Sailing: SafeWork New South Wales clears SailGP Sydney of any fault in response to destructive thunderstorm

SafeWork New South Wales says SailGP Sydney did nothing wrong, when a ferocious thunderstorm destructively whipped through its base.

"SafeWork NSW attended Barangaroo in response to an incident, which occurred during an event," SafeWork NSW told Newshub.

Following inquiries, SafeWork NSW determined appropriate systems were in place. At this stage, no further action will be taken.

Severe thunderstorm warnings were in place at the time.

Organisers were aware of the forecast, and asked members in the VIP area to leave and get home safely, before the thunderstorm arrived, but there were no other warnings on site. 

The teams had just finished racing and a crane was loading the boats onto land, one by one. Team Canada were still attached to the crane, when the wind catapulted them towards tents and people.

Wild weather caused severe disruption to SailGP Sydney.
Wild weather caused severe disruption to SailGP Sydney. Photo credit: Getty Images

One person was seen being struck by debris, as they ran for cover, but SailGP Sydney says no-one was seriously injured. 

There was serious damage to the wing sails across the fleet and at least one boat. As a result, Sunday's racing was cancelled and the conditions were deemed as too dangerous for competition.

SailGP seems likely to go ahead as planned in Christchurch, with the inaugural New Zealand leg scheduled for March 18/19.