Live updates: Super Rugby Pacific - Chiefs v Moana Pasifika from Melbourne's AAMI Stadium

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Chiefs 52        Moana Pasifika 29


Niuia throws over the top for Inisi, but the Chiefs turn it over.

They don't kick it out though as Nankivell and Ratima run. They lose the ball though, and Moana Pasifika kick it downfield.

Coombes-Fabling gets back, and clears into touch to end this encounter.

80+2 mins

Thompson throws, and Sowakula has a crack at the line, but gives away a penalty for not releasing as he's tackled short.

Havili clears for another lineout. We're not done yet.

80 mins

Ratima feeds, and clears downfield as the ball trickles into touch. Moana Pasifika lineout. 

Niuia throws over the top, but Moana Pasifika get it under control.

The Chiefs get a penalty as the siren goes, and Stevenson clears into touch for a lineout.

79 mins

Ratima is back on, so the Chiefs are back to 14. Parker knocks on to give Moana Pasifika a scrum.

Enari feeds and goes off the back to Lealiifano. He goes wide to Tuitavuki, and he breaks down the let.

Moana Pasifika go back infield, but Aumua - who is back onfield for injury - spills it.

Chiefs scrum.


Penalty for Moana Pasifika, Havili clears for a lineout.

Niuia throws, and again they drive. Niuia has it at the back again, but the maul goes down.

They go wide, before Enari switches back to the right. Advantage for Moana Pasifika, but Gatland knocks on his attempted intercept.

We go back for the penalty, and Thompson is shown a yellow card for repeated infringements.

We're now going to the TMO, to look if Gatland can be binned too for deliberate knockdown instead.  

Wow, wow, wow. Gatland is shown yellow, and a penalty try is awarded.

The Chiefs will finish this game with 14.

CHI 52 MOA 29

72 mins

Both sides trade kicks, before Stevenson finds Tavatavanawai, who runs at the line.

He gives away a penalty though, not releasing the call.

Chiefs lineout.

72 mins

Lealiifano kicks off, and Vaa'i wins it. Coombes-Fabling has dropped back to fullback and clears.

Havili fields it and runs it back. The ball's kicked over the top for Tuitavuki, but Gatland tackles him into touch.

70 mins - CHIEFS TRY

Gatland kicks off, and Inisi runs from the restart. They go wide where Tavatavanawai takes some tackling on the right. 

The Chiefs manage to turn the ball over though. Poihipi kicks through the line, and Stevenson races through, latches onto it and scores his third.

That's 50 up for the Chiefs.

Can Gatland convert? Yes he can.

CHI 52 MOA 22


Again, the Chiefs are down to 14 with no halfback.

Niuia throws, and Moana Pasifika drive. They're going backwards, so go to the backs.

Taefu runs, but is tackled in front of the posts, Enari picks and goes but is tackled short.

Advantage for Moana Pasifika as Funaki goes for the line. We'll have to check with the TMO, but the onfield call is try. This looks good, and the try is awarded.

Lealiifano to kick, and lands it.

CHI 45 MOA 22


Niuia throws over the top again, but Coombes-Fabling gets there first as the Chiefs attack.

Stevenson knocks on though, and Tavitavinawai runs. 

Ratima makes the tackle, despite not being back 10, and is shown yellow.

Havili finds touch for a lineout.

67 mins

McKenzie is subbed off, Punivai comes on. Niuia throws, but the Chiefs steal it, McWhannell the hero.

Gatland clears from inside his ingoal.

Another Moana Pasifika lineout. Aumua is subbed off for Taefu.

66 mins

Moana Pasifika scrum. Ngakuru will continue, but looks in real pain.

They go off the back, and win advantage as Lealiifano kicks over the top for Tuitavuki. 

But he can't control it, so we go back for the penalty. Havili finds touch.

65 mins

Play resumes, Moana Pasifika lineout. Niuia throws over the top for Inisi. 

Moana Pasifika have advantage, and Lealiifano kicks over the top.

No advantage though, so we go back for the penalty.

64 mins

Moana Pasifika lineout, Niuia throws and they look to run from inside their own half.

Loose pass back infield from Tavatavanawai, and the Chiefs snap it up.

McKenzie swings the ball wide to Parker on the left, but he's tackled.

McKenzie kicks over the top into touch, but Ngakuru stays down hurt in back play.

62 mins

Lealiifano taps and goes looking to fool the Chiefs - it doesn't.

They go wide to Toala, who looks for Tavatavanawai, but the ball comes loose.

McKenzie boots it downfield, and Aumua gathers - and runs from his own 22. 

Enari clears, Gatland takes it. Gatland kicks back, straight to Lealiifano.

Lealiifano kicks to Coombes-Fabling, who finds McKenzie, who kicks into touch.

61 mins

Moana Pasifika lineout in the corner. Niuia throws, and they go for the drive.

Niuia has it at the back, but Moana Pasifka go sideways. Niuia charges at the line, and wins advantage.

Play is stopped for another penalty, McWhannell the culprit. Weber's yellow card is up, but Cortez Ratima comes on as his replacement.

60 mins

Chiefs restart and clear, before Lealiifano kicks back. Gatland clears into touch for a lineout.

Niuia throws his first after coming on, but it's spilled onto Moana Pasifika's side. 

Moana Pasifika look to use it as Aumua straightens the attack. Advantage to Moana Pasifika, and play is stopped for the penalty.

58 mins

Chiefs lineout. Retallick and Cane both leave the field. Thompson throws and Parker wins it as his first act. 

Gatland puts a kick up that Havili takes as his first touch. Enari tries a crossfield kick, but it evades everyone and goes into touch.

57 mins

Break in play, Slade leaves the field for a concussion test. Chiefs scrum after a knock-on.

McKenzie steps in to play halfback. He feeds, and the Chiefs win a penalty against Funaki.

56 mins

Lealiifano kicks off, great start from both sides to this second half.

The Chiefs move through the hands before the ball is loose after two offloads.

Inisi snaps it up, and races away before Gatland and McKenzie get back. Moana Pasifika look to go quickly, but the ball is tackled into touch. 

55 mins - CHIEFS TRY

McKenzie kicks off, and Retallick wins it. Taukei'aho and Nanai-Seturo have come off, Tyrone Thompson and Bryn Gatland have come on.

The Chiefs have the ball, and Nankivell stabs a kick through on the left wing. Stevenson runs through, and he dots down to score his second! 

McKenzie to convert from just on the left, and he does.

CHI 45 MOA 15


Moana Pasifika will have another lineout, Jared Proffit has to leave the field to go to the blood bin. Lealiifano finds touch.

Moli throws, Slade wins it and they drive. They go close, and Moli has it at the back - and he's over! 

Can Lealiifano add the extras? This time he does!

CHI 38 MOA 15


Taukei'aho throws, and the Chiefs go wide. Nankivell loses the ball in the tackle, and Moana Pasifika have advantage.

Faiilagi breaks and runs into the 22 before he's tackled. Mau'u picks and goes, before they go wide through Toala. 

Moana Pasifika are getting closer as Slade has a go, but tackled short of the 5m line. 

Aumua runs and looks to slip Tavatavanawai in, but he's tackled, they go back infield through Moli.

Paea has a go, tackled, but Weber gives away a penalty for hands in the ruck.

Weber is shown a yellow card for his troubles too.

48 mins

Free kick awarded to Moana Pasifika, and Lealiifano wants another scrum. 

Paea feeds, and finds Lealiifano off the back, who kicks to Stevenson.

Stevenson kicks it right back, as Toala clears into touch. Chiefs lineout.

46 mins

McKenzie kicks off, before Toala kicks it right back. Stevenson has a run, but he's smashed in the tackle.

McKenzie puts Nankivell into a gap, before Weber's offload is spilled by Nanai-Seturo for a Moana Pasifika scrum.


Moli throws, Faiilagi wins it and they drive again. Another advantage, so this time Moana Pasifika run.

Another penalty, Moana Pasifika go wide to Tavatavanawai - and he scores on the right wing!

Lealiifano to convert, but he misses.

CHI 38 MOA 8

43 mins

Moli throws, Slade wins it and Moana Pasifika drive. 

Advantage for Moana Pasifika, as the maul goes to ground.

Play is stopped for the penalty. Surely Moana Pasifika want another lineout? 

They do.

42 mins

Poihipi takes the kick-off, before Weber clears. 

The whistle goes for offside against the kick chasers.

Lealiifano clears for a lineout.

41 mins

Moana Pasifika make their way back out of the sheds, slowly. The Chiefs follow, we could see some records fall in the next 40 minutes.

Moana Pasifika have switched both of their props. Lealiifano kicks off to get the second spell underway.


McKenzie can't find touch, as Moana Pasifika ground the ball in goal to end the first half.

Halftime couldn't come soon enough for them.

40+3 mins

Taukei'aho throws, but it goes over the top. Slade snaps up the loose ball.

Moana Pasifika go wide, but Faiilagi loses it. The Chiefs go right through Poihipi, but Inisi steals it.

Tuitavuki runs and is tackled, before Aumua takes the ball up to halfway. Jacobson tries to steal it, but Moana Pasifika hold on. 

Lindenmuth gives away a penalty though, and the Chiefs want another lineout.

40 mins

Weber feeds, and the Chiefs win a penalty as the siren goes.

McKenzie finds touch for one last lineout.

39 mins

Two minutes to go, can the Chiefs crack 40 in the first half? Lealiifano kicks off, but the ball doesn't go 10m.

The Chiefs want a scrum.

38 mins - CHIEFS TRY

Lealiifano finds touch from the kickoff, so the Chiefs have a scrum on halfway. 

Weber feeds, and goes left to McKenzie. Taukei'aho cuts back infield, before Nankivell attacks on the left.

McKenzie runs again - and spots a gap, breaks through and scores under the posts! 

Can he convert his own try? He does.

CHI 36 MOA 3

36 mins - CHIEFS TRY

Taukei'aho throws, Retallick wins it and they drive again. Chiefs advantage, as Weber goes blind and scores in the corner!

Or has he? The ref wants to check with the TMO. Did he stay infield? He did. Try awarded.

Weber has a double and the Chiefs have five. McKenzie to convert again, but misses it to the right.

CHI 31 MOA 3

34 mins

Weber feeds, and wins advantage as the scrum goes forward.

The whistle goes, this time for Aumua leaving his feet. 

This time the Chiefs take the lineout. 

32 mins

Paea feeds. Tavatavanawai runs as first receiver, and bumps off Weber but loses the ball in the process.

Chiefs scrum now.

30 mins

Moana Pasifika lineout. Moli throws and Faiilagi wins it before Tuitavuki clears into touch.

Chiefs lineout, Taukei'aho goes quickly. Sowakula tries to pick and go, but knocks on.

Moana Pasifika scrum.

29 mins

Weber feeds, and runs off the back. He finds McKenzie, who finds Stevenson, who kicks downfield.

Toala gets to the ball first, and ends any danger for Moana Pasifika. The ball comes loose though, as Poihipi kicks through the line!

Coombes-Fabling chases, but the ball dribbles into touch.

27 mins

Lealiifano kicks off (again) and Retallick wins it. Weber clears, and Tuitavuki wins it in the air.

Moana Pasifika break through Toala, but his attempted offload goes forward.

Chiefs scrum.

25 mins - TRY CHIEFS

McKenzie finds touch for a Chiefs lineout. Taukei'aho throws quickly, and they go for the maul again.

Weber has it at the back, and finds Poihipi. Advantage for offside to the Chiefs, McKenzie goes wide to Stevenson, and he goes over on the right!

McKenzie with his fourth kick of the first half, but he can't bring this one around.

CHI 26 MOA 3

22 mins

Lealiifano kicks off again. Poihipi takes it and runs into a tackle. 

McKenzie clears downfield, Toala takes it. Taukei'aho pinches it and goes on a run, but Moana Pasifika give away a penalty.

20 mins - CHIEFS TRY

Moli throws, and Faiilagi wins it. Moana Pasifika look to run it from inside their own half.

Toala kicks downfield to McKenzie, who goes on a run before being tackled. Jacobson puts Sowakula into space - and he's through!

He's in to score, but loses his footing! Sowakula offloads to Weber, though, and he runs in to score the third.

More than a point a minute from the Chiefs at the moment.

Can McKenzie convert? He can!

CHI 21 MOA 3

18 mins

Moana Pasifika dropout, and Lealiifano grubbers it into touch for a Chiefs lineout.

Taukei'aho throws, and finds McKenzie over the top. They go wide to Stevenson, who kicks through for Nanai-Seturo, but Toala gets there first.

Norris gives away a penalty for a no-arms tackle to get Moana Pasifika out of trouble.

Lealiifano finds touch.

16 mins

Short kickoff again, and the Chiefs win it again as Nanai-Seturo breaks down the left!

Sowakula has a run as the Chiefs get inside the 22, Norris takes it to the 5m line.

Dyer has a go to take it inside 5m. Weber throws a dummy before going himself, but he's held up in goal.

14 mins - CHIEFS TRY

Chiefs lineout in the corner. Taukei'aho throws, Vaa'i wins it and they drive.

Taukei'aho has the ball at the back, but Weber goes to the backs. Poihipi runs, before they go back blind.

Retallick runs, tackled at the 5m line. McKenzie throws a huge cutout pass to Coombes-Fabling, and he goes over to score on the right!

Can McKenzie convert? Same position as his first kick, and this time he belts it down the middle.

CHI 14 MOA 3

12 mins

Taukei'aho throws, Retallick wins it, but Moana Pasifika turn it over.

Both sides trade kicks, before Tavatavanawi has a run. McKenzie stays down hurt after a bump off, but Moana Pasifika have the ball.

The Chiefs win a penalty. McKenzie is up on his feet.

10 mins

The Chiefs give away a free kick as Retallick closes the gap at the lineout. 

Lealiifano finds touch. Chiefs lineout.

9 mins

Moana Pasifika lineout. Moli throws and Moana Pasifika wins it. 

Aumua loses the ball, and Coombes-Fabling kicks downfield.

Another lineout.

8 mins

McKenzie kicks off again, and there's a scramble before Moana Pasifika end up with it. Aumua runs, and wins advantage. Play is stopped for the penalty, but Funaki has stayed down hurt.


Do they want the points this time? They do.

Lealiifano lines up the kick, and makes no effort from in front.


6 mins

Moli throws, Slade wins it and Moana Pasifika attack.

McKenzie and Cane combine to end any immediate threat, but Moana Pasifika go wide. There's a loose pass, but Aumua snaps it up and finds Toala. 

Moana Pasifika go wide to the right, before Lindenmuth brings it back infield. Aumua goes wide to Funaki, but he stumbles and goes to ground.

Ngakura has a run, but he's tackled as they go right again. Another advantage for Moana Pasifika, and play is stopped for the penalty.

Sowakula the culprit again.

3 mins

Lealiifano kicks off now, and it's Moana Pasifika's turn! They've got advantage, as Sowakula tackles high.

Play is stopped and we go back for the penalty. Moana Pasifika want the lineout.


And we're away! Damian McKenzie kicks off - and the Chiefs score straight away!

Poihipi comes out of nowhere, intercepts a pass from Tuitavuki and runs away to score!

Not even 10 seconds on the board! Can McKenzie convert? The ball bounces off the upright, and goes over.



And Christian Lealiifano does the same for Moana Pasifika.

Big cheer as they make their way onto the field.


The Chiefs are the first side out of the sheds and onto AAMI Park - remember, this is a neutral game because of Magic Round.

Brad Weber leads the Chiefs onto the field, sharing the captaincy with Sam Cane.


Both sides are in their final preparations back in the sheds. Not long to go now!


Good evening! We're about 20 minutes away from kick-off in Melbourne.

The Chiefs will consider themselves heavy favourites in this one, and could make another huge statement at the top of the table.

But, if there's one side who could throw a cat amongst the pidgeons, it's Moana Pasifika.

We'll have all the action for you shortly!


Kia ora, good evening, and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of Super Rugby Pacific's Magic round, as the Chiefs and Moana Pasifika square off at Melbourne's AAMI Stadium.

Last week, the Chiefs sent a huge warning to the rest of the competition with a resounding win over the reigning champion Crusaders, and will look for a repeat dose tonight.

They will be without All Blacks midfielder Anton Lienert-Brown, sidelined by an ankle injury, but have an able backup in Rameka Poihipi.

The ever-impressive Etene Nanai-Seturo also returns for his first start of the season, slotting in on the wing. 

Meanwhile, Moana Pasifika have made a raft of changes from last week's defeat to Fijian Drua.

Ezekiel Lindenmuth returns to the front row, and sees Abraham Pole drop to the bench in his place, while Levi Aumua forms a new midfield pairing with Fine Inisi.

An unlikely victory tonight would be Moana Pasifika's third in Super Rugby since their inception last year, and second over a New Zealand side.

TAB odds: Chiefs $1.02, Moana Pasifika $11, draw $36


Chiefs: 1-Ollie Norris, 2-Samisoni Taukei'aho, 3-George Dyer, 4-Brodie Retallick, 5-Tupou Vaa'i. 6-Pita Gus Sowakula, 7-Sam Cane (cc), 8-Luke Jacobson, 9-Brad Weber (cc), 10-Damian McKenzie, 11-Etene Nanai-Seturo, 12-Rameka Poihipi, 13-Alex Nankivell, 14-Liam Coombes-Fabling, 15-Shaun Stevenson

Reserves: 16-Tyrone Thompson, 17-Jared Proffit, 18-John Ryan, 19-Lachlan McWhannell, 20-Simon Parker, 21-Cortez Ratima, 22-Bryn Gatland, 23-Ngatungane Punivai

Moana Pasifika: 1-Ezekiel Lindenmuth, 2-Samiuela Moli, 3-Chris Apoua, 4-Samuel Slade, 5-Mahroni Ngakuru, 6-Miracle Faiilagi, 7-Solomone Funaki, 8-Jonah Mau'u, 9-Manu Paea, 10-Christian Lealiifano (c), 11-Anzelo Tuitavuki, 12-Levi Aumua, 13-Fine Inisi, 14-Timoci Tavatavanawai, 15-Danny Toala

Reserves: 16-Ray Niuia, 17-Abraham Pole, 18-Suetena Asomua, 19-Michael Curry, 20-Lotu Inisi, 21-Ereatara Enari, 22-William Havili, 23-Henry Taefu