Live updates: Super Bowl LVII - Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs at Arizona's State Farm Stadium

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Eagles 35 Chiefs 38

Fourth quarter

15th minute - Last minute of the game and Chiefs facing 3rd & 6

Mahomes takes the knee again and they'll set up for a field goal, as the clock ticks away...

Butker, who missed a field goal earlier in the game, lines up the gamewinning kick from 27 yards and slots it, KC 37-35

Eagles will have eight seconds to come up with a winning play

Butker kicks off along the ground, and Gainwell takes a knee on the PHI 36 and a timeout to come up with a play

Hurts throws a Hail Mary, but it's nowhere near any of his teammates and the Chiefs celebrate victory in Super Bowl LVII

14th minute - Two minute warning in the Super Bowl, with Chiefs poised on the PHI 15 for a field goal at least to take the lead.

They'll want to burn up some more clock to limit the Eagles' opportunity to respond, but they'll also have a crack at another touchdown 

Mahomes barely takes a low snap and finds Smith-Schuster, who stumbles for no gain

On 3rd & 8, Mahomes throws long and incomplete, but there's a penalty against Eagles for holding, so automatic first down and five yards

Mahomes hands off the McKinnon, who has an open run to the line, but pulls up short to kill some more time off the clock

Mahomes takes the snap and a knee to kill some more time

13th minute - Mahomes scrambles 27 yards on his bad ankle to the PHI 17. That could be a gamewinner

12th minute - Pacheco runs left for 10 yards, stopped by Gardner-Johnson again at the PHI 43

11th minute - Pacheco runs for three yards to the KC 28

Mahomes finds Smith-Schuster for first down at the KC 38

Pacheco is rocked by a big tackle from Gardner-Johnson on the KC 40. The Chiefs running back is shaken and receiving attention on the field

On 2nd & 8, Mahomes finds Kelce up the middle for seven yards, still a yard short of first down

10th minute - TOUCHDOWN to Hurts

Only one yard out, Hurts sneaks for another touchdown, his third of the game to trail by two

Eagles turn down the kick and go for a two-point conversion, with Hurts powering over to level the scores, 35-35

Elliott kicks off dead and Chiefs have the ball on their 25

Ninth minute - Hurts finds Brown for six yards to the PHI 41, they face 3rd & 5

Hurts finds Brown for the first down and 11 yards to the KC 47

Quickly, Hurts finds Smith with a long throw of 46 yards, but Smith overbalances over the sideline at the KC 1

Eighth minute - Hurts scrambles and doesn't make the line of scrimmage

Seventh minute - Sanders runs for three yards, but Eagles are still short of first down

Hurts sneaks for a yard and first down on the PHI 36

Sixth minute - On 2nd & 2, Mahomes throws the ball away with nothing offering


Mahomes looks left and Skyy Moore is wide open to run for the touchdown, like Toney's touchdown, just the opposite. Butker kicks the extra point and Chiefs have taken charge, KC 35-27

Butker kicks off dead (again) and Eagles have the ball on their 25

Hurts hands off the Sanders for five yards to the PHI 30

Fifth minute - The rush chases Hurts and he has to throw it away, so Eagles will punt from their 32 on fourth down

Siposs punts 38 yards and Toney runs it back to the PHI 5, a return of 64 yards. That could be a gamewinner - the longest return in Super Bowl history

Fourth minute - Eagles now trail for the first time today, how will they respond?

Butker kicks off dead and Eagles have the ball on their own 25

Hurts is under pressure and throws awkwardly to Goedert, who reaches around his defender to make the catch on the PHI 30

Hurts finds Pascal, but Eagles face 3rd & 2

Third minute - McKinnon runs for three yards and Chiefs are 3rd & 3 at the PHI 5


Mahomes looks right and Toney benefits from a blown coverage, with no defenders near him. Butker barely kicks the extra point, KC 28-27

Second minute - Mahomes finds Smith-Schuster for 13 yards to the PHI 12

Smith-Schuster is the target again for three yards to the PHI 9

First minute - Only 15 minutes left for the Chiefs to get ahead and they start the quarter on PHI 44

Mahomes finds Smith-Schuster for 14 yards to the PHI 30

Mahomes throws laterally to Toney, who looks like he's about to throw, but Eagles are penalised five yards

Third quarter

15th minute - Pacheco runs for nine yards and Chiefs face 2nd & 1 on the KC 45

Pacheco runs for 12 yards and first down, as the third quarter ends

14th minute - Elliott kicks off dead and Chiefs have the ball on their 25. Elliott slips over and this field is terrible

Mahomes finds Smith-Schuster for first down on the KC 36

13th minute - Eagles call timeout as the play clock expires

Hurts throws to Gainwell for five yards at the KC15 and Elliott will attempt the 33-yard field goal on fourth down. He slots it, PHI 27-21

12th minute - Hurts runs to the touchline for a loss of one yard

Hurts can't find Goedert, who slips over. Eagles have 3rd & 11

11th minute - Hurts pitches to Sanders, who runs right, but is stopped short by Bolton.

On 4th & 1, Hurts keeps the ball and makes first down

10th minute - Chiefs coach Andy Reid has thrown a challenge flag over that last catch, and replays show Goedert bobbled the ball and never got two feet down in the field of play.

Challenge is overruled and catch confirmed. Eagles have the ball on the KC 30

Sanders runs for four yards to KC 26

Sanders runs for another five and 3rd & 1 on the KC 21

Ninth minute - Hurts throws long to Watkins, but he can't make the catch inside the 10

On 3rd & 8, Hurts is called for delay of game and cops a five-yard penalty

Hurts finds Goedert between two defenders for 16 yards to the KC 30

Eighth minute - Gainwell makes the line of scrimmage for first down at the KC43

Hurts scrambles to the line of scrimmage for one yard

Seventh minute - Hurts finds Goedert for 17 yards and first down at the PHI 46

Watkins catches for eight yards, but on 2nd & 2, Hurts has to throw the ball away

Sixth minute - Butker kicks off dead and the Eagles will start at their 25

Hurts throws to Sanders, who fumbles the ball and Bolton scoops up the ball to score his second defensive touchdown of the game. Reviews show Sanders didn't complete the catch, so Eagles escape that setback...

Hurts finds Brown for four yards and 3rd & 6 on the PHI 29

Fifth minute - Mahomes tiptoes to the PHI 5, a run of 14 yards. That didn't look convincing, but they are in the red zone

Mahomes throws to McKinnon, but he's tackled short of the goal-line, 2nd & 1

TOUCHDOWN to Pacheco

The rookie runs off Mahomes and follows his line to score. Butker kicks the extra point and that's an ideal start to the second half for the Chiefs, PHI 24-21

Fourth minute - McKinnon takes the ball up the middle, but stumbles for seven yards

Third minute - Moore runs four yards to the PHI 37

Mahomes throws 12 yards to Watson for first down at the PHI 25

Second minute - McKinnon runs a slant for 13 yards and first down at the KC 48

Mahomes barely gets the ball away in a tackle and Kelce snatches the pass off the grass for 11 yards and first down at the PHI 41

First minute - Mahomes is on the sideline for the kickoff and will have first use of the ball from his own 25

Mahomes hands off to Pacheco, who runs for seven yards to the KC 32

Pacheco runs again, but he's short of first down on the KC 34, 3rd & 1

2:41pm - Great performance from Rihanna, from a platform hovering above the field... all her hits.

Meanwhile, there will be some frantic work in the Chiefs locker room, where MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be popping painkillers and having that sprained ankle restrapped before the second half.

Chiefs only had eight minutes time of possession in the first half, while Mahomes was held to just 89 yards passing.

2:20pm - Now comes the star-studded halftime show, featuring Rihanna in her first live show for five years.


15th minute - Officials are reviewing Smith's catch for a bobble... it's eventually ruled out and play moves back to the KC 48. Big call, looked complete

On 3rd & 1, Hurts holds the ball and makes the first down on second movement

On first down, Hurts can't find a target downfield and throws the ball away

Hurts finds Smith for six yards to the KC 40

On 3rd & 4, Hurts finds Brown, who runs to the KC 19 for a gain of 22 yards, within field goal range

Hurts finds Gainwell just past the line of scrimmage, but Gainwell's is nailed in a tackle, so that's a gain of two yards and Elliott will attempt the field goal from 35 yards

Elliott nails it, as the first half ends, PHI 24-14

14th minute - Mahomes throws to Watson for first down at the KC 35

Mahomes throws long to Valdes-Scantling, but he can't get near the ball

Chiefs are penalised for an early jump at the line of scrimmage, so they lose five yards to the KC 36

Mahomes has to scramble and throws back infield to no-one in particular. Chiefs face 3rd & 15

Low snap to Mahomes, who has to scramble and brought down for only three yards to the KC 34. He limps badly off the field and that sprained ankle is NOT good

Townsend kicks and Covey returns 27 yards to the PHI 43

Hurts finds Gainwell for nine yards, then finds Smith with a long pass to the KC 13

13th minute - TOUCHDOWN to Hurts

Too easy. Hurts just keeps the ball and his line does the rest, paving the way to the goal-line.

Elliott kicks the extra point, PHI 21-14

Elliott kicks off dead and Chiefs have the ball on their 25

Mahomes finds McKinnon, who runs five to the KC 30

11th minute - Hurts throws to Smith for four yards to the KC 9. Smith hobbles off the field

Scott makes a yard up the middle and Eagles are 4th & 2. They'll go for it

Both teams are point at each other on the line of scrimmage - Chiefs have jumped early, so Eagles get half the distance to the goal-line and first down on the four

10th minute - Hurts keeps the ball and runs for first down, 28 yards to the KC 16. Big play on fourth down

Gainwell makes a couple of yards up the middle to the KC 13

Ninth minute - Hurts keeps the ball, but can't make any ground, so Eagles face 3rd & 7 at the KC 46

Gainwell runs for just three, but Eagles will go for it on fourth down

Eighth minute - On 3rd & 1, Hurts keeps the ball and makes a couple of metres behind his centre for first down

Hurts finds Gainwell for four yards to the KC 45

Seventh minute - Hurts looks deep to Brown, but the ball is batted away. That's the same play as the touchdown, but double coverage good that time 

Hurts looks short to Scott, who is just short of first down on the PHI 48

Sixth minute - TOUCHDOWN to Bolton

Hurts tries to scramble, but he loses the ball, and Chiefs defence pick up and score through linebacker Nick Bolton. Butker kicks the extra point to level scores, 14-14

Butker kicks the ball dead again and Eagles start on their 25

Hurts must now atone for his mistake quickly to grab back momentum for Philadelphia and he runs 15 yards for first down, tackled by Bolton on the PHI 39

Fifth minute - Gainwell tries to run a yard for first down, but slips short

Eagles are penalised five yards for an early start and face 3rd & 6

Fourth minute - Hurts is pursued by the rush, but he somehow finds Zack Haskell for first down at the PHI 44

Gainwell rushes for nine yards to the KC 47

Third minute - Hurts finds Goedert, but he gains only a couple of yards and Eagles face 3rd & 8

Second minute - Mahomes looks for Smith-Schuster, but he's under pressure and underthrows. Chiefs must punt and that's not a good response to the Eagles touchdown

Townsend punts 47 yards and it's returned seven. Eagles will have the ball on their 33

Hurts hands to Sanders, but he is caught short of the line of scrimmage for a loss of one yard

First minute - TOUCHDOWN to Brown

Hurts begins the quarter on the KC 45 and looks way downfield to Brown, who catches a pinpoint 55 yard pass in the goal area. Incredible throw between two defenders

Elliott kicks the extra point, PHI 14-7

That play took only eight seconds. Elliott kicks dead and Chiefs start on their 25

Mahomes hands off to Pacheco, but he's tackled behind the line of scrimmage for a loss of two yards

Mahome finds Smith-Schuster for four yards, but Chiefs face 3rd & 8

First quarter

15th minute - Hurts tosses to Goedert for four yards to the PHI 48

Hurts throws to Brown for a first down at the KC 45, as the opening quarter ends

14th minute - Hurts tries to find a gap in the defence to run, but makes only one yard and quickly faces 3rd & 4

Eagles draw Chiefs defence offside and secure a first down - big mistake from Frank Clarke

13th minute - Mahomes finds Jerrick McKinnon for seven yards to the PHI 24

On 3rd & 3, Mahomes stumbles and tries to flip the ball to a reciever, who has also fallen, so Chiefs will attempt the field goal. Butker's kick from 42 yards hits the upright and misses, 7-7

Eagles have the ball on their 32 to start their third drive

Hurts keeps the ball and runs five yards to the PHI 37

12th minute - Mahomes finds Kelce down the middle for 22 yards to the EAG 31

Mahomes has nothing going, so throws the ball away for 2nd & 10

11th minute - Siposs punts 57 yards to Kadarius Toney, who returns 12 yards to the KC 34

That's the Eagles' first real setback this game and gives Mahomes a chance to put the Chiefs ahead. 

Mahomes dumps the ball to tightend Noah Gray for six yards, then Pacheco grabs a couple more yards. Eagles defence are penalised for hands to the facemask, so Chiefs have 10 yards and first down.

10th minute - Hurts finds Smith, who picks up five yards, but Eagles are now 3rd & 14

Hurts is pursued by the defence and can't find an open receiver, so has to throw the ball away. Eagles will punt from their 21

Ninth minute - Butker kicks off dead and Eagles will start their second drive on the 25

Hurts throws laterally to Gainwell and he runs to the sideline, but Eagles are penalised for pass interference and lose 10 yards

Gainwell runs a yard and Eagles face 2nd & 19

Eighth minute - TOUCHDOWN to Kelce

Mahomes looks to the goal and finds his tightend, who catches over his shoulder. Butker adds the extra point, 7-7

Seventh minute - Mahomes scrambles on that dodgy ankle and slides short of the first down on the PHI 44

Pacheco breaks the line and runs 24 yards to the PHI 20

Sixth minute - Isiah Pacheco takes the handoff and runs three yards to the KC 28

Mahomes looks long and finds his favourite target, Travis Kelce for 20 yards to the KC 48

Fifth minute - Eagles face 3rd & 2 and Kenneth Gainwell finds a gap in the defenisve line, plunging to the goal-line. Replays show Gainwell was grounded short of the line, but Eagles have a first down and inches to the goal.


The quarterback tucks the ball under his arm and simply follows his centre to the line. There's a penalty on the Eagles, but declined by the Chiefs.

Jake Elliott kicks the extra point, EAG 7-0

Elliott kicks off for the Eagles, ball goes dead and Chiefs will start at the 25

Fourth minute - Hurts finds Smith for a completion on the KC 10

Boston Scott takes the handoff and charges up the middle of the defence to the KC 2

Third minute - Hurts finds tightend Goedert for 13 yards and first down on the KC 34

Second minute - Hurts looks downfield for AJ Brown, but Brown is in touch when he catches it. Eagles face 2nd & 10.

Hurts runs and picks up 10 yards for first down on the KC 47.

First minute - Harrison Butker kicks off and puts the ball dead, so Eagles will start on the 25.

Sanders takes the handoff and runs right, but loses a yard, before fumbling into touch.

Hurts finds Devonta Smith for five yards... they face 3rd & 5 and Hurts finds Smith for 12 yards and first down.

12:41pm - Lots of celebrities present, including basketballer LeBron James, and singers Adele and Billy Eilish.

12:33pm - Ceremonial coin toss, with a bunch of team captains from each side in the middle. Kansas City call tails and win the toss - the winner of the toss has lost the last eight Super Bowls.

They will kick off and Eagles get first use of the ball.

12:26pm - Pre-game entertainment includes Babyface singing 'America the Beautiful' and the US national anthem - always an event in itself - sung by country singer Chris Tapleton and signed by Troy Kotsur.

Always emotional, with a jet flyover and fireworks.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of Super Bowl LVII between Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs at State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona.

After a 17-game regular season and 14-team playoffs - surprise, surprise - the teams with the best record have emerged to contest the NFL Grand Final. Doesn't seem to matter how much playoffs are expanded to keep everyone interested, the cream usually rises to the top. 

Philadelphia were the last unbeaten team during the regular season, reaching week 10, before they were toppled by Washington Commanders, but then losing only twice more over the final eight weeks.

Both those defeats came with star quarterback Jalen Hurts sidelined with injury and although he has returned to play three games since, there's still a question mark over his shoulder sprain.

Similarly, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes - newly crowned two-time NFL Most Valuable Player - has struggled with an ankle injury in recent weeks, but isn't about to sit out the biggest game of the season.

With Mahomes at the helm, Kansas City won the Super Bowl in 2019 and lost to Tom Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers the following year, but Mahomes has had to adjust to a newlook offensive line-up this season, with rookie running back Isiah Pacheco emerging as his main ground weapon, and wide receivers JuJu Smith-Schuster, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Kararius Toney all in their first season with the Chiefs.

The one common denominator on attack is tightend Travis Kelce, simply the best in his position - perhaps ever.

If American football really isn't your thing, check back for the famous halftime show, this year featuring singer Rihanna in her first live performance for five years.

Or view the groundbreaking TV commercials, sold at US$7m for 30 seconds. Anheuser-Busch has bought up three minutes to promote its beer brands, while other companys to dig deep for the prime spots include Heineken, Remy Martin, Doritos, Google Pixel and M&M's.

This really is the biggest day in American sport... join us at 12:30pm for live updates.

TAB Odds: Eagles $1.83, Chiefs $1.97


Mahomes, Hurts make history as first Black quarterbacks to face off in Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes doesn't mince words, when asked about the importance of having two Black quarterbacks start a Super Bowl for the first time in the history of the game.

That's precisely what will happen on February 13 (NZ time), when Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs tangle with Jalen Hurts and Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona.

"To be on the world stage and have two Black quarterbacks starting in the Super Bowl, I think it's special," Mahomes said. "I've learned more and more about the history of the Black quarterback since I've been in this league, and the guys that came before me and Jalen set the stage for this.

"I'm just glad that we can set the stage for kids that are coming up now."

Patrick Mahomes celebrates victory at Super Bowl LIV. Photo credit: Getty Images

Mahomes, 27, envisions Super Bowl LVII as an opportunity to continue moving the needle forward.

"I think you've seen, over time, whenever a guy like Doug Williams or Michael Vick or Donovan McNabb go out and play great football, it gives other guys like me and Jalen chances to have this platform, and to have this spot on an NFL team," he said.

"If we can continue to show that we can consistently be great, I think it'll just continue to open doors for other kids growing up to follow their dreams and to be a quarterback of an NFL team. It's good that we have guys like Jalen on the other side, because he's a great person and obviously a great quarterback."

Patrick Mahomes & Jalen Hurts
Patrick Mahomes & Jalen Hurts. Photo credit: Getty Images

Doug Williams, Russell Wilson and Mahomes are the only Black quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl.

Williams guided Washington to a 42-10 victory over Denver in Super Bowl XXII and Wilson led Seattle Seahawks to a 43-8 win over the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Mahomes fueled the Chiefs to a 31-20 triumph over San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV.

"I think it's history," Hurts says. "I think it's something worthy of being noted.

"It's come a long way. I think there's only been seven African American quarterbacks to play in the Super Bowl.

"To be the first in something is pretty cool, so I know it will be a good one.

"I think anyone like Mike Vick, Cam [Newton], Randall Cunningham, McNabb, all those type of guys are guys that a lot of young kids looked up to, a lot of young Black kids as well... Steve McNair, all of those guys."

The status of Mahomes' ailing ankle could go a long way toward his bid to win a second ring. Mahomes says he didn't aggravate the injury in Kansas City's 23-20 victory over Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship Game.

Mahomes admits he experienced general soreness following the game. He added "other than that, I feel I'm in a good spot".