Bombardier prepares to end production of the iconic Learjet

The decision will cost 1600 jobs.
The decision will cost 1600 jobs. Photo credit: Getty

It's an aircraft so synonymous with private jet travel that its name is often mistakenly used to describe all aircraft of this type. Just like vacuum cleaners being called Hoovers or inline skates being called Rollerblades, private jets are often referred to as Learjets.

But despite its brand recognition, Bombardier - the company which manufactures the Learjet - has announced it is halting production of the aircraft as part of an attempt to turn its finances around. 

The Montreal-based Bombardier Inc's decision will cost 1600 jobs, including 800 people in Canada.

"We view 2021 as a transition year," Chief Executive Éric Martel told the media on Sunday local time.

Bombardier said it sold 114 jets in 2020, an increase of nearly 20 percent on the previous year. The company also manufactures the Q300 and Q400, which are models operated by Air New Zealand.

Other popular aircraft that have come out of the Bombardier hangars include the Q400 turboprop regional airliner, the CRJ jets and the Glomemaster and the challenger.

The concept of its C-Series aircraft was purchased by Airbus and now fly as the A220.