Video captures fast moving Boeing 737 'Fireliner' wiping out huge Californian fire

They're fast at getting passengers from A to B, but they're just as fast at putting out fires.

Spectacular footage has been released by fire authorities in Riverside County, California of a Boeing 737 filled with fire retardant unleashing its load across hectares of burning bush.

The fire had spread to a size of approximately 40 hectares on Saturday (local time).

The Boeing 737 'Fireliner', as it has been nicknamed, can carry 15,142 litres of retardant per flight.

The latest update issued by fire authorities on Monday morning NZ time was that the fire had been 90 percent contained. 

The quick action of the fire service obviously worked as the fire had only been 40 percent contained just a couple of hours earlier.

The aircraft are so effective at fighting bushfires that the Australian government now uses them to fight its massive bush fires every summer.