Live updates: NRL All-Stars - Indigenous v Māori at Rotorua International Stadium

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Māori 24 Indigenous 28

Maori - Dockar-Clay, J Riki, P Riki & Arthars tries; Rapana 4 conversions

Indigenous - Sloan, Cobbo 3, Naden & Hynes tries; Hynes 2 conversions


40th minute - Indigenous have the ball as the clock ticks down. Walker kicks to the goal area, Perham gathers and tries to find the field of play, but he's dragged dead as time expires and Indigenous win.

39th minute - Maori move the ball and Rapan makes ground. Tapine reaches halfway and Fisher-Harris carries next.

He loses the ball in a tackle and he uses his captain's challenge with nothing to lose. Challenge is unsuccessful.

38th minute - TRY to P Riki

Tapine and Fisher-Harris go close to the posts, and when the ball shifts left, Turner dummies and Riki dives over to give his side a sniff. Rapana converts, IND 28-24

Indigenous kick off and Maori have to go 100 metres.

37th minute - Indigenous work the ball to Cobbo again, but the pass is forward from Mitchell and Maori have a scrum in Indigenous half.

From the scrum, Perhan and Arthars threaten the defence, and Maori get a set restart.

36th minute - Harawira-Naera offloads and the ball bounces towards touch, but Rapana cuts it off and lobs infield, where Indigenous gather.

35th minute - Maori kick short and Preston Riki has the ball back. Fisher-Harris charges up the middle and they shift left.

33rd minute - TRY to Cobbo

Hopgood rocks Hunt in a tackle that frees the ball, so Indigenous hot on attack again. The ball shifts left and a quick touch pass from Wighton gives his winger enough room to dive over in the corner for a hat-trick, IND 28-18

32nd minute - Maori wrap up James under the posts and Mitchell's long pass to Cobbo is dropped into touch.

31st minute - Harper loses the ball in a midfield tackle, but the ruling is challenged. Insufficient evidence to overturn, so Indigenous scrum in Maori half.

30th minute - Maori kick off and Indigenous reach halfway, before Walker kicks to the corner and into touch.

28th minute - TRY to Cobbo

Kelly looks towards the posts and Hynes threatens. When the ball shifts left, Walker kicks to the tryline and Cobbo gathers to touch down for his second in quick succession.

Hynes' sideline conversion drifts left again, IND 24-18

27th minute - Maori shift right and Arthars tears upfield, but the last pass from Nikora is ruled forward and Indigenous have an attacking scrum on the 20.

26th minute - Indigenous on the attack, but a pass bounces off Naden's head and Maori regather.

25th minute - Strong run from Thompson, but Maori are short of halfway and Dockar-Clay's kick finds touch on the full. Will that return to haunt them?

24th minute - Maori kick off and Indigenous roar back towards halfway. Moseley crosses and Walker kicks ahead for Pompey to gather.

22nd minute - TRY to Cobbo

Maori attack breaks down, when Arthars kicks ahead, and Cobbo pounces on the bobbling ball and dashes 95 metres to score. That's a heartbreaker.

Hynes' sideline conversion hooks left, IND 20-18

21st minute - Indigenous kick off and Hunt takes the first hitup. Fisher-Harris makes another strong run and Simpkins has a second run. 

Turner is barely dragged down.

20th minute - Indigenous have the ball on halfway, as the threequarter siren sounds, and Moseley's grubbber kick is fumbled by Riki to end the period.

19th minute - Preston Riki over halfway. Perham shifts right and rips a hard pass past his winer into touch.

18th minute - Indigenous shift right and Walker finds Laurie on the wing. James surges towards the posts, Hynes kicks to the corner, but Laurie can only knock on, as he leaps high.

17th minute - Fisher-Harris loses the ball in a tackle and Indigenous have a scrum feed in Maori territory.

16th minute - Indigenous kick off and Tapine brings the ball back. Harper makes the second-up run.

15th minute - TRY to Riki

Preston Riki makes a big run down the middle, but is smashed by Mitchell. When the ball shifts left, Jordan Riki runs an angle offf Turner and when he's not held, continues on to score.

That ties up the score and Rapana can retake the lead with the conversion - he does, MAO 18-16

14th minute - Surging run from Harawira-Naera and Dockar-Clay reaches halfway, then wins a set restart, after he's molested in the tackle.

13th minute - Hopgood finds Kelly with an offload and Indigenous charge towards the tryline, but Mitchell can't hold a pass and the move dies.

12th minute - Indigenous win a penalty and kick out on halfway. They surge onto attack.

11th minute - Tapine threatens again, but Nikora runs into a teammate and has to give himself up. Turner's high kick is taken by Laurie behind the goal-line and he finds the field of play.

10th minute - Indigenous lose the ball in a tackle on halfway and Maori are penalised for stripping the ball. Captain's challenge reveals only one tackler, so Maori have the ball back.

Ninth minute - Thompson is dragged down short of the tryline. Dockar-Clay kicks to the line, but it bounces dead. Kerr is back on the field and Indigenous are back to full strength.

Eighth minute - Tapine takes a gap and looks for the offload. Maori surge towards the posts and get the set restart.

Seventh minute - Maori kick off  and Indigenous play out their set, but Hynes' kick finds touch on the full. Maori have the ball on halfway.

Fifth minute - TRY to Naden

Surging run from Hopgood reaches halfway. Laurie kicks ahead, Hynes gathers and finds Naden open for the try, although replays show Hynes was ahead of Laurie's kick.

Try has been confirmed and Indigenous take the lead, with the conversion to come. Hynes converts and remember the Indigenous are playing a man short, IND 16-12

Fourth minute - Nikora dies with the ball on the last tackle and only metres from the tryline.

Third minute - Fisher-Harris with another bullocking run and Nikora runs an angle off Dockar-Clay.

Second minute - Perham is safe under the high ball and Maori make quick ground upfield. Cobbo tries to cut out a long pass, but only knocks on near halfway.

First minute - Indigenous kick off and Maori will start the second half with a man advantage, until Kerr returns from the sin bin. Turner kicks, but Laurie takes it on the run and Indigenous are quickly over halfway.


40th minute - Indigenous surge to the other end of the field and Mitchell dashes to the right corner, but his pass inside is cut off by Harper.

Fisher-Harris cops a shoulder from Kerr and loses the ball, but Kerr is penalised and sin-binned. Maori have a man advantage and Fisher-Harris has blood coming from his mouth, pointing an accusing finger.

That's the end of the second quarter.

39th minute - Docker-Clay kicks high and Cobbo spills the ball in the tackle, but Rapana has been called offside. Turner regathers, but is called back, as he crosses the tryline.

38th minute - Tapine offloads and Perham shows his footwork to cross halfway.

37th minute - Maori kick off and Indigenous reach halfway, where Hynes kicks high to Pompey.

35th minute - TRY to Hynes

Indigenous shift left, but Rapana comes infield for an early tackle that dislodges the ball. From broken play, Cobbo keeps the move alive and Hynes runs from first receiver to slice through beside the posts.

Hynes slots the conversion, MAO 12-10

33rd minute - Taunoa-Brown isn't held on halfway and goes again, Indigenous surge towards the goal-line. Sloan kicks towards the line, but Perham tries to knock it dead and is penalised.

32nd minute - Maori have the ball in their own half and aren't making much ground forward. Dockar-Clay kicks deep and Hynes runs it back towards halfway.

30th minute - Indigenous on attack and Cobbo has a sniff on the left. Hynes is cut down in the shadow on the posts, but Trindall knocks on a contested pass on the line.

29th minute - Indigenous shift the ball left on halfway, Harawira-Naera forces a fumble, but Arthars knocks on, as he tries to regather.

28th minute - Maori shift left, Riki charges, Dockar-Clay pounces on a loose ball and Indigenous struggle to contain a high kick behind the goal-line. Eventually, they get the 20-metre tap.

26th minute - Indigenous kick deep, but it bounces dead and Maori have a 10-metres tap restart. They win a penalty and clear towards halfway.

25th minute - Maori reach halfway and Dockar-Cly kicks high, Hynes rises high to claim the ball under pressure.

24th minute - Indigenous kick off and Fisher-Harris charges at the oncoming defenders.

23rd minute - TRY to Arthars

Harawira-Naera charges right and Arthars runs an angle through a big gap in the defensive line. There's some hint of obstruction, but the refs seem happy enough. Rapana bounces the conversion over off the uprights, MAO 12-4

22nd minute - Nikora runs an angle off Dockar-Clay and draws a penalty deep inside the Indigenous half. Maori tap and surge towards the posts...

21st minute - Maori kick off again and are up quickly again for the first-up tackle. Hynes kicks early again and Perham slides to control the bounce.

20th minute - Maori get a set restart and Perham hares over halfway, but his pass is batted away. That's the end of the first quarter.

19th minute - Hynes looks dangerous and Hopgood offloads. Cobbo has an overlap with the corner open, but his hands are made of stone and he drops it again.

18th minute - Riki charges within 10 metres of the line. Tapine is back on and offloads, but Wighton dislodges the ball in a tackle on Fisher-Harris.

17th minute - Maori kick off and drive the Indigenous back in the tackle. Rapana steals the ball in a tackle and Maori have prime attacking position.

14th minute - TRY to Sloan

Set restart for the Indigenous deep in Maori territory. They shift right, where Naden flicks a backhander to Sloan to score out wide.

Mitchell's leftfoot conversion attempt bends right, MAO 6-4

13th minute - Maori reach halfway and Perham kicks high to Hynes at the back. Maori are penalised and Hynes tries to tap quickly, but there's a man in front and he must come back.

12th minute - Dockar-Clay kicks deep and Hynes brings it back. Mitchell kicks deep to the corner and Perham runs from his line. Strong run from Arthars.

11th minute - Indigenous shift left and look threatening, but Cobbo completely miscues his kick ahead and Maori are on the ball.

10th minute - Nikora forces an offload and Turner kicks high from halfway. Wighton eventually has the loose ball.

Ninth minute - Walker kicks deep and Perham lets it bounce into goal, then can't regain the field of play, so a dropout for the Maori. They kick short and Harper wins it back.

Eighth minute - Pompey has the ball on attack, but Perham spills the pass in Indigenous territory.

Seventh minute - Hynes kicks high to the corner, but Perham is safe underneath. Tapine is off early, maybe suffering a knock in that early tackle.

Sixth minute - Rapana fends off one tackler and reaches halfway, but the ball comes loose and Indigenous go on attack.

Fifth minute - Indigenous kick off and Fisher-Harris charges at the oncoming defence.

Third minute - TRY to Dockar-Clay

Hunt charges towards the posts, Harawira-Naera threatens the line, Dockar-Clay kicks off the upright and regathers to score by the posts. Rapana lines up the conversion and slots it from in front, MAO 6-0

Second minute - Maori over halfway and Dockar-Clay chips ahead, Cobbo fumbles the ball and Maori have great field positions just outside the 10.

First minute - Maori kick off and Indigenous have first use of the ball. Hynes kicks early to Perham, who is safe behind the low kick.

5:46pm - Indigenous have performed their unity dance, and the Māori unleash at huge haka that ends with a hongi and show of respect for their opponents at halfway. Great to see...


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's coverage of the NRL's pre-season clash of cultures between the Australian Indigenous and NZ Māori at Rotorua International Stadium.

While most of the talk this week has been about the big names withdrawing from this fixture, the two trans-Tasman rivals still pack considerable star quality through their line-ups in the fifth meeting between these two sides.

Indigenous took the first clash in 2019, but Māori have prevailed in the three since, with this game the first staged in New Zealand.

The strength of the home side lies in their forward pack, led by Penrith Panthers prop James Fisher-Harris, Joseph Tapine, Jordan Riki, Briton Nikora, Royce Hunt and Corey Harawira-Naera wearing the unaccustomed No.9 jersey.

Indigenous boast a star-studded backline, with Latrell Mitchell at fullback, Jack Wighton at centre, and Cody Walker and Nico Hynes in the halves.

One of the highlights will undoubtedly be the cultural challenges laid down before kickoff.

Join us at 5:45pm for kickoff.

TAB Odds: Indigenous $1.53, Māori $2.45

Māori: 1- Hayze Perham, 2-Morgan Harper, 3-Jesse Arthars, 4- Adam Pompey, 5-Jordan Rapana, 6-Zach Dockar-Clay, 7-Paul Turner, 9-James Fisher-Harris (c), 9-Corey Harawira-Naera, 10-Royce Hunt, 11-Briton Nikora, 12-Jordan Riki, 13-Joseph Tapine

Interchange: 14-Zane Musgrove, 15- Leo Thompson, 16-Tukimihia Simpkins, 17-Austin Dias

Indigenous: 1-Latrell Mitchell, 2-Selwyn Cobbo, 3-Jack Wighton, 4-Brent Naden, 5-Tyrell Sloan, 6-Cody Walker, 7-Nico Hynes, 8-Josh Kerr, 9-Kierran Moseley, 10-Shaquai Mitchell, 11-Tyrell Fuimanono, 12-Tyrone Peachey, 13-J'maine Hopgood

Interchange: 14-Albert Kelly, 15-Jamayne Taunoa-Brown, 16-Daine Laurie, 17-Isaiah Tass