Suits star Rick Hoffman's bromance with Mark Richardson revealed during Air New Zealand safety video shoot

An outtake from on the set of the latest Air New Zealand safety video reveals a bit more than where to find your life jacket.

The clip comes from an interview with Rick Hoffman where the Suits star jokes about previous visits to New Zealand.

Hoffman said he's a regular visitor to New Zealand and always looks forward to his "romantic dinners" with The AM Show sports presenter Mark Richardson, where the conversation consists purely of the phrase "shot bro".

"We've had romantic dinners together, that's all we do across the table. We just see who could say it with more passion," said Hoffman.

"He usually wins because, as I said, his personality.... man, is he a big talker. A lot of charisma, like a door knob."

Air NZ releases the latest in its series of themed safety videos on Thursday.

Hoffman stars alongside multiple All Blacks, including head coach Steve Hansen and captain Kieran Read.

Hoffman's love affair with both New Zealand and Air NZ dates back to 2017.

The actor praised the airline on Twitter, calling it "by far the most accommodating" airline in the world and "insisting" on being Air NZ's next spokesperson.

Rick Hoffman will be rekindling his Richardson bromance on Thursday morning when he talks to The AM Show.