Passenger gets private jet experience after no one else shows up

Vincent Peone.
Vincent Peone. Photo credit: Vincent Peone/Twitter

A man whose plane was delayed last week ended up being the only passenger on the rescheduled flight.

Vincent Peone, a director from New York, essentially had a private jet for his Delta Air Lines flight from Aspen, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah, when none of the other passengers showed up.

"I arrived at the airport, which is a very tiny airport, and at the desk, they were like, 'I don't know if we even need to make the announcement, because it's just you,'" he told the Washington Post.

"I was like, 'Oh, no. Do the announcement.' Obviously, everyone really enjoyed playing along."

He whipped out his camera and filmed the experience, including getting to meet the pilots and shake their hands.

"It reminded me of an experience you'd have flying in the '50s or something. It was very positive, and they thought it was very funny."

The flight, which one of the attendants estimated would have cost Delta US$30,000 (NZ$46,000) went ahead because the plane was needed in Salt Lake City for another flight.

The money clearly didn't go to waste, with positive coverage of Peone's flight around the world. The airline's made headlines in recent years for all the wrong reasons, including forcing a passenger to sit in faeces for two hours and a hostess threatening to put a father's kids in foster care.

None of that has put Peone off using Delta, telling the Post he probably got the star treatment because he has Diamond Medallion status with the airline. 

A highlights video Peone uploaded to Twitter has been viewed more than 2 million times. Delta thanked him for choosing to fly with them, saying it looked like he had an "awesome experience".