Undercover boss: Air New Zealand CEO Greg Foran lends a hand on Tasman travel bubble flights

Many passengers assumed Foran was 'one of the crew'
Many passengers assumed Foran was 'one of the crew' Photo credit: Newshub

There was an extra pair of hands on Air New Zealand flight NZ112 from Sydney to Auckland on Sunday night.

The airline's CEO Greg Foran was onboard, returning from a brief trip to Australia. He spent much of the flight serving food and drink to the passengers of the A321 flight, with most of the passengers onboard seemingly unaware of who the additional crew member was.

There were approximately 200 passengers onboard the flight which departed Sydney at 7pm local time, arriving in Auckland ahead of schedule just before midnight.

One crew member who spoke to Newshub during the flight said Foran had made a habit of being "hands-on" when flying, and the CEO had helped serve dinners on two other flights the crew member had worked on, saying the boss's actions were "not for show and very much the real deal".

While most of the ride was smooth, things did get a bit more turbulent when the meal service got to the back of the aircraft and only one of the three food options was left for those in the last few rows.

One passenger seemingly unimpressed with the situation shared his disappointment with Foran, however, it wasn't clear if the passenger was aware his complaint was going right to the top.

Foran had earlier met with ground staff at Sydney Airport including those at the airline's lounge where he spoke to members of staff for around an hour.