Australia roaming: What Spark, 2degrees and Vodafone charge

Now that New Zealanders are allowed to travel to Australia quarantine-free, many are jumping at the chance to pop across the Tasman for a holiday.

But it's been a while since we last travelled internationally and there's a lot to remember, especially with all the changes due to the pandemic.

Has your mobile phone company's global roaming fees increased or decreased during COVID-19?

To avoid a potential horror bill while in Aussie, check out the current roaming rates below, accurate at the time of publishing according to each company's website.


Until the end of July, it's free to roam in Australia with 2degrees - customers can simply use their New Zealand phone plan's calls, texts and data at no extra cost.

From August onwards, it'll cost $7 per day for 2degrees customers to roam in Aussie using their usual Kiwi plan's calls, texts and data.


There are two seven day roaming packs available from Spark - 1GB data only for $15 or a $20 option that offers 1GB data, 200 texts, 200 minutes inbound calls and 200 minutes outbound calls.

Roaming in Australia with Spark without buying a pack will cost $10 per 200MB of data up to 2.8GB, then 50c per MB after that, while calls will cost 49c per minute to make and $1 per minute to take, and texting will cost 80c per message up to 160 characters.


Contract customers: $7 per day to use their New Zealand phone plan's calls, texts and data.

Prepay customers: There are two roaming packs available. The first is $5 per day for 200MB data, 20 minutes of call time (outgoing and incoming) and 20 texts. The $19 weekly pack includes 1GB data, 100 minutes of call time (outgoing and incoming) and 100 texts.