Mad Butcher's NZ Warriors memorabilia stolen again as thieves abscond with flag

Rugby league's biggest fan, the Mad Butcher, has again had his memorabilia stolen, with a NZ Warriors flag pilfered from the front of his Waiheke Island home. 

Posting on Facebook, Sir Peter Leitch revealed a Warriors flag had been taken overnight.

"Some lowlife has stolen my beloved Warriors flag," he wrote. "What is the world coming to?"

The incident isn't the first time Sir Peter's Warriors merchandise has been stolen, either.

In October 2022, a collection of 14 vintage Warriors jerseys were stolen from then-Mt Smart Stadium in a late-night smash and grab.

The jerseys had been donated from Sir Peter's personal collection to the club.

"Listen, if you went to Mt Smart and stole those jerseys, give them back and I'll forgive you," he told AM. "We just want the jerseys back. Be nice.

"If you don't give them back, I'll hunt you down."

No word was ever given as to whether or not the jerseys were returned. 

Sir Peter has been an avid supporter of the Warriors since their inception in 1995 and has been dubbed as the team's '19th man'.