World's only USB-C iPhone sells for $120,000 on eBay after late bidding drama

The world's first and only USB-C iPhone.
The highly technical nature of the hack means it's unlikely to be widely used. Photo credit: Ebay / Ken Pillonel

The world's first USB-C powered iPhone has been sold on Ebay for just over NZ$120,000, but only after some higher bids were retracted.

For over half of the auction a bidder was leading with an offer of over NZ$142,000 for the unique Apple device, but pulled their bid before completion.

However the amount paid still works out at a significant profit for Engineering student Ken Pillonel, who created the hybrid. He will pocket over 80 times what the iPhone X was originally worth.

Pillonel has since made his work on the project open-source, meaning the technical details and information on how to replicate the design can be used by anyone.

However, the highly technical nature of the work - including fitting extra circuits into the phone - makes this unlikely to be repeated on a wider scale.

That leaves iPhone fans who want the utility of the USB-C connection waiting until Apple embraces the technology ahead of their own proprietary Lightning cable - if it happens at all.

The European Union (EU) has declared its intention to mandate USB-C as the standard for all mobile phones to be sold in the area, but Apple hasn't traditionally been keen on that idea.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported earlier this year the tech giants had no immediate plans to drop the Lightning port due to concerns that it could lower the waterproof rating of the iPhone.

That makes it more likely it'll skip straight from the Lightning port to a completely enclosed iPhone that only charges wirelessly, leaving Pillonel's former phone as one of the only USB-C iPhones to ever exist.

The winner of the phone will, according to Pillonel, get a "true piece of collection for any Apple fanboy out there".

But the winner isn't getting a phone they'll be using every day, with the hacker pre warning purchasers there were conditions for those wanting the piece of history.

Those include not restoring, updating or erasing the iPhone, not using it as a daily phone and not opening the unit up to look inside.

"I guarantee that the phone will work when you receive it but if you don't follow the aforementioned guidelines you are on your own," he wrote on Ebay.

"Basically you can do whatever you want with it but don't expect anything from me if you break something. It is just a prototype."

As well as the 64GB black iPhone X the winner of the auction gets a 30-minute call with Pillonel to answer any questions if they want.