NBA: US sports broadcaster says Kiwi Steven Adams 'not good enough' to have impact on Ja Morant

NBA fans have praised Kiwi Steven Adams for his attempt to curb troubled Memphis Grizzlies teammate Ja Morant's behaviour, but he hasn't escaped scrutiny from a controversial American sports broadcaster.

Adams reportedly led the charge in a players' only meeting in an effort to deter Morant from any further off-court indiscretions, only his teammate to get himself in even more hot water afterward.

The 23-year-old is currently being investigated by police after brandishing a gun on an Instagram video, and has since been suspended and taken an indefinite break from basketball.

While Adams is the most senior player on a young Grizzlies roster, and is well-respected amongst his peers and NBA fans, his intervention would've fallen on deaf ears according to popular Skip Bayless, because he's "not good enough".

Speaking to his co-host Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed, he said Adams' input at the meeting would've been irrelevant.

"There's not a veteran leader on the Grizzlies except for Steven Adams, and I'm not sure he counts, because he's not good enough, he's not a rising star," Bayless said.

"When he made his comments, I'm sure ears were opened, but when Ja is listening to those comments, they don't just go in one ear and out the other, I don't even think they go in one ear.

"Because I don't think Ja is going to listen to Steven Adams, that's just me."

It comes after leading NBA journalist Shams Charnia reported that the Grizzlies held the meeting due to their terrible NBA record away from home.

Despite being the second seed in the Western Conference, Memphis have struggled on the road, with outside distractions being blamed.