Passenger on easyJet flight flies planeload of holidaymakers to Spain

A hero holidaymaker saved the day after taking to the controls of an easyJet flight that had been delayed for hours.

Qualified easyJet pilot Michael Bradley and his family were onboard the flight to Alicante in Spain when passengers were informed there was no one to fly the plane.

Bradley said he had brought his license and ID to the airport 'just in case' after being made aware of potential delays.

In the video, a casually dressed Bradley is seen walking to the front of the plane, he then announces the good news to everyone onboard. He would take the controls and fly the plane himself to make sure everyone got to their holiday destination, resulting in joyous cheers and clapping from the surprised passengers.

Michelle Hannah Potts was one of those passengers onboard.

"The guy at the boarding desk said, 'your pilot's gone missing, but a guy that's going on your flight is going to fly the plane," Hannah Potts said.

"Luckily the guy was actually a pilot! The flight probably would have been cancelled if it wasn't for him. Legend!" 

This flight, like those of other airlines, was delayed due to the knock-on effects of a massive failure at air traffic control in France.

The airline confirmed Michael had had four days off work and was well rested before taking charge of this flight. 

A spokesperson for easyJet said: "We are grateful to one of our pilots who was travelling on holiday from Manchester to Alicante with his family and volunteered to operate the flight.

"This meant customers could get to their destination and shows the commitment and dedication of our crew. 

"This is fully in line with regulations as he had his licence and ID with him. Safety is always our highest priority."