Cricket: Mankad dismissal within rules, so time for NZ players, fans to adapt

A Kiwi teenager has become a victim of arguably the most controversial law in cricket

With just two wickets in hand against Afghanistan at the U19 World Cup, New Zealand had a player run out at the non-striker's end.

Known as a 'mankad', the act is once again put fans in a spin, but some believe it's time to stop complaining and adapt.

It's a phenomenon that divides opinions across the world.

Time to adapt, says former Blackcap Ronnie Hira.
Time to adapt, says former Blackcap Ronnie Hira. Photo credit: Newshub

Considered by many against the spirit of the game, the mode of dismissal was rubberstamped by lawmakers in 2021 and NZ U19 coach Jonny Bassett-Graham says its time to learn.

"It's certainly a bit of drama, but I think its a real lesson for our guys and just one to be more aware of," he told Newshub.

Former Blackcap Ronnie Hira is surprised to see it at this age level, but believes it will become more common.

"They are obviously trying to win and that is an avenue to win," he told Newshub. "It's within the rules of the game, its just about how you want to play the game." 

Hira thinks our cricketing popularity may start to bite us.

"New Zealand teams, in the past, have been seen as nice guys, but do we get taken advantage of in situations like this?"

The Afghan wicketkeeper spotted an advantage, the bowler was happy to play the villain and the captain stands by his decision.

"It's in the rules, that's why i did it," said Naseer Khan. "He was leaving [the crease] every ball."

New Zealand went on to win the very next ball, but if they want to avoid future embarrassment, Blackcaps Glenn Phillips has the perfect solution, with his crouch start from the batting crease.