Samsung's new remote control to charge via wireless router waves

A Samsung Smart TV remote
The South Korean company has also updated its Frame lifestyle television. Photo credit: Supplied / Samsung

Samsung unveiled a new television remote control at CES 2022 that can be charged with the radio frequency (RF) signals from a wireless router.

The consumer technology showcase in Las Vegas each year sees companies unveil new products, and last year the South Korean giants launched a remote that charges using solar power.

It's gone a step further this year, however, by adding a feature in the SolarCell Remote for "collecting routers' radio waves and converting them to energy".

RF signals are low power and so can't charge devices that need a lot of juice but, depending on obstructions, they can potentially charge a device like a remote from up to 40 metres away.

The SolarCell Remote will also charge via natural and artificial lighting as well as USB-C for quicker charging.

Website TechRadar speculates this is the first time the technology has been used in a consumer electronics product.

Samsung has previously looked at other ways to charge remotes, including kinetic energy from shaking the device and vibrational energy from a microphone.

It's all part of a desire by the South Korean company to ditch AAA batteries, with a previous estimation that switching to remotes powered by alternate means could avoid 99 million used batteries over a seven-year period.

According to Samsung, there is no lithium-ion battery in the remote - instead it has a capacitor which stores small amounts of energy for when you need to click through to your favourite channel.

As well as the standard black remote, the company is also introducing a white model this year, to give those who purchase its 'lifestyle' televisions a chance to colour co-ordinate.

One of those televisions, The Frame, is getting a substantial upgrade for 2022.The Frame is designed to sit on the wall and show artwork when the television isn't in use, with the latest model getting a matte, anti-reflective display for the first time.

Samsung says it will feel like canvas or paper to the touch.

The Frame starts at 32 inches, with the biggest measuring 85 inches and offers 4K HDR viewing and 120Hz 4K gaming.