Video: Pilots perform 'perfect' landing of massive A380 in heavy rain at Prague airport

Touchdown in Prague, Czech Republic.
Touchdown in Prague, Czech Republic. Photo credit: Emirates/flyRosta

Given the massive effect COVID-19 has had on the aviation industry, it's a rare thing to see an aircraft in the sky - let alone being at the airport to see one land.

There was a time when four of the massive Airbus A380 aircraft would touchdown in Auckland every day as a sign of the success of our tourism industry and global travel as a whole.

The last A380 in Auckland skies is believed to be the departure of a Lufthansa repatriation flight of German citizens in April last year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even then, 10 months ago the sight of such an aircraft in the sky had people rushing to their windows and gardens to see it with their own eyes.

Such is the rare nature of seeing an A380 touchdown, that Emirates - the airline with the largest A380 fleet in the world - has shared a video on social media of one of their aircraft touching down on a misty runway in Prague, Czech Republic.

The landing, captured on video by plane enthusiast flyRosta, has been described as "perfect" and "amazing" by viewers online.