Apple's rumoured VR headset to feature 8K displays, cost 10 times price of Oculus Quest 2 - report

Apple's VR unit to feature 8K displays, eye-tracking, swappable headbands, according to reports.
Photo credit: Getty (file)

Apple is reportedly working on its own virtual reality (VR) headset that will be far more advanced than any VR unit currently available for consumers.

The device may be released as early as 2022.

Following earlier articles from outlets including Bloomberg, a new report from The Information (via The Verge) claims to have new details on the upcoming product.

Apple's VR headset will feature 8K displays as well as more than 12 cameras and LiDAR sensors, so it can track the user's hand movement and map the room they're in, according to the report.

It also says the device will eventually retail for around US$3000 - which is 10 times the cost of the 64GB version of the Oculus Quest 2, released in October, 2020.

The Apple VR headset will reportedly feature swappable headbands just as the Apple Watch offers swappable wristbands.

Running both eye displays in full 8K resolution would take a massive amount of power and likely quickly drain the devices' battery, but the report says it will also feature eye-tracking technology and save power by only fully rendering areas the user can actually see.

Still, the report suggests tech specs that will demand an enormous amount of computing power. That will reportedly be achieved by Apple developing its own silicon hardware for the device, as the company did for its M1-powered devices debuted in late 2020.

The Apple VR headset will also offer augmented reality (AR) capabilities as the company continues to reportedly work toward releasing its own AR smartglasses.