Airbus commercial aircraft data accessed during 'cyber incident'

The company says its operations have not been affected.
The company says its operations have not been affected. Photo credit: Getty Images

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has revealed the company was victim to what they are calling a "cyber incident".

In a statement Airbus said it had identified unauthorised access to data within its commercial aircraft business.

The incident is being investigated by experts who have taken "immediate and appropriate actions to reinforce existing security measures and to mitigate its potential impact, as well as determining its origins."

The company said it's not sure which data was being targeted specifically.

Some personal data was accessed, but the information obtained during the breach appeared to be limited to Airbus employees in Europe.

Airbus manufactures some of the world's most common aircraft models such as the A380, A320 and A350. 

The company says there is has been no impact on its commercial operations.


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