LG unveils the Omnipod: A self-driving vehicle it calls an 'extension of personal living space'

LG has unveiled what it sees as the future of mobility with a "mobility concept solution" the company is calling the Omnipod.

It was revealed at CES, the technology showcase in Las Vegas that tends to be a mix of consumer technology being released in the near future as well as prototypes and concepts looking further ahead.

The Omnipod definitely fits into the latter, described by the South Korean company as an "on-the-road extension of personal living space".

While details are light and there was no clarification of timescales, LG said the concept was for when "autonomous driving soon becomes reality".

The Omnipod looks like a cross between a car, a caravan and a luxury aircraft cabin and operates as transport, a sleeping space and an office.

The interior of the Omnipod
The interior of the Omnipod Photo credit: LG

It will contain modular in-vehicle appliances as well as an "adaptive interior environment that is reconfigured in real time", in effect a screen that can act as a gateway to the internet and metaverse or adapt to reflect the vehicle's exterior environment.

Reah, the company's AI virtual personal assistant, will also be present to act as a personal concierge when shopping, a fitness instructor and as a companion when sitting around a virtual campfire.

As well as shopping modes and office modes the Omnipod will have an immersive cinema mode, a fitness mode, a camping mode and a sleep mode.

The interior of the Omnipod
The interior of the Omnipod Photo credit: LG

They are all designed to deliver "the comfort and convenience of your home on the move, so we can make our spaces limitless and our experiences seamless", the company said.

As well as the Omnipod, at CES LG also unveiled new CLOi robots including remote AI package delivery bots that can manoeuvre difficult terrain, and a GuideBot that can show people to their seats.