New Zelda-themed Game & Watch, Tamagotchi watch announced for retro gaming fans

The Zelda Game & Watch also comes with a reimagined version of original mole-smashing classic Vermin.
The Zelda Game & Watch also comes with a reimagined version of Vermin Photo credit: Supplied

Fans of retro technology have a couple of new options to waste away their hours with the announcement of two new products that hark back to the past.

Earlier this week gaming giants Nintendo unveiled a Legend of Zelda themed Game & Watch console to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the iconic franchise.

The green and gold handheld device includes the original game, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

The fourth game is a reimagining of original Game & Watch game Vermin, where the player has to smash moles that get near to your garden. Link's character will be superimposed over the original mole-smasher.

Meanwhile the 25th anniversary of the original Bandai Tamagotchi digital pet will be marked with the launch of Tamagotchi Smart by the company.

The Smart is a colourful egg-shaped smartwatch-like device with both touch and voice controls.

It reports voices can be used to wake your pet up and pet them but it won't actually recognise specific commands, says Engadget.

Each Smart device will come with new characters as well as the ability to buy additional characters and items separately.

Features from previous Tamagotchi devices will also recur, including a camera, pedometer and clock. 

The Zelda Game & Watch is released on November 12 and the Tamagotchi Smart goes on sale in Japan in the same month.

No international release date has been confirmed for the new Tamagotchi.