Live updates: NRL 2022 - NZ Warriors v South Sydney Rabbitohs at Sunshine Coast Stadium

Edward Kosi scores a hattrick against Melbourne Storm
Aaron Pene in action against South Sydney. Photo credit: Photosport

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Warriors 10 Rabbitohs 48

Warriors - Kosi & Johnson tries; Johnson conversion

Rabbitohs - Ilias, Thompson, Tatola, Mitchell 2, Johnston, Koloamatangi & Cook tries; Mitchell 8 conversions


40th minute - Both teams are trying to salvage one last score from this encounter, but the siren beats them both and Warriors survive without conceding 50. That's still the Rabbitohs' biggest win of the season.

Warriors are back home next week to face Canterbury Bulldogs, who are actually ahead of them on the table, after a couple of wins on the trot.

39th minute - A pitch invader is escorted off the field, providing some amusement. Johnson feeds a scrum near his own line and Warriors try to break out.

Harris reaches halfway, but Walsh is rocked by Tass. Johnson chips over the defence, but Cook defuses the threat.

38th minute - Murray is down, but he got a wack from Fonua-Blake on his nose and should be fine. Souths have the ball on halfway from the penalty...

Souths throw a forward pass near the tryline and Warriors may hold on here without conceding 50 points.

37th minute - Afoa reaches halfway and Johnson kicks high to Taaffe.

36th minute - Tass kicks towards the posts, but Walsh gathers it with good hands.

35th minute - Souths have the ball on halfway and time for one more attack. Tass is held up with Johnston open outside him.

34th minute - Otukolo is penalised for some extra work on Tass in a tackle.

33rd minute - Warriors shift right, then left and Johnson kicks to goal for Walsh, but it's knocked dead for a dropout. Souths kick short again and regather, although it looked like a knock-on.

32nd minute - The ball goes loose on the Souths line and Otukolo has it over the line, but held up. Officials are analysing the action and confirm he is held up, but Warriors have the ball from a Koloamatangi knock-on.

Murchie drops the ball in a play-the-ball, but there's a hand in there and Warriors have the penalty.

31st minute - Souths dropout doesn't carry 10 metres, so Warriors have the ball on the 10. They shift left and Walsh goes within centimetres, but is dragged down by Thompson.

30th minute - Curran runs from dummy half, but keeps the ball, when he should have passed. Johnson kicks behind the line for DWZ, but Johnston is there again.

29th minute - Walker pierces the Warriors defence, Ilias kicks ahead, but DWZ gathers and charges upfield.

28th minute - Aitken staggers to halfway in a tackle and Curran loses the ball in a tackle strip.

27th minute - Otukolo is on for the Warrios and has an impressive afro.

26th minute - Souths are deep in the Warriors half, Walker kicks high and DWZ can't gather it in the air. Walsh recovers a loose ball and puts Murchie on a long run towards the line.

Warriors have Souths at sixes and sevens, but Johnson floats a long pass to Kosi with the line open and it's called forward.

25th minute - Souths dropout short and Johnston dominates in the air to retrieve possession.

24th minute - Johnson chips towards DWZ's corner, but Johnston races back to cover the threat.

23rd minute - Aitken reaches halfway and Walsh looks for a way through out left.

22nd mintue - Murray threatens to bust the defence, but the pass is called forward, so Warriors get the ball back.

21st minute - Warriors grind towards halfway, but run it on the last and eventually turn the ball over inside Souths territory.

20th minute - Warriors dropout goes barely 20 metres and Souths are hot on attack again. Mitchell tries to put Thompson into the corner, but Montoya tackles him into touch.

19th minute - Warriors kick off again and Tatola charges upfield. Some slick passing puts Thompson clear down the right and he puts a kick ahead, but Walsh knocks it dead.

17th minute - Souths are knocking on the door again and from dummy half, Cook puts Mitchell into a big hole created by the decoy runner. Johnson falls for the decoy.

Mitchell converts and stays perfect, SOU 48-10

15th minute - Johnston puts a kick ahead behind the Warriors line and DWZ tries to run the ball out from behind his posts. Walsh is penalised for taking Johnston out after his kick.

14th minute - Montoya goes close from the scrum and Walsh is almost dragged into touch, but Fonua-Blake drops a Harris pass cold in midfield.

13th minute - Johnson kicks high, but Mitchell is safe. Souths are a bit too clever inside their own 10 and Mitchell's offload is called forward - and they've used their challenge.

Warriors are hot on attack...

12th minute - Souths kick off and Fonua-Blake charges. Curran rumbles to halfway.

11th minute - TRY to Johnson

Johnson tries to put Murchie through a gap, and then doubles around for the offload and a clear run to the line. Vintage Johnson, but his conversion hits the left upright and stays out, SOU 42-10

10th minute - Johnson tries to tip on a pass to Murchie, who has to put his boot to it, and Arrow gathers for Souths.

Warriors get the ball back from a Souths mistake and Walsh puts Kosi towards the line out left.

Ninth minute - DWZ charges from his redzone and his taken in a high tackle, so Warriors will have good field position. Murchie reaches halfway on the first tackle.

Eighth minute - Souths shift left deep inside their own half and Johnston is wide open with a clear passage to the tryline, but DWZ chases him down and puts him into touch, as he tries to force the ball. Great chase, no try.

Seventh minute - Walsh crosses halfway and lobs a pass towards Kosi, but it drifts forward and the winger can't gather it anyway.

Sixth minute - Warriors kick off again and Nicholls brings the ball into play. He handles again and reaches halfway.

Walker kicks high and DWZ is safe underneath.

Fourth minute - TRY to Thompson

Early in the tackle count, Souths are already inside the redzone, they shift right and Mitchell floats a long pass to Thompson, who just bumps off Walsh to score in the corner. Mitchell converts from the sideline, SOU 42-6

Second minute - Sakula-Fifita with a strong run towards halfway, Souths break towards the right, but Thompson's pass infield goes astray. Warriors recover the ball, but Walsh is called for a knock-on in a tackle.

First minute - Souths kick off and Afoa charges into the defenders. Walsh puts Montoya over halfway.


40th minute - Souths try to clear their redzone and do so easily. Ilias finds touch near the Warriors line, but time has run out on this half...

39th minute - Warriors are into Souths half, Walsh finds half a gap inside the 20 and Lussick is held up, as he tries to dart over from dummy half.

38th minute - Havili charges towards halfway and Nicholls reaches Warriors territory, but Walker spills the ball. 

35th minute - TRY to Johnston

Souths shift left, where there is plenty of space and not many tacklers. Mitchell chestpasses to Johnston, who doesn't need another invitation to score.

Mitchell converts, SOU 36-6

34th minute - Souths shift right, Walker's pass isn't gathered cleanly by Thompson, who snatches it second attempt.

Walker puts a kick towards Thompson's corner, but he's taken out in the air and Warriors are penalised near their line.

33rd minute - Havili offloads near halfway and Souths are into Warriors territory. Cook tries to kick ahead, Johnson charges it down and regathers, but Mitchell strips the ball off him.

32nd minute - Warriors kick off again and Moale runs it back.

31st minute - TRY to Mitchell

Mitchell accepts an offload from Arrow about 20 metres out and brushes off 3-4 tacklers to score - too easy again.

30th minute - Murray crosses halfway for Souths and Ilias spins out of a couple of tackles.

29th minute - Souths kick off and Warriors need to take advantage of the momentum switch...

Walsh kicks from his 40, looking for the touchline, but the ball rolls dead in goal, so a seven-tackle set.

27th minute - TRY to Kosi

Warriors try to mount something in the redzone and shift left, where Kosi finds plenty of space to run to the corner and score. Johnson converts, SOU 24-6

26th minute - Warriors have the ball from the scrum and Egan puts Walsh through a gap to halfway. Thompson strips the ball in a tackle on Montoya, but challenges and replays show two men in the tackle, so challenge lost.

24th minute - Warriors kick off again, Souths rumble towards halfway and Tass finds Warriors territory. Tass features again, but his pass is behind his teammate and Walsh recovers.

22nd minute - TRY to Koloamatangi

Souths are in the redzone again and Koloamatangi brushes off Egan to score easily. Mitchell converts, SOU 24-0

21st minute - Ilias kicks high, but Walsh has plenty of time and Montoya runs strongly up the centre. DWZ is rocked by Murray in a tackle and loses the ball on his 30.

20th minute - Walsh kicks from his own 30 and Souths are at halfway on the third tackle.

19th minute - DWZ takes a high kick, but is escorted back towards his own goal-line. He keeps himself in play and Egan darts from dummy half.

18th minute - Warriors kick off again and Nicholls brings the ball back into play.

17th minute - TRY to Tatola

Cook spins the full 360 degrees at dummy half and eventually finds Murray, who lures a couple of tacklers and offloads to Tatola to score. Mitchell converts, SOU 18-0

16th minute - Murchie deflects another pass, so six more to Souths - this is starting to mount up on the Warriors defence.

15th minute - Lussick hits Tatola and has already distinguished himself on defence. Walsh deflects another pass, but was not a straight-on marker, so is penalised - six more to Souths.

14th minute - Souths spread right, but Kosi deflects the final pass and Souths have another set of six.

13th minute - Fonua-Blake rumbles to halfway and Walsh kicks high towards Thompson, who is safe underneath, but loses the ball in a tackle from Pene. Warriors are penalised, but challenge and lose.

12th minute - Warriors kick off again and Tatola charges from his goal-line. Lussick hits Saluka-Fifita in the big tackle and both are worse for wear, but are ready to resume.

10th minute - TRY to Cook

Murray dummies on halfway and finds Cook, who beats a couple of defenders to score between the posts. Mitchell converts, SOU 12-0

Eighth minute - DWZ junks and jives towards the posts. Warriors shift left, but Walsh's lob pass to Kosi is ruled forward near the line.

Seventh minute - Sironen is whislted for a dodgy tackle in the Souths 20 and they now launch from near halfway, but Ilias spills the ball in a big tackle from Lussick.

Sixth minute - From the kickoff, Souths reach the Warriors half and Walker's kick is easily handled by Watene-Zelezniak.

Fourth minute - TRY to Ilias

Soft try, as Rabbitohs shift right across the posts, and the half finds plenty of space between Sironen and Egan. Mitchell converts, SOU 6-0

Third minute - Fonua-Blake is pinged for a high tackle on Saluka-Fifita, so Souths will have good field position to launch an attack.

Second minute - Blake and Walsh set the Warriors on attack, and Montoya crosses halfway, before Johnson puts in a high kick.

First minute - Warriors survive the first Souths set and Walsh takes the high kick near his own line.

Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the NRL clash between NZ Warriors and South Sydney Rabbitohs at Sunshine Coast Stadium.

You don't need me to tell you the Warriors aren't headed to the playoffs this year - but at least we're well out of 'there's still a chance' mode. They're just playing for pride at this stage, but were much better against Melbourne Storm last week (24-12) than their previous meeting on Anzac Day (70-10).

Interim coach Stacey Jones has pulled a real headscratcher this week, naming hooker Wayde Egan at five-eighth, despite the fact he has a couple of young halves - Daejarn Asi and Ronald Volkman - playing (or not playing, as the case may be) for their futures with the club.

Egan's probably lucky to be on the field at all, after his head was squashed by big Nelson Asofa-Solomona last week.

Euan Aitken, used in the forwards for most of the season, is back at centre, so maybe Jones is just trying to beef up his backline.

South Sydney are right in the playoff mix and need this win to keep their chances alive. They had won four in a row, before dropping to Cronulla by one point last week, and have been much better for the return of fullback Latrell Mitchell from injury.

Warriors: 1-Reece Walsh, 2-Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, 3-Marcelo Montoya, 4-Euan Aitken, 5-Edward Kosi, 6-Wayde Egan, 7-Shaun Johnson, 8-Addin Fonua-Blake, 9-Freddy Lussick, 10-Tohu Harris, 11-Bayley Sironen, 12-Jack Murchie, 13-Aaron Pene

Interchange: 14-Taniela Otukolo, 15-Bunty Afoa, 16-Eliesa Katoa, 17-Josh Curran

Rabbitohs: 1-Latrell Mitchell, 2-Alex Johnston, 4-Isaiah Tass, 5-Jaxson Paulo, 18-Izaac Thompson, 6-Cody Walker, 7-Lachlan Ilias, 8-Tevita Tatola, 9-Damien Cook, 10-Daniel Suluka-Fifita, 11-Keon Koloamtangi, 12-Jai Arrow, 13-Cameron Murray

Interchange: 14-Blake Taafffe, 15-Davvy Moale, 16-Siliva Havili, 17-Mark Nicholls

TAB Odds: Rabbitohs $1.09, Warriors $7

Live updates: NRL 2022 - NZ Warriors v South Sydney Rabbitohs at Sunshine Coast Stadium

Kiwis half Martin continues comeback with three-year Warriors deal

NZ Warriors have finally secured the signature of Te Maire Martin.

Newshub understands the Kiwis and Brisbane Broncos back has inked a three-year deal to join the NZ-based club, starting in 2023, after weeks of negotiations.

The 26-year-old had interest from several other NRL clubs, but the appeal of moving back to his native New Zealand and reuniting with new head coach Andrew Webster - whom he played under at age-group level with Wests Tigers - got the deal over the line.

Martin had been linked to the club as part of the deal that would see star fullback Reece Walsh return to Brisbane in 2023. While that never eventuated, it did secure the Warriors the right to be first bidders for his services.

Martin was poised to become a free agent, with his Broncos contract expiring at the end of the 2022 season.

Alongside incoming Cronulla Sharks prospect Luke Metcalf, Martin will add more depth to the Warriors halves stocks, next to Shaun Johnson - his likely starting partner - and Ronald Volkman, softening the blow of Chanel Harris-Tavita's impending departure to take an indefinite break from rugby league. 

Te Maire Martin in action for Brisbane Broncos
Te Maire Martin in action for Brisbane Broncos. Photo credit: Getty Images

The Waikato product has impressed in his return to the NRL this season with the Broncos, which has been one of the feel-good stories of the season.

In 2019, a brain bleed forced Martin to step away form the sport, seeming to cut his burgeoning career cruelly short.

After receiving medical clearance, he returned to the field playing regional club rugby league in the Waikato competition, which led to an invitation to join Broncos feeder club Wynum-Manly and ultimately the first-grade Brisbane side.

His form was rewarded with a call-up to NZ Kiwis squad for their one-off test against Tonga in June.

The Warriors will be Martin's fourth NRL club, after spending time with the Broncos, Penrith Panthers and North Queensland Cowboys, where he won an NRL Premiership next to legendary half Johnathan Thurston in 2017.