Duncan Garner: Time for Government to step up and help Queenstown

OPINION: The casualty list coming out of Queenstown is starting to build. 

The Millennium Hotel has closed its doors, Canyon Explorers has gone into hibernation, and no tourists means the Queenstown economy is fast heading downhill. 

The only other thing heading down faster is the cash reserves held by businesses.

And suddenly Queenstown is facing another year of no foreign tourists. How long can they cling on and when does the pain become obvious?

The answer is now. 

So what's the answer? Adapt, gut it out, it is what it is, says Tourism Minister Stuart Nash

But what Nash really means is jump on the spot, do some business-acrobats and you'll come up with some kind of pivot. 

Yes, pivot. The word pivot is a new buzzword and it's one that I'm quickly getting tired of. Whatever it is Nash appears suddenly tone-deaf to Queenstown's desperate pleas. 

But this city is too unique and too important to fail. It's the one reason many people travel down under. 

The Government must not stand by and let Queenstown burn, it is their duty to step in and step up. 

Last year was good work but this is a new year and Queenstown is in its hour of need. 

New Zealand what will we do?

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.