Live updates: NRL - NZ Warriors v Canterbury Bulldogs from Sydney's Accor Stadium

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Warriors 24      Bulldogs 12


Into the final minute. Johnson kicks on the last, straight to Perham for one last set.

Kiraz and Averillo combine on the right, as the Bulldogs go back infield.

Wilson does well, but he's tackled on the first.

Burton and Perham go back to the right.

Burton kicks, it's untidy, but Sironen falls on it - and that's fulltime.

The Warriors break their losing run in style!

79 mins

Time ticking away. The Bulldogs just go side to side, but can't get out of their half.

Averillo and Kiraz combine to get over halfway on the last, Burton kicks, it bounces - straight to Nicoll-Klokstad.

78 mins

Nicoll-Klokstad runs on the first, Sironen on the second. Afoa takes the third and runs to the 10.

Lussick plays it quickly to put Niukore away, but it's called forward. 

Bulldogs scrum.

77 mins

Five to play. The Bulldogs get to their 40 on the last. Burton chips on the last, but Johnson gets there before Averillo.

Watene-Zelezniak wins a penalty in the tackle.

75 mins - TRY BULLDOGS

Sorry, that's a Bulldogs scrum. The call is Berry knocked it on into Alamoti who knocked on into an offside Pangai.

The Bulldogs do restart, and this time they do score as Burton puts Okunbor into a gap on the right edge.

Nothing wrong with this one. Burton converts from the right.

WAR 24 BUL 12

73 mins

Burton kicks on the last, and there's a mad scramble as Watene-Zelezniak goes head over heels, taken out by Wilson.

The ball bounces free, but Pangai Junior comes away with it and scores? Try awarded, but we'll check with the bunker. 

Berry claims the ball after the kick, but Alamoti gets a hand on it before it goes to Pangai in an offside position. 

So this should be overturned. And is.

The rub of the green goes the Warriors' way this week, and they'll have a scrum.

72 mins

Pompey takes the first tackle after the scrum, but then knocks on.

Hang on though, another captain's challenge. Nah, this is just optimistic.

Challenge unsuccessful.

72 mins

Penalty called against Johnson after a strip on Pangai, and it looks like the Warriors will challenge it.

Pangai's just straight up let go of the ball before the held call, so that's a successful challenge!

Warriors scrum!

71 mins

Warriors scrum, as Watene-Zelezniak runs the first. Walker takes the second, Fonua-Blake the third.

Nicoll-Klokstad carries over halfway on the fifth, takes the tackle and then cramps to kill some time.

Play restarts, and Johnson kicks deep to Wilson for the Bulldogs to restart.

70 mins

That should be game, but you never know... 

Preston carries to take the ball into the Warriors' half, before Burton breaks on the right edge!

He throws a pass out to Averillo - who dives for the corner, but the pass is called foward!

68 mins - TRY WARRIORS

Fonua-Blake restarts with the first tackle, Harris takes the second.

Curran offloads ont he third after carrying over the 30. Sironen goes over the 10 on the fourth.

Lussick goes on the fifth but is takcled on the line. Walker's pass is shocking and completely misses Johnson on the last.

Volkman ends up with it. He kicks, the ball ricochets off Waddell - straight back to Volkman! Volkman slices Perham in half - and he scores!!!

Johnson to convert, and nails it!

WAR 24 BUL 6

66 mins

Reynolds has stayed down hurt, as play is stopped for a tackle on Wilson. Play restarts, and Mahoney kicks deep.

Nicoll-Klokstad is tackled, and the ball comes loose as Averillo breaks away to score! Hang on though, Reynolds has stripped it - and the try is disallowed.

Penalty for the Warriors.

65 mins

Burton kicks on the last, and the Warriors restart. 

They go wide on the fifth, but Watene-Zelezniak is dumped backwards. Johnson kicks on the last, straight to Kiraz to restart.

63 mins

What's happened here? Waddell has knocked on trying to play the ball inside the Warriors' half!

Warriors scrum. Pompey runs on the first, and carries over halfway. Curran the second, tackled over the 40. 

Fonua-Blake carries over halfway on the third. Johnson runs on the fourth and breaks two tackles before he goes down. They go wide on the fifth, but Watene-Zelezniak goes down.

Shocking pass on the last, as Volkman kicks straight to Kiraz, and then makes the tackle.

61 mins

Burton kicks on the last, straight to Montoya - and he breaks now!

He gets into the Bulldogs half, but Johnson goes for the early kick again!

Wilson reads it ahead of Watene-Zelezniak for the Bulldogs to start again.

Berry gives away a penalty though.

59 mins

Johnson kicks with the dropout, Okunbor misses it, and Volkman claims it!

The Warriors get out of jail. Nicoll-Klokstad runs on the third get over halfway.

Curran takes the fifth, they go all the way wide through the hands to Watene-Zelezniak, who kicks straight into Kiraz's hands!

He threatens a breakaway, but Nicoll-Klokstad saves the day to make the tackle.

57 mins

The Bulldogs are a different side after the break. They go wide to Averillo from the scrum, but Curran tackles.

Okunbor takes the second, and wins a set restart. Pele runs on the first, and wins another set restart. 

Burton runs, and he's tackled. They go wide to the left through Perham, as Pele bounces out of Fonua-Blake's tackle.

They go wide again as Oloapu tries to dance through. Burton kicks on the last, but Nicoll-Klokstad bats it dead as Preston chases.

56 mins

Wilson breaks down the sideline on the fourth, as Johnson gets across to tackle.

Burton's pass is intercepted by Pompey, but he can't hang on as the Bulldogs get a scrum.

55 mins

Burton bombs on the last, Montoya takes it to restart.

Pompey takes the first, Berry spins but is taken on the second. Nicoll-Klokstad tackled third. 

Johnson kicks, straight to Perham at the back.

Walker looks like he's copped a shot to the face as well.

53 mins

Burton kicks on the last, and Nicoll-Klokstad takes it before he's swamped on the Warriors' 10m line.

Curran carries over the 30 on the fourth, Fonua-Blake gets to the 40, and then halfway on the fifth. Johnson kicks on the last, Wilson takes it.

51 mins

Niukore offloads to Walker to get past the 30 on the fourth, as the Warriors go through the hands to Montoya on the fifth.

Johnson kicks on the last, and Alamoti takes it to end any danger.

50 mins

Johnson kicks off again for the Bulldogs to restart. Burton goes high on the last, Watene-Zelezniak takes it cleanly this time.

Niukore smashes his way over halfway on the fourth, as Ale takes the fifth.

Johnson kicks on the last, and Perham claims it - and breaks the line! He finds Averillo outside him, as Kiraz takes the second tackle.

Burton looks to go left, but passes straight to Watene-Zelezniak.

47 mins - TRY BULLDOGS

Johnson goes short, Montoya bats it back for Curran, who can't hang onto it to give away a scrum for the Bulldogs.

They go right to Averillo again, who goes back infield for Kiraz. Waddell goes, but he's tackled. 

Mahoney goes short to Edwards, and he steps through the defence to score for the Bulldogs! That's his first try in the NRL, but Tom Ale was beaten too easily there.

Burton to convert from in front, and does.

WAR 18 BUL 6

45 mins

The Dogs go wide through Averillo on the first, but he's tackled on the right.

They go left, to Waddell, tackled. Back to the right and Averillo again, tackled. Back to the right, as Burton kicks into the in-goal.

Nicoll-Klokstad gets it, but he's tackled to give away a dropout.

43 mins

Burton and Mahoney throw offloads to keep the ball alive on the fifth for the Warriors, inside the Warriors half.

Burton kicks on the last, but the ball is spilled loose. Knock-on called against Montoya against Okunbor's challenge.

Bulldogs scrum on the 10.

42 mins

Egan stays down after copping a shot to the face. His eye is shut, but fingers crossed it's not another head knock.

Replays show he actually poked himself in the eye. Play on. 

Johnson bombs on the last, straight to Wilson.

41 mins

We are back for the second half. The Warriors have been near-flawless so far, can they keep it up?

Burton kicks off to start the second spell.


Burton is flattened on a chip and chase, but Watene-Zelezniak takes it cleanly - and wins a set restart for the Warriors inside the Dogs' half.

Niukore takes the ball to the 30. They go wide through the hands, but Montoya's offload back inside is intercepted, and the Bulldogs get out of jail.

The halftime siren goes, and that's the first 40.

39 mins

Burton kicks high on the last, but guess who takes it? Charnze.

Warriors restart as Watene-Zelezniak takes the second. Nicoll-Klokstad takes the third, Montoya the fourth.

Harris takes the fifth. Johnson kicks high on the last, straight to Wilson again.

37 mins

Burton kicks deep to restart, and Ale takes the first hit up. Curran takes the second.

The Bulldogs defend well though, and Johnson is force to kick on the last inside the Warriors half, straight to Wilson.

36 mins - TRY WARRIORS

Ale gives away a penalty for holding down, and the Bulldogs restart on the 30.

The Bulldogs go to the left, as Preston gets to the 10. They go back to the righ, but Perham gives the ball away - straight to Pompey! He breaks downfield, but is tackled by Alamoti!


That is one of the tries of the season, and Andrew Webster loves it!!!

Johnson lines up the kick from the touchline, this would be the icing on the cake.

And he only goes and belts it through the sticks!!!

WAR 18 BUL 0

33 mins

Curran is looking untroubled now. 

Ale takes the first tackle, Walker the second

Egan and Walker combine on the fifth, but can't put Nicoll-Klokstad into a gap.

Johnson kicks on the last, Berry gets up and bats it back for Egan, and he's tackled to hand it over.

32 mins

Mahoney kicks on the last, and is denied a 40-20 by centimetres! Warriors to restart.

Montoya takes the first, Pompey the second. Hang on though, Mahoney has given away a penalty for holding down.

Johnson finds the sideline to restart in the Bulldogs' half.

30 mins

Warriors restart from inside their half.

Again the Dogs' defence is good, as Johnson kicks on the last from inside the half.

Again, straight to Perham to restart.

28 mins

The Bulldogs kick off again, as Volkman claims it. 

The Warriors can't break into the Dogs' half, as Volkman kicks deep on the last for Perham to restart.

27 mins - TRY WARRIORS

Curran is hurt an receives treatment as the Bulldogs start their set. 

They get inside the half, and Mahoney kicks on the last, but Nicoll-Klokstad watches it go dead.

Watene-Zelezniak restarts, and Montoya carries over halfway on the first.

Pompey goes on the second, Niukore the third. They're on the 20.

Walker slips Fonua-Blake into a gap - and he leaves them all in his wake to score under the posts!

Johnson to convert from in front, and nails it.

WAR 12 BUL 0

24 mins

Perham throws a shocker to King, who drops it cold for a Warriors scrum on halfway. 

Pompey runs and takes the first tackle off the back, and Curran goes over Reynolds on the second. 

Nicoll-Klokstad has nowhere to go on the third, as they go wide on the fourth through Niukore. 

Harris takes the fifth and gets to the 20. 

Walker plays the last and nearly puts Berry into a gap, but the tackle is made to hand over possession.

22 mins

Bulldogs scrum inside their own 10m. 

They get to halfway by the fourth tackle, before Burton goes high on the last. Nicoll-Klokstad is perfect under the high ball though, and the Warriors restart as Egan enters play.

Johnson kicks deep on the last, as Perham gets it on the bounce.

20 mins

Burton goes short, but Curran gets the ball on the first. Fonua-Blake takes the second, Afoa the third, but is called as a forward pass from Harris.

Fair call, Harris just held it for too long.

19 mins

Harris forces a knock-on from Kiraz, and the Warriors have a scrum. Bad couple of minutes for Kiraz.

Volkman feeds as Johnson goes to the right edge on the first through Berry, and Niukore on the second. Afoa takes the third and gets inside the 10. 

Niukore takes the fourth, and Volkman the fifth. Johnson's kick is charged on the last, but he ends up with it again.

He puts the bomb up to the left wing, as Pompey and Kiraz both go up for it. Neither claim it, so Averillo gets there and is tackled in goal.

Referee conference, but should be a dropout. And is.

16 mins

Warriors restart as Berry takes the first. Fonua-Blake carries over halfway on the third. 

Afoa carries over the 30 on the fourth, before Volkman is swamped on the fifth.

Johnson kicks on the last, straight to Alamoti for the Bulldogs to restart.

15 mins

Perham wins a penalty against Fonua-Blake trying to play the ball. What can the Bulldogs do with it?

They go to their right edge, where Pompey tackles Averillo, but gives away a set restart. 

They go back to the left, before Waddell tries to break up the middle. Mahoney tries to get tot he line, and gets another set restart.

Reynolds and Burton combine on the left, but Niukore makes the tackle. 

Averillo drops the ball backwards, and the Bulldogs lose 10m. They go to the right, as Kiraz dives for the line - but Montoya has tackled him into touch to save the try!

13 mins

Burton looks for a 40-20, but the bounce is unkind as Nicoll-Klokstad tidies up.

Lussick is taken high by Reynolds, but no penalty or set restart...

Johnson kicks deep on the last, and Wilson gets to it safely.

12 mins

Burton kicks on the last, and Nicoll-Klokstad takes it comfortably as the first tackle.

Watene-Zelezniak takes the second, Montoya the third.

Nicoll-Klokstad runs on the fourth and gets into the Dogs' half. The Warriors can't use the ball though, as Johnson is tackled on the last to hand the ball back.

10 mins

Burton kicks off again, as Afoa takes the first hit-up. Curran runs on the second, tackled.

Harris on the third, and gets over the 30, Fonua-Blake on the fourth.

Johnson kicks deep on the fifth, and has Perham scrambling back again, before he runs into Pompey and Curran to start the set.



Burton kicks short, and Volkman ends up with it after a scramble.

Fonua-Blake takes the second, and Niukore the third as he gets to the 10. Lussick nearly puts Afoa in to score, but he's tackled.

Johnson kicks on the fifth - and he splits the line to put Curran into score with no one opposing him! Curran scores with his first touch of the night!

Can Johnson convert? The kick is away to the left, he sure can!


7 mins

Mahoney breaks on the fifth, and carries over halfway before Reynolds goes to the air, straight to Montoya again.

Pompey runs on the second, as the Warriors start again inside their own half. Watene-Zelezniak and Nicoll-Klokstad take the third and fourth, Lussick the fifth.

They get to the 30, as Johnson kicks into the in goal on the last. Perham tidies up at the back, but is tackled to force a dropout.

Great set from the Warriors and Johnson.

5 mins

The Bulldogs attack on their second, before Reynolds kicks on the last, straight to Montoya to restart.

Nicoll-Klokstad takes the second tackle, Watene-Zelezniak the third. Niukore the fourth and Harris the fifth.

Johnson kicks on the last, Wilson settles under it for his first touch of the ball.

3 mins

Sorry, it was debutant Wilson and not Mahoney who gave the penalty away.

The Warriors have their first set. Niukore carries inside the 40, and Fonua-Blake inside the 30.

Harris and Johnson go wide on the fourth, before Volkman is tackled. They go to Johnson on the fifth, but he's tackled. 

Who kicks on the last? Volkman puts it up, but Kiraz claims it.

1 min

The Bulldogs get to halfway, before Burton kicks high on the last.

Watene-Zelezniak gets up and takes it, but Mahoney gives away a penalty for tackling him in the air.


Right then, the Warriors will get us started.

And do as Pompey kicks off.


The Warriors make their way out of the sheds first, but there's only a small crowd in at Accor Stadium to welcome them.

Organisers are hopeful of 10,000 tonight - but that looks optimistic.


In late news, Freddy Lussick has moved into the starting side again, dropping Wayde Egan onto the interchange bench. 

For the Bulldogs, Harrison Edwards starts at lock in place of Raymond Faitala-Mariner.

Otherwise, both teams are as initially named.


Both sides are back in the sheds for their final preparations.

Not long to go now!


Good evening! We're about half an hour away from kickoff in Sydney.

A huge game for both sides tonight, looking to break back into, or even stay in reach of, the top eight.


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of this round 11 NRL clash between NZ Warriors and Canterbury Bulldogs, from Sydney's Accor Stadium.

After a week dominated by talk of refereeing bias against the Kiwi side - from the outside at least - the Warriors have the chance tonight to do their talking on the field.

Three straight defeats to Melbourne Storm, Sydney Roosters and Penrith Panthers have left the Warriors 11th on the ladder, albeit just four points off second place thanks to the congested nature of this year's competition.

An injury to winger Ed Kosi has forced a reshuffle in the backline, seeing Marcelo Montoya shift wide and Rocco Berry come into the centres. 

In the halves, Dylan Walker drops from five-eighth to the interchange, as Ronald Volkman takes the No.6 jersey to partner Shaun Johnson.

Meanwhile, tonight's opponents the Bulldogs sit 14th on the ladder, with four wins and six defeats this year.

In a blow for the Bulldogs - but boost for the Warriors - star winger Josh Addo-Carr has been ruled out of tonight's clash, seeing rookie Blake Wilson come in for his debut.

These two sides have met once already this season, as a late try to Johnson gave the Warriors a 16-14 victory in round four.

TAB odds: Warriors $1.75, Bulldogs $2.05


NZ Warriors: 1-Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad, 2-Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, 3-Rocco Berry, 4-Adam Pompey, 5-Marcelo Montoya, 6-Ronald Volkman, 7-Shaun Johnson, 8-Addin Fonua-Blake, 9-Wayde Egan, 10-Bunty Afoa, 11-Josh Curran, 12-Marata Niukore, 13-Tohu Harris (c)

Interchange: 14-Freddy Lussick, 15-Dylan Walker, 16-Demitric Sifakula, 17-Tom Ale

Canterbury Bulldogs: 1-Hayze Perham, 2-Jacob Kiraz, 3-Jake Averillo, 4-Paul Alamoti, 19-Blake Wilson, 6-Josh Reynolds, 7-Matt Burton (c), 8-Max King, 9-Reed Mahoney, 10-Tevita Pangai Junior, 11-Corey Waddell, 12-Jacob Preston, 13-Raymond Faitala-Mariner

Interchange: 14-Karl Oloapu, 15-Jayden Okunbor, 16-Franklin Pele, 17-Harrison Edwards