Jucy Rentals launching website offering Kiwis cheap post-COVID-19 travel deals

It'll offer Kiwis domestic getaways at discounted prices.
It'll offer Kiwis domestic getaways at discounted prices. Photo credit: Jucy Rentals

Despite being the victim of a mass theft of motor vehicles earlier this year, the company behind Jucy Rentals is setting up a new service offering New Zealand tourism experiences for a steal.

Jucy says the new initiative aims to bring domestic operators together in a bid to reinvigorate the local industry post-COVID-19.

A website has been set up for domestic tourism companies and the hospitality industry to upload promotions which will then be advertised on the Jucy website.

Local operators are said to be very keen on the idea.

"In the past couple of days we have contacted about 20 attractions, activities, food and beverage, tours and accommodation businesses around the country," says Jucy CEO Tim Alpe.

"Every one of them has said they will submit an offer which is aimed at encouraging Kiwis to travel the country.

"What this will mean for Kiwi travellers is a unique opportunity to enjoy some of the world's best travel experiences at a time when there are fewer visitors and significantly reduced prices."

Included in the deals will be $50 off trying the world's highest commercially rafted waterfall with Kaituna Cascades and a skydive over Taupo from 15,000 feet for $309 and a $50 saving with Skydive Taupo.

Alpe says the website is about 'mates helping mates' at a time when this sector of our economy is at its most vulnerable. He hopes the initiative will remain in place for the long-term, beyond the current international tourist restrictions.

"In recent years the New Zealand tourism industry has focused much of its marketing efforts on the international traveller," says Alpe.

"Every operator is now faced with increased costs trying to individually promote their business to the domestic market.

"What we are now wanting to establish off the back of the pandemic is a centralised marketing resource that removes some of the need to duplicate this promotional spend.

"We will also upload suggested travel itineraries to help Kiwis to plan their holidays around the country."

The website is free for both operators and the public to place and access travel deals. It will launch for the public in the coming weeks.