Rugby: AM Show roving reporter William Waiirua smashed in Tri Rugby tackle at Christchurch High School Old Boys

AM Show roving reporter William Waiirua has found out firsthand not to get lippy with Tri Rugby players at Chrischurch.

Tri Rugby was devised in Scotland to enable players with disabilities or vulnerabilities to compete with mainstream players and was introduced by the High School Old Boys club in 2020.

In recent seasons, it was expanded to three clubs and 80 players across Canterbury and Waiirua has visited HSOB to sample the action.

"We get them down here and teach them about rugby," explained club captain Alex Newfield. "A lot of them never thought they'd have the opportunity to play, so it's pretty cool.

"Some even get to play with their brothers."

Inevitably, Waiirua got drawn into the Canterbury v Auckland rivalry, with the Blues due to host the Crusaders in Super Rugby Pacific this weekend.

"If you get the banter going, they'll be into you," warned Newfield.

The result - he got smashed in a "full noise" tackle from Tri Rugby player Ethan.

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