm - 25th over

Jamieson is given a rest, Southee comes back for his first spell after tea. Nurul on strike.

Southee pitches one up, and Nurul drives him through cover for four more! 

Lbw appeal, but looks like there was bat involved? Latham doesn't review. Replays show it was pad first, but outside the line of off-stump.

BAN 70/5

5:00pm - 24th over

Wagner continues as this partnership grows for Bangladesh.

And it's a maiden.

BAN 66/5

4:56pm - 23rd over

Jamieson for his sixth over.

Starts back of a length, and Nurul plays back and gets two more through cover. 

Jamieson then goes too full and is clipped for two more out to square leg.

Jamieson bangs one in short, and Nurul upper cuts him over the slips for four more!

Eight runs from the over.

BAN 66/5

4:52pm - 22nd over

Wagner to Nurul.

Wagner goes short, and Nurul rocks back and pulls him for four through deep square leg!

Wagner goes short again, and Nurul pulls again, this time just for one to square leg.

BAN 58/5

4:47pm - 21st over

Jamieson continues, Yasir on strike.

Yasir plays out five dots, and then edges through gully for a boundary to bring up Bangladesh's 50!

BAN 53/5

4:42pm - 20th over

Wagner to Yasir.

Yasir tucks one off his pads out to square leg and gets a single.

Just one run from the over.

BAN 49/5

4:39pm - 19th over

Jamieson for another over to Nurul.

And it's a maiden.

BAN 48/5

4:34pm - 18th over

Boult is given a rest, Neil Wagner comes into the attack.

Yasir drives through cover and comes back for two more. 

Two from the over.

BAN 48/5

4:30pm - 17th over

Jamieson to Nurul.

Nurul drives out towards extra cover and comes back for two runs. 

Two from the over.

BAN 46/5

4:27pm - 16th over

Boult continues to Yasir.

And it's a maiden.

BAN 44/5

4:23pm - 15th over

Jamieson to Nurul.

Jamieson goes short and wide, and is cruched for four through the off-side. 

Jamieson goes short and wide again, and this time is hit for two through cover.

BAN 44/5

4:18pm - 14th over

Boult stays on, Yasir faces.

Boult goes too full, and Yasir whips him for four through midwicket!

Yasir follows it up with four more, this time coming up with a perfect on-drive for four more!

BAN 38/5

4:15pm - 13th over

Kyle Jamieson will open up after tea from the other end, can he join in on the fun?

Yasir flicks two runs through midwicket as the only scoring shot of the over.

BAN 30/5

4:10pm - 12th over

Boult to continue after tea, Das on strike. Left-arm over the wicket. Three slips and two gullys in place.

WICKET! And another one falls! A wider ball is inside edged by Das, and Blundell does well to dive to his left and take the catch! Das goes for eight, Nurul Hasan Sohan is the next batter. 

That takes Boult to 299 test wickets. Nurul takes his guard.

Nurul gets off the mark with a clip off his toes for a single to square leg.

BAN 28/5


We're just about ready for the third and final session.

Can the Blackcaps take the final six first innings wickets? Or can Bangladesh resist like they did at Mt Maunganui just last week?

Boult and Southee will almost certainly resume first up, but expect a burst from Kyle Jamieson and Neil Wagner sooner or later.

3:45pm - TEA

What a session for the Blackcaps. Latham notched 250, and Blundell scored a mutch needed 50 before the declaration - before Boult and Southee got stuck in!

Bangladesh trail by 494 runs at the break, and will have to go a long way to even make the Blackcaps bat again.

We'll be back in around 20 minutes for the evening session, join us then.

3:44pm - 11th over

Southee to Yasir, last over before tea.

Southee starts short, and Yasir gets off the mark with a pull for four!

Southee goes too full now, and Yasir drives him for four through cover! 

Eight runs from the over, and that's tea.

BAN 27/4

3:40pm - 10th over

Boult to Das.

He drives down the ground and gets two runs past mid-off.

Boult goes short, and Das rocks back to pull four through square leg, shot of the innings so far.

Six runs from the over.

BAN 19/4

3:36pm - 9th over

Das to face Southee. The follow-on mark is 321 runs - Bangladesh still a long way from making the Blackcaps bat again.

Southee comes wider and Das works one off his hip to get a single to fine leg.

Yasir to face, and plays out the over.

BAN 13/4

3:32pm - 8th over

Boult to Das.

Das gets off the mark with a glance to fine leg. Yasir to face Boult.

Just one from the over.

BAN 12/4

3:29pm - 7th over

Southee to continue.

WICKET! And he strikes too and it's Mominul that has to depart! Southee goes full, and Mominul misses a ball on leg stump and he's bowled for a duck! Yasir Ali replaces him.

Yasir blocks out the over.

BAN 11/4

3:23pm - 6th over

Boult to Shanto.

WICKET! And Boult strikes again! Shanto is squared up and outside edges to Latham at second slip! The Blackcaps have a third before tea! Shanto goes for four, Liton Das comes in at No.5 with four balls left in the over.

Das plays out the over.

3:18pm - 5th over

Southee continues, Mominul faces.

Southee finds the outside edge of the bat, but it drops short of Mitchell at gully.

Another maiden.

3:14pm - 4th over

Perfect start for the Blackcaps, Boult continues to Shanto.

And he plays out a maiden.

BAN 11/2

3:11pm - 3rd over

Southee continues as Mohammad Naim prepares to face his first ball.

Appeal first ball. Naim looks glance down leg and there's a noise through to Blundell, umpire says no and the Blackcaps refer it.

Did it come off the glove? There's a spike as the ball passes the bat, but there's a gap between the two. Not out stands. Naim survives.

WICKET! But he can't survive for long! Southee goes short, and Naim defends off the back foot - but drags back onto the stumps! A duck for Naim, captain Mominul Haque is in next.

Mominul survives his first ball.

BAN 11/2

3:03pm - 2nd over

No surprises, Trent Boult takes the ball from the other end.

Shadman on strike. 

WICKET! And he strikes second ball! A ball that nips away from Shadman takes the edge and flies to Latham at second slip! Shadman goes for seven.

Najmul Hossain Shanto is in next.

Boult starts too full, and Shanto works him out to square leg to get off the mark first ball.

Boult goes shorter, and Shanto plays back and works two more out to square leg.

BAN 11/1

2:58pm - 1st over

Shadman Islam faces up first, and he drives down the ground for two to open the scoring.

Southee goes too short, and Shadman plays back and punches through cover for two more.

Southee goes short again with the last ball, and is cut out to deep point for three.

BAN 7/0


Right then, Bangladesh's openers are in the middle.

Ross Taylor leads the Blackcaps onto the field, Tim Southee will open up with the ball.


So, Latham has declared, meaning the Blackcaps will have a burst with the new ball before tea.

Bangladesh's openers race from the field, they'll have a tricky period to negotiate before the break.

2:45pm - 129th over

Taskin to Blundell,.

Blundell uses his feet and drives for four through mid-off, and then gets two with a pull out to midwicket.

Blundell gets a single to mid on, before Jamieson mistimes a pull to third man for two runs.

And it looks like New Zealand have declared!

NZ 521/6

2:41pm - 128th over

Mominul to Blundell.

Blundell gets a single to long-off first ball.

Jamieson gets off the mark thanks to a misfield at cover. 

Blundell gets one more, again to long-on.

Jamieson gets a single to long-on as well.

Last ball of the over, and Blundell drives out to long-on for a single, and that's his 50!

NZ 512/6

2:37pm - 127th over

Taskin to Blundell.

And he's lofted over mid-off for four first ball of the over! Blundell gets a single by whipping a full toss to square leg.

Jamieson faces. And he sees out the over.

NZ 507/6

2:33pm - 126th over

Mominul continues, Latham faces.

And he stars the over with six over midwicket! Latham uses his feet and swots Mominul into the crowd. And then he backs it up with a reverse sweep for four!

What does he do next? He slog sweeps into the stands again for six more - and that's his 250!

WICKET! But Latham goes for one shot too many! He looks for anothe slog sweep, but top edges, and is caught by Yasir Ali! Latham goes for 252, Kyle Jamieson comes in at No.8.

Two balls to come, Blundell on strike, and he drives out towards deep cover for two. That's the 500 up for the Blackcaps!

Blundell gets a single to finish a big over.

NZ 502/6

2:28pm - 125th over

Taskin for another over. Blundell faces.

He drives through cover for two runs. Just two runs from the over.

NZ 483/5

2:23pm - 124th over

Bowling change, Mominul replaces Mehidy. 

Latham on strike, and he sweeps to get two out towards deep square leg, and that's the 50-partnership between this pair!

Latham uses his feet and clubs one down the ground to long-on for another single.

Blundell faces, and he drives four through covers! Brilliant timing from Blundell, he's raced to 36 in no time!

Blundell gets a single as he drives back to the bowler, who misfields.

Latham on strike, and he outside edges the ball down towards third man for three runs.

NZ 481/5

2:20pm - 123rd over

Taskin continues, Latham on strike.

He steers a single to third man off the back foot. Blundell faces, and gets a short and wide delivery that he cuts for four through point!

NZ 471/5

2:15pm - 122nd over

Mehidy to Latham.

Latham reverse sweeps and gets one. 

Blundell faces, and he works the ball out to square leg and comes back for two.

Blundell then plays back and goes through cover for four! He then goes back and takes a single to long-on.

Latham on strike, and he reverse sweeps with the back of the bat, and gets two to third man.

Latham finishes the over with a conventional sweep, and gets a single to midwicket.

Runs starting to flow.

NZ 466/5

2:10pm - 121st over

Bowling change, Taskin replaces Shoriful. Latham on strike.

Latham drives out to deep point for one. 

Blundell faces, and he pulls a bouncer for four more through midwicket! Blundell is looking good against the seamers today.

NZ 455/5

2:05pm - 120th over

Mehidy to Latham.

Latham sweeps and gets a single out towards deep backward square. 

Blundell faces, and he gets a single to long-on. Latham faces again.

Latham uses his feet and drives out to wide long-off and gets one more.

Blundell on strike, and cuts for four as Mehidy goes short and wide - that's the 450 up for the Blackcaps!

NZ 450/5

2:01pm - 119th over

Shoriful continues to Latham.

He tucks a single to mid-on to bring Blundell to face.

Appeal against Blundell as Shoriful beats his outside edge, not out. Blundell turns a single through midwicket to bring Latham onto strike.

Latham finishes the over by defending to point and stealing one.

NZ 443/5

1:57pm - 118th over

Mehidy to Blundell.

He bats out a maiden.

NZ 440/5

1:54pm - 117th over

Shoriful to Blundell, around the wicket.

Blundell gets up on his toes and punches two runs in front of point.

Shoriful goes short, and Blundell hangs back and pulls him for four through midwicket.

Blundell works a single to midwicket to bring Latham onto strike.

Latham watches out the last two balls.

NZ 440/5

1:50pm - 116th over

Latham faces Mehidy.

Latham sweeps and gets a single to fine leg.

Blundell faces up, and gets off the mark with two down to fine leg. Blundell gets a single out to deep midwicket.

Latham back on strike, and he gets a top edge sweeping, but it falls safely as they run one.

Blundell finishes the over with a single down to long-on.

NZ 433/5

1:47pm - 115th over

Shoriful to Blundell, around the wicket.

Blundell plays out a maiden.

NZ 427/5

1:43pm - 114th over

Latham resumes at the other end, Mehidy has the ball.

Lbw appeal first ball, turned down and Bangladesh don't refer.

Latham uses his feet second ball and whips four runs through mid-on, great shot.

Four runs from the over.

NZ 427/5

1:40pm - 113th over

Blundell faces up, and he plays out the last two balls of Shoriful's over.

NZ 423/5


We're back for the afternoon session, Tom Blundell will take his guard after the break, two balls still to come in the over.


An eventful morning has seen Devon Conway bring up his third test century, Tom Latham's second double-century, and Ross Taylor come and go for probably his final test innings. 

113th over - Shoriful bowls into his 25th over.


Shoriful seems to find the outside edge of Mitchell's bat and it's given out, caught behind. Mitchell wants the review, but snicko shows a clear edge.

As Mitchell leaves, so do Latham and the Bangladeshis, as they take an early lunch.

You could almost give this session to the tourists, after New Zealand began the day at 349/1, but lost 4/74 through the morning.

112th over - Mehidy Hasan Miraz will delivery his first over of spin for the morning, his 26th of the match. Mitchell takes two off his second ball, NZ 422/4

111th over - Shoriful replaces Taskin for his 24th over. Latham cuts him to the boundary, NZ 420/4

110th over - WICKET

Ebadot begins his 30th over and immediately has Nicholls in trouble, finding an inside edge that carries to wicketkeeper Nurul. Initial decision is not out, but Mominul reviews late and wins the decision. 

Daryl Mitchell comes to the crease, and drops and runs to get off the mark.

109th over - Taskin bowls his 28th over, just one wide from it, NZ 414/3

108th over - Ebadot into his 29th over. Latham slaps him legside for a single, NZ 413/3

107th over - Taskin is into his 27th over and lets Latham off the hook, as he fails to secure a ballooning, leading-edge catch, spilling the ball as he dives and hits the ground.

Taskin beats Nicholls' outside edge with his final delivery, NZ 412/3

106th over - Ebadot for his 28th over. Taylor wafts at his third ball outside off-stump, but fortunately finds no connection.


Taylor tries to swing through the legside, but is caught by Shoriful at square. He gets a nice ovation as he leaves the ground, probably his last innings for New Zealand.

Henry Nicholls comes to the crease, after allowing Taylor to exit, NZ 411/3

105th over - Taylor edges Taskin through vacant gully for a boundary. Taskin's sixth ball is a no ball, so he bowls again and Latham hooks airily for two, NZ 411/2

104th over - After drinks, Ebadot begins his 27th over and beats Taylor's outside edge with his second delivery. Taylor takes a single on the last ball to retain strike, NZ 401/2

103rd over - Taskin for his 25th over and Latham slashes edgily past gully for a single. No ball, so a catch wouldn't have counted, NZ 400/2

102th over - Ebadot changes ends and replaces Shoriful. Taylor strokes him through the offside for four, then plays off his hip for two more.

Latham prods at the fifth delivery, which fails to find the edge, NZ 395/2

101th over - Taskin into his 24th over and Latham plays through the offside to the boundary for his double century - the second of his career. Thirty-two boundaries so far, which makes for a pretty rapid scoring rate for tests, NZ 387/2

100th over - Shoriful to continue with his 23rd over. Latham hooks him fine down legside for another boundary.

Latham takes a single off the final ball to close within a run of his double century and retain strike, NZ 383/2

99th over - Taskin Ahmed to bowl his first over of the morning and it yields a couple of singles, NZ 377/2

98th over - Taylor cuts the second ball of Shoriful's 22nd over for four, NZ 375/2

97th over - Ebadot starts his 25th over and Latham takes a couple off the first ball, probably still regretting his ill-advised run that cost Conway his wicket.

Taylor plays elegantly through the offside to get off the mark with a boundary, NZ 371/2

96th over - WICKET

Latham drops and runs, but the ball has gone directly to cover and the direct hit from Mehidy finds Conway short of his ground at the striker's end. Replays confirm he's gone, run out for 109.

That brings Ross Taylor to the crease for possibly/probably his final test innings for New Zealand. He gets a nice reception from the crowd at Hagley Oval and a guard of honour from the Bangladeshis.

Shoriful completes a maiden over, NZ 363/2

95th over - Ebadot starts his 24th over, Conway finds an inside edge and has no idea where that's gone, NZ 363/1

94th over - Shoriful begins his 20th over. His third ball nips back at Latham off the pitch and the NZ skipper fends it off late.

Latham cuts the next ball to the rope for four - his first runs of the morning, NZ 361/1

93rd over - Ebadot for his 23rd over and it's a maiden, NZ 357/1

92nd over - Shoriful Islam takes the ball for his 19th over and takes Tom Latham on the thigh pad, too high for a meaningful lbw shout.

 A maiden, NZ 357/1

91st over - Ebadot Hossain to bowl the opening over of the day and Devon Conway wastes no time bringing up his century, glancing fine off his pads to the boundary - his second ton of the series and third century of his short test career.

Fifth ball hits the shoulder of Conway's bat and flies over the slips for another boundary - no luck for Ebadot. NZ 357/1


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the second Blackcaps v Bangladesh test at Christchurch's Hagley Oval.

New Zealand resume day two on 349/1, as captain Tom Latham returns to the crease, eyeing a second test double-century.

Latham finished the opening day on 186 not out, with Devon Conway just one run away from his second century of this series at the other end.

The pair added an unbeaten 201 runs and both hope to hit their milestones when play resumes.

After Bangladesh's historic upset at Mt Maunganui, the Blackcaps are already in a much more dominant position to take out the second test.

Despite the bowler-friendly conditions on offer, the visitors have struggled to take wickets, with only Shoriful Islam (1/50) successful, as he scalped opener Will Young (54).

If (or when) Latham or Conway falter, veteran Ross Taylor will come to the crease for possibly his last test innings for New Zealand.

New Zealand: Tom Latham, Will Young, Devon Conway, Ross Taylor, Henry Nicholls, Daryl Mitchell, Tom Blundell, Kyle Jamieson, Tim Southee, Neil Wagner, Trent Boult

Bangladesh: Shadman Islam, Mohammed Naim, Najmul Hossain Shanto, Mominul Haque, Nurul Hasan, Liton Das, Yasir Ali, Mehidy Hasan, Taskin Ahmed, Ebadot Hossain, Shoriful Islam

TAB Odds: NZ $1.13, draw $5.75, Bangladesh $43