Live updates: Blackcaps v England, first test, day two at Mount Maunganui's Bay Oval

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England 79/2

Broad 6*, Pope 14*

NZ first innnings 306 (Blundell 134, Conway 77, Wagner 27; Robinson 4/54) 

England first innings 325/9d 

England lead by 98 runs

16th over - Broad ducks under the first ball of the final over from Kuggeleijn.

Kuggeleijn digs another in short and Broad fends it off, but doesn't really know too much about it.

Broad dabs to third man and refuses the run to protect his batter at the other end, then takes a leg bye, ENG 79/2

That's the end of play for the day. Join us again at 2pm Saturday for live updates of the third day between NZ and England.

15th over - Southee to Broad. First ball whistles down legside for four byes.

Next ball hits Broad on the helmet, so there will be a few minutes to examine him and the helmet.

Broad is restored and swings through deep cover for four. He's fine and takes a single.

Pope is rapped on the pads, but he's a long way down the pitch and the appeal is denied, ENG 78/2

14th over - Kuggeleijn enters the attack to Pope, who has to duck under the second ball.

Pope takes a single.

OUT - Crawley plays across the line and the ball doesn't bounce, finding his bottom edge and through to keeper Blundell

Zak Crawley c Blundell b Kuggeleijn 28 (39b, 6x4)

Stuart Broad is the nighwatchman for England and is immediately doubled up by Kuggeleijn.

Broad top-edges high into the air and no-one gets under it. Everyone looks at Blundell with the gloves, but maybe Kuggeleijn was closest. 

13th over - Southee continues to Crawley. He finds the pad with his fourth ball, but the appeal is rejected and there's no review, as it heads down legside.

That's the first maiden of the innings, ENG 67/1

12th over - Tickner to Crawley. Tickner takes him on the pad, but headed down leg.

Crawley takes a single off a no ball and then Pope plays through mid on for four. He drives through the covers for another boundary, ENG 67/1

11th over - Southee to Pope, who can't pick the bounce and is lucky not to edge the third ball.

Finally, he drives through point for four, but Southee brings one back to surprise Pope, ENG 57/1

10th over - Tickner to Duckett, who cuts square and Williamson trips over himself on the boundary.

OUT - Duckett edges into the slips and Latham has safe hands

Ben Duckett c Latham b Tickner 25 (27b, 4x4)

Ollie Pope comes to the wicket and is off the mark with a single off the last ball, ENG 53/1

Ninth over - Southee continues to Duckett, who takes a single.

Crawley drives, but is stopped in the covers, and the batsmen have to scramble to make their ground. Duckett cuts and hustles to the other end for the England 50, ENG 50/0

Eighth over - England are quickly undoing all the good work of the NZ tailenders, already scoring at more than five an over.

Tickner continues to Duckett, who takes a single off the first ball. Crawley drives through deep cover for four, then repeats the dose through midwicket, ENG 47/0

Seventh over - Southee continues to Duckett, who cuts him behind point for four.

Duckett drives and edges through third slip for another boundary, but Southee won't mind that. He beats the outside edge with the next delivery, ENG 38/0

Sixth over - Tickner into the attack early, after Wagner struggled in his last over. Tickner digs one in short and Crawley follows it, lucky not to get a top edge.

Crawley dispatches the next ball through deep midwicket for four, ENG 29/0

Fifth over - Southee to Duckett, who cuts behind backward point for four. Ominous start from the NZ bowlers.

Play and a miss at the third ball. Duckett almost chops the next ball onto his stumps, ENG 25/0

Fourth over - Wagner to Crawley, who plays a wide delivery through deep back point for four.

Crawley cuts square for another boundary and feels the confidence coursing through him. He takes a third... ENG 21/0

Third over - Southee to Crawley, who plays and misses, through to the keeper. Crawley plays another false shot on the penultimate ball and finally breaks up the maiden with a single through legside, ENG 9/0

Second over - Wagner will again share the new ball with Southee, a role he didn't seem to enjoy yesterday. Duckett drives the final ball through long off for four, ENG 8/0

First over - Southee has the new ball in his hand, bowling to Crawley, who is off the mark with a single to legside.

Duckett drives through long off and Kuggeleijn slides to limite the damage to three, ENG 4/0


83rd over - Replays shot Tickner did, in fact, get an edge on that ball from Broad.

Anderson to Blundell, who has a boundary down fine leg off the third ball.

OUT - Blundell charges and topedges, Anderson is underneath to end the innings

Tom Blundell c&b Anderson 138 (181b, 19x4, 1x6)

New Zealand will now have a crack at England in the tricky evening conditions.

82nd over - That last shot brought up the 50 partnership, with Tickner contributing just one run. He must now face Broad with the new ball and offers no shot to the first deilivery.

Tickner plays through the legside for two runs and his confidence soars. He plays and misses, Foakes appeals, but he's the only one and Stokes isn't wasting his last review.

Tickner defends the last ball, NZ 302/9

81st over - England take the new ball and there's a committee meeting over who gets it. Anderson is the senior man and claims the honour. 

Blundell advances down the pitch, but the ball swings away from him. He chips towards Broad at deep midwicket, but it falls short.

Blundell plays through square leg and turns down the single again. He finds the boundary with top edge on the last ball, but Tickner must now face the next over, NZ 300/9 

80th over - Stokes to Blundell, who plays behind square leg, but turns down the single.

Swings another to square leg and stands his ground. Blundell finally connects and finds the square leg boundary for his highest test score.

He clubs one through deep midwicket for another boundary and then takes the single. Tickner to face the last ball and prods it out, NZ 296/9

79th over - Robinson to Blundell, who ramps him to fine leg, but Leach cuts off the boundary and limits the damage to two runs.

Blundell takes a single off the penultimate ball, leaving Tickner to survive the last.

Straight bat from Tickner, NZ 287/9

78th over - Tickner has faced 12 balls for no runs so far and he will now face Stokes. The captain wants another wicket.

Tickner barely gets his bat out of the way of the first ball. Follows up with the same non-shot.

Barely keeps the third ball down. Tickner gloves the ball behind square leg for his first test run.

Blundell swings through square leg for four, then gets a bottom edge that's dropped by Foakes, NZ 284/9

77th over - Robinson to Blundell, who is all defence, maybe now intent on seeing the sun go down.

Blundell can't take toll of a full toss, but slashes away at the last ball for four over slips, NZ 278/9

76th over - Leach to Tickner, who plays squre and starts to run. Blundell sends him back and Tickner would have been gone with a direct hit.

Tickner survives (barely) another over, NZ 274/9

75th over - Robinson continues to Blundell, who ramps the fourth ball over the keeper for four.

Blundell smashes crossbat past the bowler for four. Last ball of the over takes him on the pad, but heading down legside.

Tickner to face the next over, NZ 274/9

74th over - Leach to Blundell, who edges over the lone slip for two.

Blundell sweeps through backward square for two and his fourth test century off 143 balls. Standing ovation and he thanks Tickner.

First century by a wicketkeeper in a day/night test. He swings to mid wicket for a single to retain strike, NZ 266/9

73rd over - Robinson has four wickets and sets his sights on Tickner.

Tickner survives the first two balls with copybook defensive shots... then lets the third one through to the keeper. Classy leave.

Fourth ball passes the legstump. Next ball, classical defence from Tickner.

Tickner barely keeps out a yorker and survives the over, giving Blundell another shot at his century, NZ 261/9

72nd over - Leach continues to Blundell, who must now be thinking he needs to hit out, if he is to score his century.

Blundell advances down the pitch and clears the boundary at long on.

Blundell moves into the 90s with a four through deep cover. He swings through deep midwicket for four, but that's the end of the over and Tickner must survive the next over, NZ 261/9

71st over - Robinson into his 15th over, Southee guides behind square for a single.

Blundell single, then Southee clubs the ball straight back past Robinson for four.

OUT - Southee swings at a ball well outside leg stump and manages to scoop it to Duckett at deep backward square leg

Tim Southee c Ducket b Robinson 10 (13b, 1x4)

Tickner comes to the crease for his first test innings and at least he's holding the right end of the bat.

70th over - Blundell and Southee to resume the Blackcaps chase, still 87 runs short of England's total, but also eying some favourable bowling conditions later this session.

Southee will also want to help Blundell to a century. Leach will bowl the first over after dinner...

Southee takes single off the third ball, Blundell off the fourth. Southee takes another off the last ball, NZ 241/8

DINNER - Blundell continues to lead the NZ resistance. They trail by 87 runs with a session remaining on day two. If they can get that below 50-odd, you'd think it's well and truly game on.

69th over - OUT - Robinson goes straight through Kuggeleijn's gate and gives the debutant a serve as he tucks away his bat. A useful innings nonetheless from the debutant.

Scott Kuggeleijn b Robinson 20 (36b 2x4 1x6) 

Skipper Southee strolls to the crease. Puts one through covers or two to get off the mark.

68th over - Anderson takes the ball, as his cohort Broad departs for some treatment. Two runs off the over.

67th over - Ollie Robinson returns to the attack for England. Blundell drives for two to bring up the 50-run partnership. Tme to replace the pink ball. England will be afforded a new one in around 10 overs time.

66th over - Anderson to Blundell. Big shout for caught behind and the finger goes up. Blundell immediately reviews, and replays reveal the ball clearly missed the bat and grazed nothing but pad.

Blundell tucks one through midwicket for two. 

65th over - NZ trail by precisely 100 runs. Broad to continue. Handy partnership here, up to 45 now. Two off the over.

64th over - Anderson to Blundell. Traps him on his backfoot, big shout for LBW. Umpire shakes his head. Sounded like some bat in that. They're going to review. Also seems high and possibly down leg. Replays reveal no bat, but it was certainly a mile down leg and clearly too high. Not out. Two very questionable reviews from skipper Stokes today.

Blundell rubs salt in the wound with a thick edge to third man for four.

63rd over - Broad to Blundell. Deft late cut by Blundell for four. He's played that shot masterfully all day.

62nd over - Anderson is back to accompany his old mate. Deficit is down to 110 for NZ now. A Blundell single off the over.

61st over - Broad again. Six off the over.

60th over - Leach continues. Blundell nudges a backfoot drive and a sloppy piece of fielding gifts him a boundary. Dances down the pitch and lofts Leach for four to end the over.

59th over - FIFTY up for Blundell. The wicketkeeper's 10th in tests.  Broad almost sneaks a yorker under Kuggeleijn's bat. Pulls for two. On to the backfoot now, blasts Broad forward of square for his third boundary. The rookie certainly isn't shy.

58th over - Leach takes the ball with a whole host of fielders crowding the bat of Kuggeleijn. Sixer! The debutant drops to a knee and slog sweeps up on to the bank, well taken by a spectator. Goes again! Charges and crushes Leach over his head for four.

57th over - NZ still trail by 143 runs. We're officially into the tail here. Broad back into the attack to try and clean things up. Kuggeleijn plays off the hips for his first test run. 

56th over - Ad-libbed drinks break as a result of the concussion protocol for Bracewell. He has his new helmet on and Leach will get play back underway.

OUT - Bracewell charges yet again but this time he's undone, mistiming his shot to send one straight down Stokes' throat at mid on. 

Michael Bracewell c Stokes b Leach 7 (14b 1x4 0x6)

Out strolls Kuggeleijn for the first time in a test match.

55th over - Stokes persists through the pain. Blundell still happy to accept the short ball, pulling for a single. Bracewell defends off the backfoot, Blundell calls him through for a sneaky single. Bracewell tries to duck a short ball but cops it on the helmet, they scamper through for one. 

Time to swap lids. He appears okay, took that one right on the fern.

54th over - Leach to Blundell. Remains aggressive, dancing down the wicket and blasting the spinner over his head for four.

53rd over - Blundell pulls Stokes powerfully for four, and a no-ball to boot.

52nd over - Bracewell advances against Leach and beats Anderson diving at long-on, all the way to the fence to get off the mark. Charges again, he's come out swinging. Two off that one. 

51st over - Stokes back for his third over. He'll likely use himself sparingly today given his knee injury. More short stuff, Blundell on top of his pull for a single, as is Conway. 

OUT - The plan pays off! Half-hearted pull shot is dragged from the offisde and paddled straight to square leg. That was off the extra delivery from the no ball too. Huge wicket for England, breaking the rebuild partnership.

Devon Conway c Pope b Stokes 77 (151b 7x4 1x6) 

50th over - Blundell charges Leach, skies his drive and the ball has just enough legs to outpace the pursuing fielder at long-off. 

49th over - Stokes persisting with short balls, the tactic is very clear. Conway plays a controlled pull for a single - one of four in the over. 150 up for NZ.

48th over - Jack Leach resumes his spin offensive. Blundell frees his arms and cuts for four. 

47th over - Blundell and Conway make their way back to the middle to resume their determined stand. 

Skipper Ben Stokes takes the ball for the first time in the test. Has his knee heavily strapped. 

Begins with a loosener, called a wide. Conway pulls for a single. 

TEA - Conway and Blundell have put on a 55-run partnership to help the hosts' rebuild after losing Wagner and Mitchell, although the Blackcaps still trail by 187 runs.

46th over - Leach up for the final over before the teams depart for a bite. Blundell cuts for a single. Conway firmly defends to close out the session.

45th over - Root wasting no time as the tea break looms. Maiden over.

44th over - Leach to Blundell. The wicketkeeper skips down the pitch and drives straight for four.

43rd over - Root right back into the action. No sign of Ben Stokes yet. Conway slashes backward of point for four. Places the next one past midwicket for two to bring up the 50-run partnership.

42nd over - Leach replaces Root at the other end after a brief rest. Maiden over.

41st over - Robinson up for his 12th over - 2/26 to date. Blundell drives, Anderson goes full extension to save the boundary. Blundell off his hip for a single. He's bided his time smartly.

40th over - Root continues. Races through his over again, only a Conway single from it.

39th over - Robinson to Blundell. Plays off his hip for two through midwicket, only runs of the over.

38th over - Root earns another crack. Conway drives straight back into the stumps at the non-striker's end. They go upstairs to check if Root got a foot to it first, perhaps a run out on the cards here? Replays suggest Root didn't get a touch, Blundell should be safe - there's nothing conclusive, ultra edge offers nothing. Finally, the big screen says 'not out'.

Six! Conway advances the very next ball and slams the former skipper back over his head.

37th over - Robinson to Blundell. Maiden over.

36th over - Here's a zag, Joe Root up to the bowling crease. Gets through his work quickly for a maiden over.

35th over - Blundell rocks back and drives Leach square for four. Punches one through cover for three.

34th over - Robinson to Conway. Pulls for a single. Very much a rebuilding process underway here. This partnership could be critical to the cause, there isn't a whole lot of batting to follow.

33rd over - Leach continues. Just a Conway single off the over. 

32nd over - Robinson to Conway. FIFTY - Conway drives for two to bring up his 10th test half-century and lift his side past 100.

31st over - Conway frees his arms with a flourish and drives Leach for four. Blundell leans back and plays a delicate late cut for four to get off the mark.

30th over - Robinson to Conway. Pope dons the helmet at silly mid-on, looking for that bat-pad opportunity. Blundell yet to score, three off the over.

Time for a drinks break.

29th over - Jack Leach is thrown the ball for the first over of spin. Conway works a single through cover. Blundell beaten on the backfoot.  Tidy first-up effort from Leach.

28th over - Ollie Robinson into the attack for his first over of the day.

OUT - Mitchell steps forward to drive but doesn't offer a shot and is wrapped on the knee roll. Looked out instantly and the umpire agrees. Mitchell doesn't bother asking for a review, on his way for a duck.

Daryl Mitchell lbw b Robinson 0 (10b 0x4 0x6) 

27th over - Broad to Mitchell. Another maiden, and the allrounder is yet to get off the mark.

26th over - Anderson to Conway. First maiden over of the day.

25th over - Wagner gets on on his backfoot and helps a poor Broad delivery fine for four. Broad responds with a short ball that Wagner doesn't shy away from, pulling for six. And he goes again! Skies that one but it had enough to clear the rope.

OUT - Wagner tries to scoop one over the infield but pops up an easy catch to midwicket. Handy innings from the nightwatchman.

Neil Wagner c Robinson b Broad 27 (32b 1x4 2x6)

24th over - Conway greets Anderson with a lovely straight drive for four. The only runs of the over.

23rd over - Conway guides one off his pads again for two off Broad. 

Wagner falls into the trap and is caught at deep square leg by Leach, who eventually holds on to a juggling effort. But hold on a second... the umpire steps in to call a no ball. The big man bats on. 

22nd over - Anderson to Conway. Plays neatly through midwicket, a diving Broad saves four. Just a single off the over.

21st over - Wagner flicks Broad off his pads, in the air for a while and only just saved from the boundary by a diving stop. Off his pads again for two. Difficult to tell the difference between these two left-handers at the moment, Wagner looking very assured out there.

20th over - Who else but Jimmy Anderson to back up his mate from the other end. Thick inside edge from Wagner that somehow misses off stump. They sneak two. Big shout for LBW! Appeared to be pitching outside leg. Umpire says no, Ben Stokes says 'we'll have another look'. Yep, pitching outside leg. Not out, and Wagner survives.

Dubious decision to waste your review on a nightwatchman.

19th over - Broad takes the ball to kick things off. Conway glances his first delivery for four.  That's how you start a day. Conway almost replicates that feat two balls later for four more. The outfield is lightning fast.

Conway leans on a textbook straight drive to close the over for a third boundary. Encouraging signs, certainly a day for batting on this pitch.

1:57pm - Beautiful conditions at The Mount today, picnic blankets and deck chairs aplenty across the embankments at Bay Oval. Day for it, as they say. 

And a day for rebuilding for the hosts, who stumbled late under the lights to hand England all of the momentum heading into day two.

Nightwatchman Neil Wagner and Devon Conway make their out to the middle with a sizeable task ahead of them, New Zealand trailing by 288 runs with seven wickets in hand.


Kia ora, good afternoon, and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the first test between the Blackcaps and England from Mount Maunganui.

New Zealand will resume day two at 37/3 with Devon Conway (17*) and Neil Wagner (4*) at the crease in reply to England's rapid 325/9 declaration.

'Bazball' was promised and so it delivered, with the visiting batters devastating the Blackcaps bowlers with illustrious shots at Bay Oval.

New Zealand's new-look bowling attack struggled, with veteran Neil Wagner the pick of the bunch with a four-for.

With Tom Latham, Kane Williamson, and Henry Nicholls already dismissed, the Blackcaps face an uphill battle in reply to England's fast start.

Join us at 2pm for the first ball as New Zealand look to build on their score and climb into England's lead.

TAB odds: New Zealand $3.50, England $1.45, draw $7.50

New Zealand XI: 1-Tom Latham, 2-Devon Conway, 3-Kane Williamson, 4-Henry Nicholls, 5-Daryl Mitchell, 6-Tom Blundell (wk), 7-Michael Bracewell, 8-Scott Kuggeleijn, 9-Tim Southee (captain), 10-Neil Wagner, 11-Blair Tickner.

England XI: 1-Zak Crawley, 2-Ben Duckett, 3-Ollie Pope, 4-Joe Root, 5-Harry Brook, 6-Ben Stokes (captain),7-Ben Foakes (wk), 8-Ollie Robinson, 9-Jack Leach, 10-Stuart Broad, 11-James Anderson.

'I would have laughed': Neil Wagner's milestone 'silver lining' against dominant England

By Reece Labuschagne

New Zealand's bowlers were at the mercy of 'Bazball' on day one of the first test against England, but there was at least consolation to be found for the engine of their attack.

As the Blackcaps toiled against the high-octane approach from the tourists, veteran Neil Wagner quietly reached a special milestone of 250 test wickets.

With their bowling stocks depleted, Wagner was entrusted with sharing the new ball with captain Tim Southee.

But it wasn't until the ball got older, and the challenge that much harder, that the left-arm fast bowler struck, removing Joe Root after an audacious reverse slap.

It would take almost another 30 overs for Wagner to grab his second, bowling star batter Harry Brooke, before cleaning up the tail.

In his very next over, he dismissed Ben Foakes, and with that, brought up 250 test wickets for the Blackcaps, before appropriately grabbing the last, as England declared at 325/9.

The South African-born fast bowler admits he never imagined he would reach the landmark after making his test debut for his adopted country in 2012.

"If you told me the day I started playing test cricket I'd take 250 wickets, I would have laughed and said 'no, I don't believe you'.

"It's something pretty special to achieve - I don't really try and focus on those things too much, just try and find a way of contributing to the team and those things will take care of itself.

"But it's a little silver lining in the backend of it and it's quite nice to celebrate it and toast that with your teammates who has played a big part in all of those [wickets]."

Neil Wagner celebrates the wicket of Joe Root.
Neil Wagner celebrates the wicket of Joe Root. Photo credit: Getty Images

Wagner's contribution on day one wasn't just limited to the ball, as he survived a tricky period as nightwatchman to protect New Zealand's middle order.

The Blackcaps will enter day two at 37/3, with Devon Conway (17*) at the crease with Wagner (4*), and still trailing by 288 runs.

But Wagner remains optimistic about his side's chances and is challenging the Blackcaps to follow England's lead and adapt to the conditions.

"I thought when it got to the point when they bowled under lights, you could see that it was a little bit better and there was more assistance because the wind died down," he said.

"Obviously under lights, with no wind around, it's going to swing around, and they made full use of that and bowled really well and put us under pressure.

"If we can do the same tomorrow and build partnerships, try and get through that day period and try and get ourselves to bowl under lights, we can find ourselves in a similar position.

"It could've easily have gone the other way and I think everyone knows, can see, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that at night time it does swing around, and it does seem to do quite a lot off the wicket.

"A tough period to bat, and I thought we handled it quite well, three quality England bowlers bowling in conditions that were very favourable and really challenging and that's what test cricket is all about."