ANZ customers still unable to access banking services following cyberattack

ANZ customers are still struggling to access banking services, with the bank admitting its still suffering from intermittent issues following yesterday's Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

"Kia ora, as you'll be aware we are still experiencing outages in channels, all hands on deck are working on this!" the bank wrote on Twitter today.

"We appreciate your patience and understanding, FYI our phone lines will be very busy too. 

Keep an eye on the Facebook post and here for updates."

Details regarding yesterday's cyberattack, including who was responsible, are scarce, but Kiwibank, MetService and NZ Post which were all impacted appear unaffected today.

DDoS attacks aim to restrict or impair access to a computer system or network, says CERT NZ, the New Zealand Government's cybersecurity agency.

"They typically target servers to make websites and payment services unavailable - preventing legitimate users from accessing the online information or services they need.

"When you type a URL for a web page into your browser, you send a request to the site’s computer system asking to view that web page. DDoS attacks work by 'flooding' a website with fake requests in an attempt to overload the system," the CERT website says.

"As websites and networks can only process a certain number of requests at once, this blocks any genuine requests from getting through.

Nadia Yousef, CERT NZ Incident Response Manager, said the agency was aware of the disruption to some online services continuing today.

"We can reassure people that we are working very hard with those affected and our sector partners to understand and monitor the situation and support recovery efforts. No further organisations have reported attacks to us today," she said.

ANZ posted advice on its Facebook channel that could help some customers log in, although it hasn't been successful for everyone.

"We've found that disconnecting and then reconnecting to your internet can help you get access again. Also try clearing your browser history and cache, that may help too!" the bank wrote.

Customers have taken to social media to express their disappointment at their services being unavailable.

"Kia ora ANZ, we need an update," wrote twitter user AlishaThakkar. They said they needed to pay bills and wanted to know their money and data was safe.

They also wanted to know why it had happened and what the bank was doing to make sure it didn't happen again.

Another asked how they were supposed to pay their bills as they'd been unable to log into the mobile app since yesterday, and said they were considering switching banks or asking for compensation.