Off-duty flight attendant attempts to take over Delta flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta, forcing emergency landing in Oklahoma

Passengers onboard a Delta Airlines flight in the US were called on to help overpower an out of control off-duty flight attendant on a flight between Los Angeles and Atlanta on Friday (local time).

The alleged offender used the public address system to tell passengers that he was going to take over the aircraft, and that oxygen masks were going to fall from the cabin roof.

Using the same public address system, the captain of Delta flight DL1730 called for "all strong men to come to the front of the plane".

Video shared on social media shows a struggle involving at least five people, in which one can be heard yelling: "Get him down. Keep him down."

While this was happening in the cabin, the pilot declared an emergency and asked to land as soon as possible at nearby Oklahoma Airport.

The flight data shows the flight diverting to Oklahoma.
The flight data shows the flight diverting to Oklahoma. Photo credit: FlightRadar24

"The aircraft landed without incident and the passenger was removed by law enforcement," Delta said in a statement. 

Local police said the man was taken from the plane to hospital and then released into the custody of the FBI.

Since January, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says there has been a "significant increase" in the number of reported incidents of unruly behaviour in the air.

Of the 2900 reports received, 2200 of them began with passengers who refused to wear masks, which is mandatory in the US.

Last month American Airlines and Southwest announced they stopping the sale of alcohol onboard due to the rise in bad behaviour.