DeLorean reveals first details of new Alpha5 electric vehicle

The DeLorean Alpha5 EV
The car will accelerate from 0 to 88 mph in just 4.35 seconds. Photo credit: Supplied / DeLorean

Iconic car company DeLorean, most famous for its starring role in the Back to the Future movies, has revealed its first electric vehicle (EV), promising it will go from zero to 88mph in just 4.35 seconds.

The first images and details of the Alpha5 EV were made available to those who had signed up to get a special code to access the company's website ahead of a wider release.

The four-seater swaps the angular look of the most famous DeLorean model for smoother curves, but does retain the famous gull-winged doors.

According to its estimated specifications, the car will go from zero to 100km/h in just under three seconds and will have a top speed of around 250km/h.

The company is expecting to deliver just under 500km of driving from its 100+ kWh battery.

"There was this enormous responsibility to make sure we honoured the history of the Delorean brand, but an even greater responsibility in curating its future... I think we did both with the Alpha5," said Troy Beetz, chief marketing officer.

The car will make its debut in August on the Awards Ramp at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, a charity event held each year at the famous Pebble Beach golf course.

The DeLorean Alpha5 EV
Photo credit: Supplied / DeLorean

However, that doesn't mean members of the public will be able to buy one soon. The company is remaining tight-lipped on availability.

"DeLorean is as eager as you are to enable a path to ownership of our iconic Alpha5," the website currently states.

"Bridging the physical universe with the metaverse will be our way forward. We will advise all newsletter-registered subscribers in late summer 2022 on how to join this journey to ownership."

DeLorean first announced it was making a comeback earlier this year and released a teaser image of part of the Alpha5 in April.

The DeLorean Alpha5 EV
Photo credit: Supplied / DeLorean

The legendary car was only made between 1981 and 1983 but has lived on in pop culture due to its appearance in the Michael J. Fox series of movies.

When initially launched, the car was a bit of a disappointment, with poor build quality and performance major issues among the 9000 or so cars produced.

The original DeLorean Motor Company went bust in the 1980s, with an unrelated company which supplies replacement parts for vintage DeLoreans buying the rights to the brand and launching this revival.

"We have been given the opportunity to reimagine a brand that has meant so much to so many people from all corners of the globe, for four decades," Neilo Harris, vice president brand and creative said.

"Delorean has touched so many lives and set the stage for so many memories... we are all now witnessing a new chapter of this amazing story."

The DeLorean Alpha5 EV
Photo credit: Supplied / DeLorean