Microsoft launches personal edition of Teams communications software

Microsoft Teams' Together mode will put you and your family in a virtual space together.
Together mode will put you and your family in a virtual space together Photo credit: Getty Images

The over-crowded market of video calling software has a new addition with Microsoft launching a personal version of its Teams app.

Teams was initially announced in 2017 and two years later Microsoft revealed its Skype for Business app would be phased out in favour of the new software.

It currently competes with the likes of Slack for workplace communications and its release - free for personal use - comes after nearly a year in preview. In the personal space it'll have to compete with the likes of Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger and the also Microsoft-owned Skype.

The personal version is almost identical to the business version and allows users to chat and video call as well as share files, links, events, shared to-do lists, with polls being added soon. If you're a big fan of emojis and GIFs then you'll be able to use them live during chats too. 

For the foreseeable future users can meet up with up to 300 people in video calls that last for 24 hours, but this will eventually be limited to one-hour sessions for 100 people. One-to-one calls will still be able to run for the full 24 hours.

Teams, like Skype, also features Together mode where your head and shoulders are placed with the other callers in a virtual space.

Teams is available now on iOS and Android mobile operating systems as well as both Mac and Windows 10 desktops. It can also be accessed using a browser, although some features are limited.