Korean Air releases new K-pop themed safety video featuring SuperM

Korean Air has released a new safety video that has become an instant hit thanks to capitalising on the enormous popularity of K-pop.

The video, starring boyband SuperM, began playing on all Korean Air flights from Monday and online has racked up millions of views within hours.

It features a specially composed song by renowned songwriter Kenzie, with lyrics explaining the safety features of the aircraft.

After a string of popular safety videos from airlines including Air New Zealand, Korean Air's latest is the first to star a massively successful boyband.

"Safety does not have to be serious or boring," a Korean Air spokesperson said.

"We hope to deliver clear safety messages to our passengers through the brand-new safety video."

The safety video song from SuperM, entitled 'Let's Go Everywhere', will be released as a single later in the month, with all profits going to a group focused on ending extreme poverty, climate change and global inequality.

Korean Airlines flies between Auckland and Seoul up to seven times a week.