New documentary Drain the Oceans traces MH370's final moments

A new documentary has traced the final moments of missing aircraft MH370.

The latest episode of National Geographic's Drain The Oceans series will air on Tuesday (local time), and will focus on the flight which disappeared between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing in 2014.

Perth production company Electric Pictures is behind the episode, and worked closely with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau as well as the official MH370 government investigation team.

They're the first and only documentary team to be granted such access into the investigation.

A team of experts recreated what might have happened to the plane using the latest data from underwater systems as well as the opinions of experts.

Electric Pictures chief executive and executive producer Andrew Ogilvie told that Tuesday's episode features footage like nothing ever seen before.

"Drain The Oceans uses a range of data - from bathymetric sonar scans to video footage and photogrammetry with sophisticated computer-generated graphics - to create highly accurate three-dimensional models of the bottom of our oceans, lakes and rivers," he says.

"This process allows the filmmakers to recreate natural wonders, shipwrecks, ancient ruins and other human artefacts that can be found on the sea floor - revealing them in unprecedented detail, as if they were on dry land."

The documentary features a simulation of what happens when a Boeing 777 (the model of the MH370) runs out of fuel.

It hypothesises that the plane's right engine flamed out first due to fuel starvation, causing the autopilot to compensate for the imbalance by making a hard left turn. The second engine flamed out minutes later, according to the documentary.

Once both engines were gone, the autopilot is believed to have shut down and left MH370 in a "long spiral descent".

It's hoped the documentary will provide answers as to where MH370 crashed, and why modern technology has failed to find the wreckage in the four years since the plane disappeared.