Teenagers left stranded at Sydney Airport after Jetstar cancels flights

Jetstar Airbus A330-200 VH-EBA rotating from Sydney Airport Runway 34L.
Photo credit: Getty Images

An Australian mother is furious after her 12-year-old son and his friend were left stranded at Sydney Airport.

Lachlan Stephenson and his friend Tyler had been staying with his grandfather in Sydney and were returning to Melbourne when their 8.25am flight was cancelled.

Claire Stephenson told 9News she received a text from Jetstar alerting her to the cancellation, but there was no explanation.

"They’d been staying with my dad. He took them to the airport, they were told that their flight was cancelled and they were rebooked onto a 4pm flight and there was no explanation," she told 9News.

She said the boys were left by a Jetstar desk alone for nine hours. She was told by the airline that because the boys were over 12 years of age they were expected to look after themselves.

Mrs Stephenson said she would never use Jetstar again.

"It’s not good enough - they can’t stand by a desk all day," she said.

"From what I can gather, they haven’t been offered food or water or anything, they’ve just been left to flounder."

A Jetstar spokesperson told 9News the flights had been cancelled due to weather conditions, crew sickness and airport curfews and the passengers had been rebooked.