Coronation Street's Rovers Return stays now available through Airbnb

It's been the home and workplace for many of Coronation Street's best known names - Annie Walker, Bet Lynch, Alec Gilroy, and of course, Jack and Vera Duckworth.

But now the Rovers Return could be yours, even if just for a night.

Airbnb is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay at 'The Rovers' Annexe' where they will become a temporary Weatherfield local.

During their stay, guests will tuck into one of the famous hotpots while reliving some of the best drama on the street.

Coronation Street's Blanche probably wouldn't have been a fan.
Coronation Street's Blanche probably wouldn't have been a fan. Photo credit: Newshub (file)

Two guests will have the opportunity to walk the cobbles of Coronation Street and immerse themselves in the iconic location.

The self-contained pop-up house, with its red-bricked façade and double-glazed windows, will be situated in the heart of the street, right next door to the famous Rovers Return Inn.

During the stay guests will be taken on a private tour of the set, followed by a hotpot dinner from the annex while watching classic Corrie episodes, and if they're lucky, a pint in the Rovers and breakfast from Roy's Rolls may be on offer.  

The view from 'The Rovers' Annexe' looks out towards Audrey's and a little further along to Prestons Petals and the kebab shop. As guests stroll down the street they will pass Fiz and Tyrone's, take a peek in the Kabin window, or wander up Victoria Street to check out the menu at Speed Daal. 

Although interiors will be closed, guests will be able to wander around Coronation, Rosamund and Victoria Streets until their heart's content. They can even have a stroll down the ginnel, site of many a Coronation Street secret after hours rendezvous!

'The Rovers' Annexe' sleeps a maximum of two guests and is available to book for October 2, 2021 for one night only for around NZ$117, which will be donated to charity.

Bookings will be available from midnight, Thursday May 26 (NZ time), but potential customers in Aotearoa should keep in mind they'd need to get to the UK to enjoy it.

Coronation Street is located at ITV Studios in the Trafford side of MediaCityUK, Greater Manchester.