Video captures moment woman tries to snatch two children headed to Disney World

Video has captured the terrifying moment a woman tried to snatch two children inside an airport.

Esther Daniels, 26, allegedly tried to grab two children at Atlanta Airport but was fought off by the kids' parents and bystanders, local news outlet WSB-TV reports.

CCTV footage shows Daniels first trying to grab a child's pram, before being fought off by the mother. Then she tried to snatch the other child before the father stepped in.

A traffic control officer spotted what was happening and raced across the airport, holding Daniels until backup arrived and arrestedthe would-be kidnapper.

"Her behaviour was very erratic, but we can’t really speak on what her mental state was, but we can agree that what she did was very erratic and odd, to say the least," Atlanta police spokesperson Tashena Brown told WBS-TV.

It took three officers to keep Daniels under control, and she will appear in court on July 11 on charges of kidnapping and obstructing an officer. 

The family was on the way to Disney World when the attack happened. The children were not injured in the incident.