Live updates: Blackcaps v England, first test, day one at Mount Maunganui's Bay Oval

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NZ 37/3

Wagner 4*, Conway 18*

England 325/9 (Brook 89, Duckett 84, Pope 42; Wagner 4/82)

NZ win toss and elect to field

18th over - Anderson to Wagner for the last over of the night.

One more ball... Wagner plays it into the ground in front of fourth slip and walks towards the pavilion, his job done for the day.

New Zealand reach stumps for 37/3 under trying conditions, hoping to find conditions more to their liking tomorrow afternoon, when they resume their innings.

Join us then for live updates of Day Two of the first test at Mt Maunganui.

17th over - Broad to Conway. A maiden, NZ 37/3

16th over - Anderson to Wagner, who is beaten first up. Wagner pushes straight down the ground for three.

Anderson beats Conway, who pretends to take his bat away, NZ 37/3

15th over - Broad returns to the attack, bowling to Conway.

Conway flicks to legside, just short of the outfielder at deep backward square leg for a single. Wagner guides one behind square leg for a single, NZ 33/3

14th over - Anderson to Nicholls. Anderson strays down legside, but Foakes smothers it again.

OUT - Nicholls edges into the slips and Crawley atones for his earlier mistake with a safe catch

Henry Nicholls c Crawley b Anderson 4 (7b)

Neil Wagner is being offered up as nightwatchman with 15 minutes still to play tonight... NZ 31/3

13th over - Robinson to Conway, who drives through cover for four, NZ 31/2

12th over - Anderson to Williamson.

OUT - Anderson takes the pads, given not out, but immediately reviewed. Balltracking shows Williamson is plumb in front

Kane Williamson 6 lbw Anderson (21b, 1x4)

Henry NIcholls comes to the crease... Anderson has five slips, but strays to legside, where Nicholls is off the mark with two.

Same shot, two more, NZ 27/2

11th over - Robinson to Conway, who plays through long-off for a couple.

Robinson swings one way down legside, but Foakes dives to cut off the runs, NZ 23/1

10th over - Anderson returns to Conway.

DROPPED - Conway edges to second slip, where Crawley grasses the ball

Conway guides down fine leg for a single and reaches double figures, NZ 21/1

Ninth over - Robinson to Conway, who plays through legside for a single.

Robinson hits Williamson on the pads, but it's too high and Stokes decides against a review, NZ 20/1 

Eighth over - Broad to Conway, who drives just short of cover.

Conway prods behind point for a single. Williamson takes a ball on the pads, but only a muted appeal, NZ 19/1

Seventh over - Robinson to Conway, who flicks him to fine leg for a single.

Robinson has Williamson guessing, repeatedly beating the outside edge, NZ 18/1

Sixth over - Broad continues to Conway, who is off strike with a single.

Broad beats Williamson all ends up, then takes him on the pads, but down legside and maybe some bat.

Williams edges one along the carpet through slips for four, NZ 17/1

Fifth over - Robinson comes into the attack early.

OUT - Latham tries to play a delivery off his legs, but edges onto his pads and Pope is fielding under the helmet close for the catch

Tom Latham c Pope b Robinson 1 (13b)

Williamson to the crease and immediately off the mark with two. Robinson finds his pads, but heading down legside, NZ 12/1

Fourth over - Broad to Conway, who plays streakily through the offside for a couple. Conway leaves three in a row, but a couple of them come back towards the stumps, NZ 10/0

Third over - Anderson into his second and Latham is off the mark with a single. He strays down leg side to Conway and the ball runs away for four byes.

Anderson beats Latham's edge through to the keeper, NZ 8/0

Second over - Broad to share the new ball for England to Conway. He beats the outside edge with his second ball.

Broad finds Conway's pad, but an inside edge off the bat. Conway is guessing right now, but he gets a ball heading down leg side and guides it for two runs to get NZ off the mark, NZ 2/0

First over - Lefthanders Latham and Conway come out to open the NZ innings against Anderson, who was spared the responsibility of batting at the end of the England innings.

Anderson bowls a maiden to Latham, just the second of the day, NZ 0/0


Not a huge score by England, but their rate of scoring has certainly advanced this test quickly, and New Zealand must now adapt to batting under lights with a pink ball against Anderson and Broad.

Significantly, 11 teams have scored 300 in the first innings of a day/night test and all of them won those tests, so a good omen for England.

59th over - Wagner is in his element now and follows Leach outside leg stump, taking his pads.

OUT - Leach top edges into the inner ring and Latham juggles, before completing the catch

Jack Leach c Latham b Wagner 1 (5b)

And England declare their innings closed, eager to take a shot at the NZ batters before stumps, ENG 325/9

58th over - Kuggeleijn into his 13th over, trying to tempt Robinson into playing a false shot and then trying to fool him with a slower delivery.

Eventually Robinson clubs the ball past the bowler for four, ENG 325/8

57th over - England are playing shots again and Foakes swings through long-on for four off Wagner.

OUT - Foakes backs away and skies to cover, where Williamson is safe underneath

Ben Foakes c Williamson b Wagner 38 (56b, 5x4)

Jack Leach is greeted by an awkward ball that he almost plays onto his stumps, ENG 321/8

56th over - Kuggeleijn continues.

OUT - Broad swings a short ball to legside again and Conway is underneath for the catch.

Stuart Broad c Conway b Kuggeleijn 2 (6b)

Ollie Robinson arrives and Kuggeleijn greets him with a bouncer. Robinson is off the mark with a couple off the next ball.

Robinson backs away from the stumps and swings through midwicket for four, then fends another short ball over slips for four more, ENG 315/7

55th over - Wagner into his 15th over and...

OUT - Brook tries to swing through legside, but only gets a bottom edge onto his stumps. Big wicket!

Harry Brook b Wagner 89 (81b, 15x4, 1x6)

And New Zealand are into the bowlers, with Broad striding to the wicket. Wagner strays legside and Broad watches it past for four leg byes.

Broad is taking the attack to Wagner, hooking to the square leg boundary, where Tickner saves runs with a dive, ENG 304/6

54th over - Kuggeleijn continues and Foakes takes a couple off the first ball.

Kuggeleijn beats Foakes outside offstump, ENG 298/5

53rd over - Wagner continues. Foakes tries to play through cover, but Bracewell pounces on it and throws at the stumps, where Brook would have been short, if it hit.

Wagner bounces and Brook is unsighted, taking the ball on his helmet. He'll undergo some tests and may need another helmet.

Brook returns to the crease and defends the last ball of the over, ENG 294/5

52nd over - Kuggeleijn's next over beings with Brook guiding him between slip and gully for four. Kuggeleijn bounces him and is called for a wide.

Brook repeats his shot to third man, but Conway is sweeping the outfield to deny the boundary, ENG 292/5

51st over - Wagner continues and raps Brook on the pad, but the ball has pitched outside legstump. Brook bowls short and Brook swings over his shoulder, almost edging to the keeper, ENG 284/5

50th over - Kuggeleijn into his ninth over. Foakes tries to hook, but only gets a bottom edge into the pitch.

Foakes tries to play through legside, but top-edges to space, luckily for him. Kuggeleijn bounces Brook next ball, ENG 282/5

49th over - Play resumes after tea with clouds gathering around the Bay Oval and lightning on the horizon... and Neil Wagner beginning his 12th over.

Just a single from the over, ENG 280/5


48th over  - Bracewell continues with his spin. Only a couple of singles to end the second session, with England well on top and the NZ bowlers desperately searching for answers to the onslaught.

47th over - Southee keeps himself in the attack after his last expensive over that went for 16. He responds with New Zealand's first maiden of the innings, ENG 277/5

46th over - And England are now scoring at six an over, as Bracewell comes back for his second over of spin.

Foakes plays off his toes for four through midwicket, ENG 277/5

45th over - Southee into his 12th over. Brook smashes him through cover for four, past Wiliiamson's despairing dive. 

Brook follows that up with a six over cover for the 50 partnership. Foakes edges past gully for four more and this is becoming dire, ENG 270/5

44th over - Kuggeleijn continues.

Replays suggest Southee's last ball of the previous over may have found pad before bat, which might have been an interesting review.

Brook cuts for four, then a single brings up England's 250. Foakes scoops over midwicket for four.

43rd over - Southee returns and Foakes guides him through covers for three runs.

Brook cuts square for four, Southee finds an inside edge that runs away for four more.

Another inside edge onto the pads, ENG 244/5

42nd over - Kuggeleijn  continues. He hits Foakes on the pad, but the appeal is turned down.

Foakes responds by guiding the ball through cover for four. Kuggeleijn bounces him, ENG 232/5

41st over - Tickner begins his 13th over. Five dot balls... and then Foakes hooks him for a single.

Almost New Zealand's first maiden over, ENG 225/5

40th over - Kuggeleijn digs one short and Brook edges over the keeper for four to bring up his fifty in 43 balls... which is not really traditional test cricket pace, ENG 224/5

39th over - Tickner continues and is cut for four by Brook... and again. Wagner was moved left after that first boundary, but the second one goes where he was before.

Tickner digs one short and Brook almost tickles it to the keeper, ENG 218/5

38th over - Kuggeleijn into his fifth over. Stokes swats him through cover for four.

OUT - Stokes tries to swing through mid wicket and is caught by Latham

Ben Stokes c Latham b Kuggeleijn 19 (28b 3x4)

Ben Foakes to the middle. He follows his first ball down legside and the Blackcaps appeal, but turned down and Southee won't take it any further, ENG 209/5

37th over - Tickner continues, as the lights come on. Some clouds gathering on the horizon.

Tickner digs one in short and Brook edges over slips for four. Stokes gets in on the act and England have their 200 with a 50 partnership between Stokes and Brook, ENG 204/4

36th over - Kuggeleijn commences his fourth over after the drinks break. Stokes fiddles outside the offstump and loses some poise.

Kuggeleijn digs one in very short and is called for the wide. Stokes edge the last ball just short of Mitchell at third slip, ENG 195/4

35th over - Tickner continues. Brook cuts behind square for four and repeats the shot for the same result.

Please sir, may I have another? ENG 192/4

Time for drinks.

34th over - Wagner continues and Brook hits streakily over long-off for four. Singles off the other five balls, ENG 184/4

33rd over - Tickner re-enters the attack for his ninth over. He reminds me of Rooster from Top Gun: Maverick with that throwback moustache.

Stokes guides him behind square for four. Tickner finds the inside edge onto Stokes' pads, but no prospect of an appeal, ENG 175/4

32nd over - Wagner into his 10th. Brook drives the last ball through long-off for four, ENG 171/4

31st over - Southee continues. Couple of singles from the over, ENG 167/4

30th over - Wagner into his ninth. Brook has a slash at a wide ball from Wagner and edges over slips for four.

The bowler won't mind that shot... ENG 165/4

29th over - Captain to captain, as Southee begins his ninth over to Stokes. He takes two with a streaky shot through third man, ENG 161/4

28th over - England now have a couple of newish batters in the middle, with Wagner bowling his eighth over.

OUT - Root tries another audacious reverse-sweep and Mitchell takes a sharp low catch to his right to send the England talisman on his way. NZ have swung the momentum for now...

Joe Root c Mitchell b Wagner 14 (22b, 2x4)

Captain Ben Stokes plays a defensive stroke for a single to get off the mark. Brook cuts for four, ENG 159/4

27th over - Pope pulls a short ball from Southee for four to open the next over.

OUT - Pope looks to drive through the offside, but gets an edge through to Latham in the slips

Ollie Pope c Latham b Southee 42 (65b, 6x4)

Harry Brook comes to the crease and plays off his toes for a couple to get off the mark, ENG 154/3

26th over - Wagner continues into his seventh over. Singles off the first two balls, then a no ball, before Pope guides the ball through midwicket for four.

Eight runs from that over, ENG 148/2

25th over - Southee continues. Just a single off the last ball, so a successful over from NZ,  ENG 140/2

24th over - Wagner will bowl the first over after lunch (if that's what you eat at 4pm). Root immediately needs physio attention to his eye, like he's taken some dust.

He's restored to full health, as the over continues. Root shows his intent with a scoop over the slip cordon for four, ENG 139/2

LUNCH - An excellent start for the tourists, who delivered on their hype with 134 runs at 5.82 per over on the morning of day one. Ben Duckett was the story of the first session, slaying the NZ attack for 84 off 68 balls - including 14 boundaries - before Tickner stemmed the tide with his first test wicket. 

23rd over - Southee calls on Bracewell for a cheeky over of spin before the teams head off for a bite. Root picks the gaps expertly, four off the over and we're off for lunch.

22nd over - This may be the penultimate over before lunch. Root drives Wagner elegantly to the rope for his first runs of the day.

21st over - Tickner in for his eighth over. Settling on a better line and length now. Pope with a thick edge, flies through gully for four to spoil the first maiden of the day.

20th over - Wagner steams in. One brings two? Three of the over, Root yet to get off the mark.

19th over - Tickner running in hard but there's not much purchase in this wicket. 

OUT - Tickner has his first test wicket and it's the dangerman Duckett. Too quickly through the drive and spoons a catch to Bracewell at cover.

Ben Duckett c Bracewell b Tickner 84 (68b 14x4 0x6) 

18th over - Wagner back into the attack. His first two overs cost 19 runs. Singles and twos coming with ease. Seven off the over.

17th over - Tickner again. Tow runs off the over, that's a win for New Zealand the way things are going so far. Not a single maiden has been bowled.

16th over - Duckett slams Kuggeleijn for consecutive fours to bring up the 100 for England. It's all as advertised from the tourists so far.

15th over - Duckett pulls Tickner for four, his 12th boundary. Mistimes a pull, sneaks a single. All very easy out there for these two English batters. 

14th over - Pope stands tall and punches Kuggeleijn's first ball to the long-on fence for four. Pitch appears placid now. England living up to their billing, going at 6.35 an over.

13th over - Tickner continues. Full and wide first up, lucky to escape with a dot there. Pope advances, clips one fine for a single. England clearly keen to get after the newcomer. 

12th over - Scott Kuggeleijn into the mix for his first over of test cricket. First ball is short, catches Pope on the helmet. Pope is okay, but we have a delay here while he swaps lids. Just a single off the over.

11th over - Duckett glances Southee off his pads to bring up his fifth test match half-century. It comes from just 36 balls, including 10 fours. Caps that off with a straight drive for four more.

10th over - Tickner greeted with a textbook straight drive from Duckett to the boundary. He backs that up with a glorious over drive for four more. There he goes again, late cut past backward point for four.

No reprieve for Tickner, Duckett drives again for four.  He's well and truly in a rhythm now. 17 runs off the over.

9th over - Southee strays down leg, helped on its way by Duckett to bring up England's 50. Operating at a run rate just below six. Pope charges, doesn't time his drive but picks up a single to mid-on.

8th over - Tickner angles into Duckett, half-hearted shout for LBW as he beats the pull shot. His next attempt at pulling is more successful, too short from Tickner and he's sent to the fence.

7th over - Southee gets some late swing but it's well read by Duckett, times it beautifully off his pads for four. Pope leans into a cover drive, beats a chasing Conway to the rope. Six boundaries through the session so far.

6th over - Up steps debutant Blair Tickner to bowl his first over of test cricket. Around the wicket he comes, strays down leg with his first delivery. Pope tries to pull, Tickner beats the bat.

Pope clips one off the toes for two. Three runs from Tickner's maiden test over.

5th over - Pope advances against Southee, well fielded at cover to prevent any runs. After a couple of dot balls, Pope dances down the wicket again and whips one off his pads through midwicket for four to get off the mark.

4th over - Wagner steams in. Over-pitches and Duckett drives straight down the ground for four.

3rd over - Southee continues. More movement off the seam, beats a driving Crawley. 

OUT - Bracewell makes up for his earlier drop by taking a tidy low two-handed catch at second slip, after his skipper had caught the edge for the second time in as many balls. Crawley's unconvincing innings comes to an end.

Zak Crawley c Bracewell b Southee 4 (14b 0x4 0x6)

2nd over - Wagner bowls the perfect first-up delivery and goes straight through Crawley's guard to send the bails flying. The big man delivers a rousing fist-pump, then sees the umpire's arm. No ball. Duckett slashes square for back-to-back boundaries. 14 off the over.

1st over - Skipper Tim Southee will do the honours for New Zealand. Dropped! Tough chance at second slip, Bracewell diving low to his left, got a hand to it but never looked like holding on. Crawley runs through for two to open the scoring.

Southee beats the bat of Crawley driving, looks to be plenty there for the seamers. 

1:57pm - Both teams observe a moment of silence for those who have lost their lives during Cyclone Gabrielle. 

1:50pm - The Blackcaps have won the toss and will bowl first on a green-tinged pitch at Bay Oval.

Scott Kuggelijn has been named in the starting XI and will join Blair Tickner as test debutants.

New Zealand: 1 Tom Latham, 2 Devon Conway, 3 Kane Williamson, 4 Henry Nicholls, 5 Daryl Mitchell, 6 Tom Blundell (wk), 7 Michael Bracewell, 8 Scott Kuggeleijn, 9 Tim Southee (capt), 10 Neil Wagner, 11 Blair Tickner

England: 1 Zak Crawley, 2 Ben Duckett, 3 Ollie Pope, 4 Joe Root, 5 Harry Brook, 6 Ben Stokes (capt), 7 Ben Foakes (wk), 8 Ollie Robinson, 9 Jack Leach, 10 Stuart Broad, 11 James Anderson


Kia ora, good morning, and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the first test between the Blackcaps and England from Bay Oval.

While New Zealand attempts to recover from the devastating impact of Cyclone Gabrielle, the forecast for Mount Maunganui is much more promising.

There should be minimal rain over the next five days, with only today suggesting there could be the odd shower interrupting play.

With Trent Boult, Kyle Jamieson, and Matt Henry unavailable for selection, the Blackcaps have had to call in reinforcements to boost their bowling stocks.

Central Districts pace bowler Blair Tickner will make his test debut, with either Jacob Duffy or Scott Kuggelijn joining him.

Meanwhile, Brendon McCullum's England have recalled veteran Stuart Broad to team up with James Anderson and Ollie Robinson in the pace attack.

TAB odds: New Zealand $2.50, England $2.11, draw $4.45.

New Zealand likely XI: 1-Tom Latham, 2-Devon Conway, 3-Kane Williamson, 4-Henry Nicholls, 5-Daryl Mitchell, 6-Tom Blundell (wk), 7-Michael Bracewell, 8-Scott Kuggeleijn/Jacob Duffy, 9-Tim Southee (captain), 10-Neil Wagner, 11-Blair Tickner.

England likely XI: 1-Zak Crawley, 2-Ben Duckett, 3-Ollie Pope, 4-Joe Root, 5-Harry Brook, 6-Ben Stokes (captain),7-Ben Foakes (wk), 8-Ollie Robinson, 9-Jack Leach, 10-Stuart Broad, 11-James Anderson.

Blackcaps' Daryl Mitchell not banking on record-breaking series against England as return fixtures loom
By Alex Powell

After a breakthrough series against England in 2022, Blackcaps batter Daryl Mitchell isn't banking on his past success when the reverse fixtures take place from Thursday.

Even as the Blackcaps fell to a 3-0 defeat to a resurgent England in mid-2022, Mitchell was a shining light for a New Zealand side that couldn't match their opponents.

In three tests, Mitchell plundered 538 runs at an average of over 100 and scored three centuries with a high score of 190.

Those heroics saw Mitchell become the first player in the history of the game to score centuries in all three matches of an away series and score the most runs by a Blackcap in a single test series.

Fast forward to February 2023, and Mitchell has the chance to line up against England again, as the first of two tests begins at Mt Maunganui's Bay Oval on Thursday.

But for the man himself, previous success counts for nothing the next time around. 

"I think you always take confidence from performances you've done in the past," said Mitchell.

"But at the same time, it's different conditions, different surfaces, and probably a different bowling attack as well.

"For me, it's [about] going about my business and doing a job for the team. Hopefully, if I do my job, it means we can go one step closer to winning games of cricket."

Mitchell is also putting his hands up for a role with the ball. 

Daryl Mitchell.
Daryl Mitchell. Photo credit: Photosport

After making his test debut as an all-rounder, Mitchell has seldom been used with the ball for the Blackcaps and taken just three wickets in his 14 tests at an average of 73.

But as the Blackcaps toy with the makeup of their bowling lineup, confirming a debut for Central Districts' Blair Tickner, the 31-year-old is prepared to roll the arm over if and when he's called upon by captain Tim Southee.

"For me, I love competing and getting into the game. To do a job for Timmy with the ball would be pretty cool.

"But I just love playing test cricket, and love representing our country. It means so much to me.

"To do it with bat, ball or supporting the guys, whatever. It just means a lot to wear that silver fern."

However, due to the effects of Cyclone Gabrielle, conditions at Bay Oval are far from certain over the coming days.

Wet weather and high winds have largely seen the pitch remain undercover as the weather turned, giving neither side a clear picture of what to expect.

For Mitchell, though, uncertainty is part of the game that he's come to expect. 

"I guess there's a couple of unknowns that both teams won't know in terms of day-night cricket.

"But also, the surface here at Bay Oval has been under covers for a few days. It's nice to see the sun out now.

"This is only the third or fourth test that's been played at the Mount, so there's always a couple of unknowns. 

"But that's the beauty of the game that we play. You can't control everything, you have to adapt to what's given to you out there.

"Hopefully we can adapt quicker."