Bomb threat forces Ryanair flight to make emergency landing in Berlin

The Ryanair flight on the tarmac in Berlin
The Ryanair flight on the tarmac in Berlin Photo credit: Getty Images

There was heightened anxiety onboard a Ryanair flight over Europe on Sunday (local time) after it was forced to land due to a bomb threat.

The flight from Dublin to Krakow had 160 people on board and diverted to Berlin, with those onboard continuing their journey the following morning, according to German police.

A police spokesperson said security checks were completed "without any danger being detected".

"The passengers will resume their journey to Poland on board a spare aeroplane," police told the AFP.

This emergency landing comes just a week after a Ryanair flight was forced to land in Belarus due to what Belarusian authorities described as a bomb threat - a claim which has been widely disputed internationally. 

A journalist who Belarusian authorities consider to be anti-government was arrested when the flight landed. In an audio recording released later, crew on the flight can be heard questioning the legitimacy of the bomb threat that would eventually see them land in Belarus.